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UK: Never-Ending Loans

The Madness continues.



Deep in Debt: Big bills to get bigger for UK taxpayers?

” Britain’s got big bills to pay, but is looking to a century-old solution when times were even tougher. Never-ending loans to cover the cost of the First World War are still being repaid today, but the Treasury Chief is planning more. And that means a financial headache for tomorrow’s children, as Ivor Bennett reports. “



Sold-on bank loans explained

It’s all a con.

From (with many Thanks):

My Granny’s Mother.

Back in the day when my Granny’s Mother was a young woman and only had a small family of nine children, she used to go to the Pawnbroker on a Thursday afternoon with some Blankets.

The Pawnbroker.

The woman did not possess a lot in this world of value, but these few goods she relied upon, to able to get a bit of cash to feed her family until her husband got paid on the Friday, and she could get back to the Pawnbroker on the following Tuesday to get her stuff redeemed from the Pawnbroker.

The Security Game.

The Pawnbroker would hold on to her Blankets as Security or Surety. Although her Blankets might be worth 20 Shillings, the Pawnbroker only gave her nine Shillings for them. He also gave her a Redemption Note, so that she could reclaim her stuff.

Redemption Note.

On her return, my Granny’s Mother would bring the Redemption Note and gave the Pawnbroker 10 Shillings to get her Blankets back. The Pawnbroker gave her back her Blankets, making a 1 Shilling Profit.

Terms and Conditions.

If She didn’t make it back to the Brokers office on time, he would sell her goods and make an even greater profit. If she was late and he still had her goods he could demand more money from her … over and above the original agreed 10 Shillings.

Stopped and Precluded.

If she was late and the Broker had already sold or exchanged her Blankets, he was then stopped or precluded from being paid again, and could not logically demand any more monies from her.

Granny’s Mother Knew the LAW.

Do you think that my Granny’s Mother would have stood for being charged for a Pawnbroker selling on her goods? Would she f**k! The same woman slept with a pistol under her pillow, so no jumped up scut of a pawnbroker was going to mess with her.

Securitisation Explained.

This is a very simple and logical way of explaining Securitisation. The Bank Sold on the Loans (Security Blankets); therefore they have already made their money, so cannot logically be asking for more money, can they? They no longer own or have possession of the ORIGINAL Security Blankets / Note.


For the past three years tens of thousands of People have demanded that the Bank produce the ORIGINAL Security Note/Loan. NO BANK have produced the ORIGINAL Note.

… Because They Have Sold ALL the Blankets.

Please feel free to pass on this email to your friends and family.

Rob: of the Clan McCall  (thanks Rob


Norman Scarth flees to seek political asylum in Hitler’s Homeland!

I wish Norman all the best.

Many Thanks to We Are Change Manchester and Leeds


World War II veteran Norman Scarth served on the Arctic Russian Convoys & in the Scharnhorst battle. Few of those men are left now, & the nation PURPORTS to regard them as ‘Heroes’ (though he never makes that claim).

He was proud to be British until the age of 70, when he started to learn that Britain was not the land for which he thought he was fighting all those years ago. In particular, he leaned that corruption is rampant in the British courts.

In memory of all those who had died around him in WW2, he could not turn his back & made it his mission in life to expose the corruption. It has proved to be a very dangerous mission: The Judicial Mafia do not LIKE being exposed, & have given their police boot boys carte blanche to do whatevr they can to silence him. In collusion, they have used treachery beyond belief.

Norman Scarth has been forced to flee the country & is hoping to gain asylum in Hitler’s Homeland, Austria! He has had enough after more than 15 years of persecution which became serious after 1997 when he stood for Parliament & published the book, ‘Cause for Concern’.

It became life-threatening after his single-handed success in the European court of Human Rights brought a vital change in British law, a change much hated by lawyers & judges. He would now like to live what few months or years are left to him without the constant fear of the last 15 years in Quisling ruled Britain.

