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Roger Hayes: Update from Danny Bamping (2012-07-05)

I’m reposting this (from: by Sam Bamford).

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Danny Bamping is:, and


Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court & Imprisoned

See the original article from:


Back in early February 2012, Roger gave a talk on the Lawful Bank to Manchester We Are Change (see:

At about 1:13:19 I stated obvious: “You’re the ringleader – THEY’ll do you in.”.

Well, it seems like THEY are trying to start the process.


Lawful Bank: A Kentish Perspective

Manchester already has 2 local bank branches
Here, in Leeds we are moving towards another two.

Stephen Henderson from Kent Freedom Movement tells us of the benefits.

From (with many thanks):

… I thought the Lawful Bank meeting last Thursday was the best I’ve seen so far and the strongest when it comes to offering a realistic alternative to the system. I think that the Lawful Bank provides the ground work for this movement because it gives it credibility and shows the public that we are not just trying to expose how corrupt the system is but to rather show them a different way we can live. If we are going up against the well-planned, well-organised and well-presented New World Order we need to counter that by becoming a well-planned, well-organised and well-presented alternative so that the masses can look at us and take this movement seriously.

The Lawful Bank can offer the platform for a new type of government or plan that can be accepted by the public and can eventually make the Monarchy and the Houses of Parliament insignificant. Now in regards to the Kent Freedom Movement I feel we have a huge part to play in making this a reality and with the great work Deborah, Chris and the rest are doing I have no doubt this movement will become unstoppable. I was speaking with fellow KFM member Tom a couple of weeks ago and we thought that to take the movement to the next level that we as a group should start to set up a ‘KFM Council’ which I will explain more in my next blog which will really get into how it would work. I have a lot of faith in this movement and I hope to become a key part of this group from which I’m going to try and dedicate as my time as I can to this because although we maybe the minority, its only the minority who are remembered throughout history and I know that we will all take are place in history as those who defeated the New World Order !


Birkenhead 2011-03-07: Great new vid

Via (with Thanks):


” West Film Production Co’s condensed and CENSORED-FOR-TV version of what happened Monday 1pm 7th March 2011 in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, England. This version will be screened on Sky Channel 201 early June. The full UNCENSORED version will be screened at the Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Liverpool in June and at the 4th Wirral International Film Festival in September. ”

I think this is part 2 of the set (from

” Part 2 End Credit Sequence of TV CENSORED version.

Set against the background of an almost total media blackout, this is the uncensored version of Kevin West’s award winning and highly controversial TV documentary about ordinary British people entering one of Her Majesty’s Law Courts in Birkenhead, UK and attempting to arrest the judge under the Magna Carta Chapter 61 for committing an act of treason. The people involved maintain that these courts are unlawful under Common Law (the highest law in the land) and that the judge in question (by doing so) is not acting under his Oath of Office and therefore guilty of treason. These are the same courts which daily penalize the UK people with all manner of fines, taxes, judgments and restrictions which do not form any part of Common Law. If proven the implications of this event for the entirety of the UK legal system is staggering. This film exposes the corporatization of the human being by the capitalist system at the expense of Natural and Common Law freedoms. “


Robert Green: Update 2 (The Shame of Aberdeen)

Thank You to:

Scotland’s Shame.

Post-independence we should call this place Paedoland.

THIS is what happens if you campaign against paedophiles.

And THIS is what happens if you get caught with over FIFTY THOUSAND indecent images of children.

I trust that all those who have visited over the years telling me how great the judiciary is will now reappear and re-confirm their faith in this filthy, perverted system.

You don’t see this in the Visit Scotland brochures, do you? “Visit Scotland and if we catch you with indecent images, you naughty boy, we’ll let you off with a slap on the wrist!”

Just who are Scotland’s judges and sheriffs protecting, and why? It looks more and more likely that Robert Green is entirely correct to suggest that paedophilia is rife amongst Scotland’s elite.



