My scrapbook – may include topics on:

  • Strawman/Legal Fiction
  • Lawful Rebellion & Freeman on the Land
  • Doom, Gloom, Pain, Suffering & Misery
  • Martix-like enslavement of our lives
  • the suchlike and other ‘shit’

The following are assumed understandings:

  • We were all born free human beings – body and mind.
  • We were all born owning nothing. Therefore, we are never able to sell anything except our labour. Therefore, a currency can only be the crystallisation of our labour.
  • We only have strengths of region, culture, colour, gender, etc.). Variety and diversity are good.
  • Dark and sinister forces run the world.
  • International Bankers are the identifiable and ultimate slave-traders of all humanity.
  • Politics, economy, mainstream media, statutes, etc. are tools of their slavery and serve to distract us.
  • The rest of us are ”in it’ together – what happens elsewhere, affects us here. Therefore, we can only truly make life better for ourselves by making it better for everyone else.

(NOTE: within each posting, emphasis in RED are mine)


7 responses to “About

  1. Adam Hiley

    2014-05-13 at 15:21

    Great Website to the Owner

  2. Mladen (aka Mark)

    2014-08-13 at 01:11

    Why did your posts stop at the end of 2012?

    • Escapees Blog

      2015-01-25 at 20:26

      As of end of 2012, I’ve lost all hope for positive change before Global Goverence becomes a reality. Hopefully, I’ll be dead before you get there.

      I’m now a misanthrope. Looking after myself, saving every penny and planning to emigrate to particular country in the southern hemisphere.

      There’s no hope, all is lost, look after only you and yours. Get out of Europe.

      Good Luck.

      • infalliblewordblog

        2016-08-28 at 10:54

        dear eescapee, please post this … we need the correct escape from the slave ship,,,, since the Fall. Bible prophesy will not fail. Israel was restored in 1948— Jeremiah chapter 31; Isaiah 11:11. Revelation 13– the Mark is coming. and bible believers will not be able to buy or sell..verse 16,17. no one can really maintain hope , without the person and work of Christ. Theere are 30 -32 apparentl contradictions in the King James ,so far, but no error— unless someone finds one. pPlease see my blog for a few non- errors. I appreciate that council tax is unlawful! we need our Maker! It is time to start speaking to one’s Maker! He is able! Blessings!

  3. Luc

    2015-07-20 at 18:19

    You are putting a copyright on the work of others, relative to Frank O’connor has spent the last 25 years of his life to render this knowledge accessible for us. Why not credit him for the work instead of putting a copyright ? thanks, S.

  4. Judy

    2017-05-18 at 07:34

    Minä olen lukenut To the Lighthouse – monen monta kertaa ja aina löytyy jotain uutta. Ihana kirja ! Aallot on hyvä, Orlando on hyvä ja kaikkein ihanin on pienestä koirasta kertova kirja, jonka nimeä en nyt kulakolsenikaan muista -olikohan Flush englanniksi ja suomeksi Taiteilijan koira ? Woolf on suuri suosikkini, vaikka hänen kirjansa vaativatkin ihan tietynlaisen mielentilan ja keskittymisen.


    2017-05-31 at 18:11

    "Meet and talk about the black and often female experience. You don't have to black or female to do this but you do have to be willing to wear the mask of blackness and/or femaleness — see through these eyes rather than your own.–j10:35 PM"_____________j, thank you, yes, i think trying to see through the eyes other than your own lens is such an important message.


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