On 23rd February he was due to appear in Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on another malicious charge, but by that time had fled the country, saying they will have to proceed in his absence. He has lodged a Statutory Declaration with the court, stating david, inter alia, that Quisling Laws & Quisling Courts have no authority in Britain, & says to whoever is presiding, “Do your worst – & nobody knows better than me how evil that worst can be! ‘Perfidious Albion’ was never more so than now!”

STOP PRESS: It is understood the judge who presided refused to proceed with the case in his absence, & has ordered the arrest of this 86 year old Arctic Convoy Hero, & that if caught he must not be given bail. We presume he has alerted Interpol? And the ‘crime’ committed by this World war II veteran? Offering leaflets!!! Will the British People ever wake up to the savagery of the State they live in? It is beginning to look most unlikely. (Norman Scarth’s Youtube Channel) (Keith Dewsnup’s Youtube Channel)


Norman Scarth: court cases, computers, freemasons, …

To ordinary police constables: I do not hate you. I do not want to fight with you. I have respect for your common law oaths and for your work. Without you, our communities will descend into chaos. Can you see how you are being used by your ‘superiors’ as pawns in their games? Games which threaten your fellow humans’ liberty. Games which will eventually be used against you. When the time comes, you will have to make a choice – will you protecting us or oppressing us?



This is about the plight of Norman Scarth, due in at Manchester Magistrates Court on the 23rd February, he needs help people, let’s not forget 86 year old Norman. – created at


Norman Scarth: Update from court case 2012-02-02

Further to a recent posting ( The Parasites That Be wont let it lie. Although some of the charges have been dropped, thay are still chasing Norman for another.

I fas as I’m concerned, this amounts to harrassment and torture against Norman.


Norman Scarth, the 86 year old WW2 veteran, is being forced yet again to appear in front of the Draconian judicial system. This time in Manchester!  Having dropped the ridiculous charges of using a megaphone and handing out leaflets – the swines are trying to get Norman on a breach of public order. 

Norman has provisionally been ordered to be in the court at 9.30am – this is ridiculous as Norman lives in West Yorkshire.  Norman will try to get this time changed to a later slot – but we must be prepared in the eventuality they do not relent.  We will inform you asap of any change to the time of Norman’s appearance.


Norman Scarth: Court case, 1:30pm, 2012-02-02 (Leeds Magistrates’ Court)

The Parasites That Be are really after Norman!
I’ve just got the following email from Norman.
Although I can’t be there, I hope that The Good and The Great (the British people) will be supporting Norman and keeping on eye on proceedings.

The Hearing in Leeds Magistrates, Thursday 2nd February 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) is for my ‘Committal to Crown Court for Trial’ – FOR THE TERRIBLE CRIME OF OFFERING LEAFLETS!

The previous ‘hearing’ on 12th January was SUPPOSED to be for that reason. In fact the Crown Prosecution Service had made an Application to adjourn the hearing as they were ‘not ready’. The reason they gave was that they had “asked the police to undertake a large number of actions in respect of the case”. On that occasion District Judge Roy Anderson refused to hear my objection to the adjournment (or to hear a single word from me!), which meant it wasn’t a ‘Hearing ‘ at all, & was in gross violation of the law. Don’t know what dirty tricks they will get up to this time.

Norman Scarth


Carer sacked for caring


Sue Agold

Sue Agold

I think any right-minded person would have done the same as Sue.

Incidents like these are designed to keep you feared.

Sutton Housing Partnership and Seven Acres housing development are JUDAS.


But Ms Angold’s bosses said she had broken safety rules by not waiting for trained staff to arrive with a hoist.

Ms Angold claims she was victimised for being a whistleblower. She was sacked from her post as area manager for Sutton Housing Partnership and evicted from her home at the Seven Acres housing development, which came with the job. …

“This wasn’t an isolated incident. The management knew that, but were out to get me because I was a whistleblower and had raised concerns about poor leadership and how residents’ needs weren’t being met.” …

Ms Angold said: “I made the mistake of thinking I could represent myself without a lawyer and get a fair hearing. It was so blatantly unfair.”


