Norman Scarth: Arctic Convoys: BBC News Channel. WATCH IT!

15 Nov

From Norman, himself to All:

” Three times Saturday & three times today, Sunday, the BBC News Channel are showing a programme expressing the country’s gratitude to those who served on what Winston Churchill called ‘The Worst Journey in the World” – the Arctic Russian Convoys of WW2.  One of the videos shows some of the 200 who are still alive being given a glorious welcome by the Russians on a trip to that country.  The programmes do NOT tell that while they were being feted, ONE of those 200 was in Armley Gaol ‘Hell-Hole’, & that the Quislings who now rule Britain are DETERMINED to send him there again – on ANOTHER trumped up charge!   ‘Wear Your Poppies With Pride’?? WHAT HYPOCRISY!

It was at Christmas 1943, while escorting one of those convoys that we met up with the German battle-cruiser Scharnhorst.  See the attachment.

Ex-Able Seaman Norman Scarth.

PS: You can probably watch the programme any time during the next week.  Please tell your MPs to watch it

PPS:  Come to Leeds Magistrates’ at 1.30pm on Thursday 17th November to see the latest chapter in the persecution, Torment & Torture which has been going on for more than 12 years now.  My crime?  Offering leaflets – AND TELLING THE TRUTH!

The attachment:

” On Boxing Day 1943 that finest, bravest, most successful, most feared & most beautiful fighting ship went to the bottom of the Arctic Barents Sea, taking 1,867 of the bravest men in the world down with her. Tragically, they all died in vain, as did my own brave young shipmates. EVERYTHING we fought against then is here now in Britain, hidden behind a nauseating PRETENCE of ‘Democracy’, concern for ‘Human Rights’, & the ‘Rule of Law’. WE HAVE NONE OF THEM! ”


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