A message to all members of TNS RADIO – Seeking solutions

Please push this out far and wide
Coaches to Aberdeen – FREE ROBERT GREEN campaign.
We are co-ordinating a leaflet raid on Aberdeen… to hand out 250,000 leaflets to every man and women in Aberdeen to expose the establishment and the paedophile network that has orchestrated the phony trial of Robert Green.
We will hand out the same leaflets that Robert handed out – TO MAKE OUR POINT
We will arrange coaches from wherever they are required.
This will be a gruelling trip for many… especially from the south coast – but we MUST do this.
The authorities picked Aberdeen – because it is as far away as it is – deliberately to frustrate his supporters.
Their tactics are about to BACKFIRE SPECTACULARLY… because it will be easier for us to saturate the whole city of Aberdeen (population 200,000 approx) than virtually any other city.
We will describe our event as ‘The Shame of Aberdeen’
We will publish this event to the world’s media
This will shake the establishment to its core.
We will include reports on ‘Where were the BBC’ and ‘Who Killed Dr Kelly’
At the expense of Robert Green’s freedom – the establishment have just scored a spectacular own goal… this will resonate around the world and explode the institutional corruption and extensive paedophile networks that operate everywhere
We need coordinators on the ground to help arrange groups to travel to Aberdeen – hit the streets and SHAME the establishment into investigating this gross miscarriage of justice.
I am proposing the weekend of the 7th and 8th of April.
All those willing to help to co-ordinate coaches – please email Roger Hayes –

Please title your response Free Robert Green Campaign for ease of identifying.
We need printers
We need coaches
We need coordinators
We need webmasters
We need bloggers
We need emailers
Lets do this for Robert… but above all let’s do it for our children and the many victims of this disgusting regime.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Roger Hayes
Chairman. The British Constitution Group

I will be there.



Lawful Bank presentation 2012-02-02, Manchester

I attended this presentation last Thursday. Jolly good it was. A huge Thank You to We Are Change – Manchester.

The world-wide ‘money system’ is based on banks conjuring up money (or ‘credit’) out of thin air and lending it out as debt. A debt which must be paid back with interest. Interest which can only be paid by the creation of more debt. More credit and more interest leads to an ever-increasing debt – to paid back with more credit and more interest, etc., etc.. Money which we are paying back now and will have to be paid back by our children, their children, their children’s children, etc. Essentially, a never-ending cycle of increasing slavery.

Politicians, the mainstream media and the legal system have colluded in this scam.

We are up shit creek.

Like all Ponzi scams, it can only (mathematically) collapse.

The collapse will benefit TPTB. Banks will claim each country’s assets, thereby owning those countries. A short hop to a One World Government. A bank-owned government. The New World Order.

If we, the slaves, rise up against the banks, credit and currency will be withdrawn by the banks. The ensuing chaos will see us fighting each other to the death over a loaf of bread at £100.

Roger Hayes and co have an alternative plan – the Lawful Bank. The only realistic alternative. An alternative run by us – slaves reclaiming their freedom.

The best part of the plan is that we will using the same ‘rules’ as the banks – beating them at their own game. Cool.

All we need is numbers. Numbers of people will to pledge their support.

Tell your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, that nice bloke you see everyday at the bus stop, etc.



Roger Hayes talk on “The Lawful Bank” Manchester 2012-02-02

I’m a member of the Lawful Bank. I’ll be going and there’s 4 spaces available in a car from Headingley, Leeds.

Roger Hayes talk on “The Lawful Bank” 7:30pm, Thursday 2012-02-02, The Ducie Bridge Pub, 152 Corporation Street, Manchester, Manchester, M4 4DU (five minuets from Victoria station), Manchester (map).


” Roger Hayes from the British Constitution Group will be giving We Are Change Manchester a talk on “The Lawful Bank” at the Ducie Bridge Pub(upstairs). The Lawful Bank is The Alternative Monetary System(TAMS). A Critical Mass is needed is order for this system to be fully effective. The Lawful Bank System is gathering pace, and is an excellent opportunity for us all to break free of the control that we have long been under. Two thousand and twelve is our year it’s time to act. We Are Change is a PRO ACTIVE group, so let’s be just that. This is an exciting time, WE ARE CHANGE can MAKE CHANGE. Thank you “

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