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Iran, the Dollar, Oil, New Year and Qaddafi,

Anyone remember that “Qaddafi was also working to change payment for Libya’s oil away from the US dollar to the gold African dinar. This move prompted Sarkozy to call Libya ‘a threat to the financial security of Mankind’.” (

Recent history repeating itself.



Iran Is Celebrating the New Year by Ditching the Dollar

March 20th is a holiday in Iran.  It is called NOWRUZ and it’s the equivalent of New Year’s Day.  On the Iranian calendar it ties in with the vernal equinox (the first day of spring).  The holiday’s roots are based in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism and it is considered the biggest holiday of the year in the country.

Generally the Persian New Year is celebrated by a symbolic purging of the home and spiritual representation of creation and fertility.  Families get together and traditional feasts are consumed. 

This year, though Iran is doing something a little different to celebrate the New Year and the result may be fireworks of a less than celebratory nature.

This year Iran is changing it’s policy for payment of oil.  Iran will not longer accept the US dollar and will be looking for other currencies and commodities instead.

Since 1971, OPEC oil has been exclusively quoted in dollars.  Because of this oil (aka gasoline) is currently cheaper in the United States than in any other country in the world.

Since the IRAN OIL BOURSE opened in 2005, Iran has been actively seeking alternative currencies and commodities in trade for the oil produced there.  The Bourse has directly approached Japan, Russia and China to negotiate payments in other currencies.

Not coincidentally, in 2005, the same time the Iran Oil Bourse was formed, George Bush began imposing sanctions on Iran via EXECUTIVE ORDER 13382 – Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters.

In 2010 the United States increased its efforts to force Iran’s compliance by passing the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010.  This increased all sanctions that had currently been passed in an effort to cripple the Iranian economy.  Sanctions included punishing large investors in Iran’s petroleum business, punishing companies that traded with Iran by turning their oil into gasoline as well as companies providing shipping, insurance and financial services for the purpose of the import of gasoline into Iran, and prohibits other foreign exchange, banking and property transactions.

Basically, the US is behaving like an organized crime family and wants to put a stranglehold on the country’s economy, only allowing breath if Iran goes back to accepting the USD.  They say it’s because of nukes, though, because that is more socially acceptable.

The efforts of the United States seem to have only increased Iran’s efforts to be free of the US dollar.  Iran has set the date of March 20, 2012 as the day that they will only accept the yen, the rupee, the euro, the yuan and baskets of currency (currency portfolios).

This stand threatens to crumble the USD’s status as the world’s reserve currency, which could be the final nail in the coffin of the American economy. If the USD is no longer the OPEC measure for oil prices, we will no longer pay the lowest price in the world for gasoline.  Our already wheezing economy will collapse as the price of fuel sky-rockets, effectively increasing the price of everything else.

Of course, Americans don’t like sending their sons and daughters off to be killed in a war over money/oil.  That’s why the US is taunting Iran by flying surveillance aircraft in their airspace, sending troops to all surrounding areas and insinuating carriers into the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian waters, despite Iran’s calls for them to stop.

The United States is trying to trigger an incident that will allow a direct attack on Iran.  If they can’t trigger such an incident they may well create one and just blame it on Iran.  From our President we will hear speeches full of bluster and false patriotism.  The United States doesn’t want to look like the bad guy, so they are attempting to provoke a reaction from Iran by encroaching very uncomfortably on Iran’s space.  Our media propaganda machine is preparing us by informing us of the terrifying threat of Iran’s potential weapons of mass destruction.  This is all in an effort to get the American people behind this attack.

March 20 is approaching quickly and the United States is running out of time.  Iran has come up with ways to work around the US sanctions and is planning to claim independence from the USD on their new year.

The United States will assert dominance over Iran before this happens, and with alarming brutality – remember Bush’s shock and awe?  We’ll hear from the mainstream media that it’s for our own protection – that a terrorist act was committed against us by Iran – that a nuclear weapon has surfaced and is pointed our way – anything but the real reason.

As I discussed a couple of days ago, a  likely date for the attack is March 8, the Jewish holiday of vengeance Purim which also conveniently coincides with the FBI’s planned takedown of the internet.    The US, the wealthy, the bankers, AIPAC and the elite must stop Iran from making this change or the economy that is precariously stacked up like a pile of Jenga blocks will topple. The wealthy 1% has even more to lose than the rest of us.

