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Surviving the future: 10 Things To Do – NOW!

It matters not if an asteroid hits the Earth or the economic collapses or a pandemic flu engulf the world or ….. or ….. .

A major emergency can cause anything from mild inconvenience to total societal breakdown.

What does matter is how you will look after yourself and your loved ones.Here’s the key points:

  1. Learn New Skills
  2. Improve Your Health
  3. Store Backup Food
  4. Create a How-To Library
  5. Start a Side Business
  6. Gather Trade-able Goods
  7. Build Community Alliances
  8. Alternative Energy
  9. Water Purification
  10. Love & Appreciate

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” A quick overview of the Top Ten things to consider in preparing for Surviving 2012.

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Printers, light bulbs, iPods, ant-growth and planned obsolescence.

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Whatever happened to the everlasting lightbulb? This is the story of companies that engineer their products to fail.

There once was a time when consumer goods were built to last. Then, in the 1920’s, a group of businessmen realised that the longer their product lasted, the less money they made, thus ‘planned obsolescence’ was born, and manufacturers have been engineering products to fail ever since.

The current throwaway climate – where the latest technology is outdated after a year and electronics are cheaper to replace than to repair – is the basis for economic growth. But infinite consumption is unsustainable with finite resources. With the economy crumbling and consumers becoming increasingly resistant to the practice, has planned obsolescence reached the end of its own life?

Combining investigative research and rare archive footage with analysis by those working on ways to save both the economy and the environment, this documentary charts the creation of ‘engineering to fail’, its rise to prominence and its recent fall from grace.

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Free Speech – FKN Newz 2012-03-08

Deek does again.


Topics include:

  • Free Speech: This is a right that you have anyway. The Parasites That Be (TPTB) don’t give a flying fig if their slaves (you) have it or not. They ignore you anyway.
  • Climate Change: Durban Climate Change Convention (a gathering of scientists and national ‘representatives’ will) KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT – endlessly. Climate change is true – it’s a naturally-ocurring phenomenon. Rising sea levels and rising temperatures aren’t happening just now. However, TPTB will tax you to ‘tackle’ it.
  • Rush Limbaugh: Right-wing (U.S.A.) radio broadcaster and agent-provocateur comes undone after calling students who use contraceptives “sluts” (tens of major corporates have cancelled their advertising).
  • Vlad Putin: Accusations of rigged elections and approval by other world ‘leaders’.
  • Gorilla DNA: Cambridge researchers are comparing human and gorilla DNA to work out why humans are stupid and gorillas are happy.
  • Song interlude: “Crazy World”.
  • Dead British Soldiers: Six soldiers sacrificed to the Arms Trade (and the oil & gas industry). Hey, it’s a war. What did you expect?

Old Holborn: Government Bonds and the EU

Am I getting older and more right-wing? Or am I becoming more knowledgeable and appropriately piss-off?

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Emphasis in red are mine.

Squeezing the Lemons

This week saw the European Central Bank suddenly “create” half a trillion Euros in order to lend to cash strapped banks, so that they could, in turn, lend money to us and businesses. It hasn’t solved anything because the European Central Bank will be lucky to get it back and the market knows this, but also, the Politicians are demanding that the banks now buy Government bonds with the money they have just been lent. Lets break that down again so you can see how the scam actually works.

A Government bond is what a State issues when it can’t fleece it’s citizens with enough taxes to cover the bills. It’s a promise to pay back based on future tax revenues, a huge IOU placed upon the citizens of the country that hopefully, they will work hard enough for the State to be able to borrow in their name, based upon their future labour. So the ECB created from nothing, a large pile of money that doesn’t exist and has lent this imaginary money to the banks to lend to you at a profit, whilst it is backed by the future labour of your children. When this money hits your account, it is very real but you are the only one who is going to be paying interest on it. The banks will get rich, the European Central Bank will earn a tidy sum, and one day, your kids will have to work to pay it back as well. Got that? Excellent, now we’re getting somewhere.

Greece has decided, in order to cover the debts of the bonds it has issued and cannot repay, that a special property tax of up to €20 per square metre will now be imposed on the citizens. If you own a house that uses electricity, a little extra will be tagged on to your leccy bill, to be handed straight to the bankers. And here’s the catch; don’t pay and the state owned electricity company will come round and disconnect your power. Ironically, the very same State that owes the electricity company around £140M in unpaid electricity bills. Very possibly the finest argument for the privatisation of utilities you will find anywhere. When the state can extort funds at this level, no one is safe. It can raid your wage packet, slap 20% on everything you buy in the shops and now cut off your electric if you don’t hand over that little bit more, Luigi. Or you sleep with da fishes, eh?