EXCLUSIVE by Kelly Strange

A CARER who was sacked and had her life ruined because she helped a 95-year-old woman in distress has been backed by 1,000 messages of public support.

Sue Angold, 52, was fired after bosses ruled she had broken health and safety rules when she went to the aid of the sobbing elderly lady.

The ex-nurse was called an “angel” by the family of the woman she found soaked in urine and lifted on to a commode.

Yet bosses ruled she should have left her where she was and sacked Sue, a former nurse and sheltered housing officer for more than 23 years.

As well as her job, she also lost her home which came with the position. She was left feeling suicidal when she failed to find another job because of the question mark over her name.

Now 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for her to be reinstated – it is expected to double over the next few weeks. She said: “I lost faith in everything. My life was in tatters just because I had tried to do the right thing and help a person in need. I felt like the world had gone mad. Who gets punished for being kind?

“At times I felt so low. I lost my children’s home and they were forced to move out. I wanted to end it all, but the messages of support have given me my faith in the world back. It means so much to me to know normal people are behind me.”

Sue’s troubles started when she responded to an emergency call in May 2010.

The warden, from Sutton, Surrey, said: “Her voice was hoarse from crying and she kept saying thank goodness someone had come to help her at last. She was in a terrible state. It was heartbreaking.”

The woman was soaked in urine and unable to get out of the wet chair. Sue rang the emergency response call centre and told them what had happened.

She then removed the woman’s wet clothing and washed her, restoring her dignity.

The woman, who had begged for help, called Sue an “angel” and thanked her. Shortly after, two carers arrived to take over and Sue left, pleased to have been able to help. Two days later she received a letter from her employers, Sutton Housing Partnership, to say she was being suspended from the emergency response team.

They accused her of breaching safety rules by lifting the woman instead of waiting for the carers. Sue was devastated but was convinced she would be cleared by an investigation. She continued working as a warden manager but three months later was called into the head office.

Bosses said she had misrepresented herself as a nurse and insisted the woman’s incontinence was not an emergency. Therefore Sue should not have intervened.

She was asked if she would do the same again. “I am an honest person and always have been so I told them I would. It is not in my nature to leave someone begging for help.” She was instantly dismissed from both roles as a warden and emergency response officer.

“I was escorted from the building. For a woman who has never ever been in trouble before it was frightening and humiliating.”

There was worse to come the next day when the single mother received an eviction order. “I had lived in the flat and paid rent for 20 years. I had raised my daughters there and it was their home too but it made no difference. They wanted us out. I couldn’t believe all this was happening because I had helped someone.”

Sue found lodgings but her daughters, Natalie, 23, and Sophie, 21, had to leave home and in the months that followed she struggled to find work.

“Employers were cautious when they heard why I had lost my job. It was like I had a mark over my name.” She appealed the decision at a tribunal for unfair dismissal last September but it was upheld. “That was my lowest ebb. I kept thinking they would see sense and then it was like another blow and I even started to question myself. Perhaps I had done something terrible.”

Sue admits she was suicidal as she struggled with bills and had to hide from bailiffs.

“I was like a different person. My daughters were worried that I would do something daft. They could see all my self-confidence had evaporated.” They came up with the idea of an e-petition to win back her job.

Sue said: “It’s given me a confidence boost to know others would have done the same. Every person has said they would do what I did and, even if I don’t get my job back, just to know the whole world hasn’t gone mad is reassuring.”

Sutton Housing Partnership said: “We have clear policies, procedures and training to support and guide staff when dealing with the elderly and vulnerable.

“These ensure our residents are protected and their well-being is maintained at all times. In this case there was a serious breach of these procedures and it was necessary to take action.”

Sue’s petition is at

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