Naturally, the Greeks are not taking to this mafia enterprise lightly. Already on their knees, groups of electricians are vowing to boycott disconnections or simply reconnect those who refuse to pay and rumours of a new water tax are rife. In effect, the Government of Greece has sold and squandered the future labour of its citizens and is now systematically extracting what little wealth the private citizen has left – the very roof over their heads. Interesting times indeed.

Meanwhile, in the background, the EU prints off more money to lend to people who cannot afford it and can never repay it, in order to keep the wheels of the State turning, regardless of the consequences to the hard pressed citizen. 2012 may yet turn out to be the straw that breaks the camels back when the EU finally runs of out of imaginary money to lend to banks too big to fail. When that happens, the house of cards, built by decades of Politicians promises on sand, will collapse very quickly indeed, along with the massive centralised States it has created. At the height of the Great Depression in the ’30’s, the US had unemployment of 25% and Spain is already at 20% with a default in 2012 likely.

If I were you, dear reader, I would start slowly thinking about your own, personal plan B, just as the Greek citizens are. Plan for the worst, hope for the best and keep crossing your fingers that no one ever picks up the can that is continuously kicked down the road by our Politicians, because when they do, you will see things with your own eyes that our Grandchildren will be taught about in history books.

On that happy note, enjoy your Christmas and try to stay off the stuffing. I fear there’ll be more than enough of that to go around in 2012.


Wealthier pensioners to donate their winter fuel payments

Shouldn’t we, in the 21st century and as a ‘first world’ country be guaranteeing the safety of our elderly? Shouldn’t Community Foundation Network and Saga be pushing for fuel security for all pensioners for in need? Shouldn’t we criminalise the fuel companies for their culpability in killing 25,400 humans? Will the donated £££s cover all the shortfall? Shouldn’t The BMA (British Medical Association) be raising these questions in Westmonster.

Looks like we’re only moving £££s around the 99%.


” A campaign has been launched to enable wealthier pensioners to donate their winter fuel payments to those who are struggling to keep warm.

The Surviving Winter appeal is backed by groups including the Community Foundation Network and Saga, as well as famous names such as Sir Terry Wogan and Sir David Jason.

The “fuel-anthropy” initiative was previously piloted in Somerset and organisers are rolling it out on a UK-wide scale this year as fuel prices rise, along with the cost of living generally.

Over-50s group Saga said 25,400 older people died in the UK last year due to the cold.

The Government’s annual tax-free winter fuel payments are made to eligible people to help towards their winter heating costs.

Pensioners aged over 80 received £400 last year, but this has been cut to £300 this year. Those aged under 80 received £250 last year and will receive £200 this year.

Money raised by the scheme will support local charities and community organisations.

The Surviving Winter appeal is a registered charity, so Gift Aid donations can be made and the appeal will receive tax relief.

Dr Ros Altmann, Saga director-general, said: “Some of our customers last year wrote to us to say they would like their winter fuel payments to help others less fortunate than themselves.

“With rising fuel costs and the Government’s decision to cut the winter fuel payments this year, vulnerable older people are suffering a double whammy, so Saga is fully behind this new ‘fuel-anthropic’ venture, helping channel donations into the right hands.”  ”


Don’t worry Africa



World Repair


“World Repair

Jordan Thornton & James Jaeger

1) CREATE A SEPARATION OF BUSINESS AND STATE – Let the businessmen run business, within the laws and public decency, subject to public controls, and harsh penalties. A conflict of interest is not something to be ignored.

The state should also not be sanctioning certain BIG business to the exclusion of medium and smaller businesses. A perfect example are the Federal Reserve Banks, which are government-sanctioned, quasi-private banking cartels acting against the public interest on at least seven counts.

2) REINSTATE CORPORATE CHARTERS – Make them earn the right to coexist with us. These laws were removed by corrupt politicians. If no penalty is harsh enough for them to behave, then put their right to exist on the line.

Insist that corporate charters better define the purpose of the corporation so as to minimize conflicts of interest and place more emphasis on “making good products” rather than just “making money.”

3) REFORM CAMPAIGN FINANCES – Every politician jokes/talks about doing this. We must ensure that it does get done. Make campaigns adhere to a FINITE amount of tax-supported money, equal to all candidates. No private “donations”. After all, politics is not about money … right?

If people or entities want to give (excessive) sums to political parties, at least set up a BLIND POOL that they can contribute to. Altruistic donations should be unconditional. Isn’t THAT the idea of true “giving”?

4) REFORM POLITICIANS’ PAY – “Rich” does not mean “intelligent”. Make pay reflective of performance, like any other job — or actually connect politician’s pay to their performance statistics. In any case, they should not be so disconnected from “real life” that they are completely mystified by it or are rewarded when they make anti-social blunders.

5) TAKE MONEY OUT OF THE LOBBY – Bribery is illegal, and it should be the same within the political arena. “Rich” also does not mean “important”, regardless of what the architects of our system would have you believe.

When such bribery is extreme, we get actions like the government giving the broadcast spectrum to certain television interests/networks and in return these television interests/networks support the election and agenda of the bribing politicians. After all, the highest line-item in a politician’s campaign budget is prime-time network broadcasting.

6) OPEN “TOWN HALL” CENTERS – A place for your elected officials to meet with the People before making decisions “on their behalf”. These structures exist in all communities. They are schools, churches, and they stand empty a good portion of the week. Let’s put them to better use.

And when politicians aren’t meeting people in person, why can’t they be posting and emailing real people on the Internet and in the Newsgroups? Let’s see some shirts rolled up and actual WRITTEN DEBATE happening — not ivory tower thinking and authoritarian speeches/books/TV talk-shows all the time. Words are cheap — especially words floating through the air. Lastly, the voting booth should be open on the weekend, so as to maximize the time a voting option is exposed to the public. And what about instant registration. Certainly this is a possibility in an electronic age.

7) REDUCE DEFENSE SPENDING – We’ve been sold a line, by the same people who profit from this spending. If you’d stop making enemies, and attempt peace, demilitarization would be possible. Hold the people and banks that finance wars and the creation of military hardware accountable. Why should anyone, or any entity, get to hide behind the scenes and profit while young men and women are giving their lives?

8) TAKE AWAY GOVERNMENT’S BLANK CHECK – Put Government spending under public jurisdiction, the People, part of the budgetary process. Don’t just hand them the keys and walk away. That’s stupid.

As part of taking away the blank check, the Federal Reserve System needs to be brought back under Constitutional Law. (See THE CREATURE FROM JEKYL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin at Right now it is a private institution profiting off the system and providing the government, in essence, an infinite amount of fiat money. In the last analysis, the act of lending money for war or conflict should be outlawed by the United Nations, starting with the US. If the UN/US truly wants to promote world peace, then let them vote to outlaw the lending of money by all banks to all governments, so that conflict is not so “convenient” and profitable. War should be a cash-n-carry affair — as the Framers of the US Constitution envisioned.

Unless citizens are willing directly ante-up with the tax money to fight a particular war, the activity is not all that important. When banks lend money to a government for war, yet withhold such loans to other governments, hasn’t the power to determine the outcome of conflicts been transferred from the CITIZENS to the BANKS?

9) GET OFF OIL – Most of the conflicts in the world are over this naturally-occurring sludge, including the ones in question. Alternatives exist, but are suppressed, because the people in power are also intimately connected to the oil industry, and under the control of its lobby. Oil creates the conditions which produce terrorism. The earth is beginning to reject us, because of the unchecked environmental destruction caused by oil. This is a threat to our security.

At the current rate of power consumption/demand, the world’s population must focus its attention on generating energy from PLASMA FUSION as no other alternative energy source (with the exception of ZERO POINT ENERGY) will suffice. The burning of fossil fuels is causing a greenhouse effect and MUST cease immediately. If this gets much more serious, none of the other events on this list will matter.

10) MEDIA REFORM IS VITAL – Before any of the above can be tackled, media needs to be reformed, because the same forces controlling the above, also control the media.


11) ENCOURAGE EXPLORATION – In the same spirit colonists explored and settled the “New World” which later hosted the United States and gave fuller bloom to the principles of liberty and democracy, we need to explore and colonize the Solar System, starting with Mars, so that the human race is not doomed to the fate of stagnation on but one celestial body in an infinite universe. Read, CASE FOR MARS by Robert Zubrin available at

12) SECURE THE WORLD FROM EXTINCTION-LEVEL CATASTROPHE – The very real threat of being impacted by a meteor (as evidenced yesterday with the discovery of 2002 T-Whatever), or long-period comet, MUST be addressed because if this one event happens, none of the other events on this list will matter in the slightest. Some night look at the Moon and realize that for every impact crater you see there, the Earth has already experienced about 2 to 3 times as many (due to its larger mass). If the comet that hit Jupiter had impacted with Earth, you, and every person you know, would be dead right now. There is evidence that the number of comets and/or asteroids that will be hitting the Earth may be increasing because of the Solar System’s 18-million year bob in its path around the galactic nucleus. There are an estimated 2,500 earth-crossing asteroids. We have only located about 250 of them. One could hit us tomorrow.

The Earth has had several close calls in just the past 10 years — one of them just last month. Did the mainstream media inform you of this as well as it should have, if at all? Out of the 17% that goes to national defense, veterans and foreign affairs, at least 5% must immediately be re-allocated to locating and handling extinction-level Earth-crossing asteroids and long-period comets. Spending money on frivolous foreign conflicts will not save humanity from a lethal and indifferent Universe. “

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