Don’t be fooled.  It may be too late to stop this from happening but be aware of the real reason.

Again, the United States will be trading blood for oil.


Don’t worry Africa



This is colonialism. Welcome!

This is colonialism. Welcome!

“The NATO war crimes against Libya are going unrecorded the main stream media refuse to show NATO for what it is an axis of evil murdering muslim children and women this has to stop their war crimes must not be brushed under the carpet again.”



Libya and Gaddafi – The Truth you are not Supposed to Know

Whether you believe or not the statements in the following video is not important. The general points highlight changes that should be considered essential for good government – humans first and foremost.

Anyway for those who don’t want to see the vid, here’s the points raised in it:

In 1951 Libya was the poorest country in the world – before the NATO invasion, Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa & ahead of Russia, Brazil & Saudi Arabia.

In Libya, homes are considered a human right.

Newly-married couples receive $50,000 to buy their own home and electricity is free to ALL people.

Qaddafi vowed to house every Libyan before his own parents – he kept his promise & his own father died before he was able to be housed.

Before Qaddafi, less than 1/5th of Libyans were literate – now education is free & high quality & literacy rate is 83%.

Healthcare is also free * high-quality & if Libyans cannot find education or healthcare they need in Libya, then the Libyan government funds them to go abroad to access it.

All loans are interest free 0% by law.

If a Libyan buys a car, the government pays 50% of the price.

The price of gasoline is $0.14.

Any Libyan wishing to become a farmer is given free use of land, a home, equipment, livestock & seeds.

On 1st July 2011, 1.7 million people assembled in Green Square, Tripoli to show defiance against the NATO bombing of Libya – this represents around 95% of the population of Tripoli & about one third of the entire population of Libya!

The Libyan central bank is state-owned & unlike all banks in the west, is not owned by Rothschild & issues debt-free money.

In the 1990’s Libya was accused of being responsible for the bombing of Lockerbie bombing of PanAm 103 – it has transpired that the US paid witnesses at the trial, $4 million each, to testify against the accused Libyan men.

Yes, they were paid to lie & have since recanted their evidence.

Qaddafi was also working to change payment for Libya’s oil away from the US dollar to the gold African dinar. This move prompted Sarkozy to call Libya ‘a threat to the financial security of Mankind’.

One of the first acts of the Libyan ‘rebels’ was to create a new central bank to one owned that was owned by Rothschild, just as ours in the west are.

The Rothschild family are estimated to own over half the world’s wealth.

Rothschild-owned banks create money out of thin air & sell it to the people at interest. This means we never have enough money to pay back what is ‘owed’.

So we, and our unborn children are made debt slaves to Rothschild banking interests.

Unlike our leaders (Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy et al), Qaddafi refused to sell his people out. Libyans are DEBT FREE.

Are you beginning to see why Qaddafi gets this response from his people and who is behind the NATO bombings of a free and sovereign people?

Libyans has much that we do not have in the UK, USA & EU. They have a leader who has integrity & courage & who worked in their best interests – and not the Rothschild’s best interests.

Libyans shared in the wealth of their country, free from the shackles of usury & Rothschild banking interests.

Without the tyranny of Rothschild control over the issuance of money, we could all live as wealthy people.

We have been literally robbed of trillions of £/$ by Rothschild bankers & rent boy politicians.

We have been raped and enslaved.

Just as Libya will be raped & enslaved if we don’t stop this crime against humanity.

It is estimated that 30,000 Libyans have been killed by NATO & it’s ‘rebels’.

Qaddafi believes in direct democracy as laid out in his book @The Green Book’.

He believes that parliamentary democracies are inherently corrupt and that people can & should represent themselves.

After believing the lies about the man all my life, his book amazed me.

I cannot just sit by any longer & watch hoe individuals, groups *& countries are demonised & destroyed by our criminal governments & then watch the media protect those responsible for crimes against humanity.

I refuse to pay taxes to the criminals responsible for this.

Stop paying for their bombs. Refuse to pay your taxes.

Don’t pay for the propaganda. STOP paying the BBC license fee.

We must show solidarity with the Libyan people.

If we sit by & watch these crimes against humanity & do nothing, then we are complicit & one day it will be our turn.

Fuck NATO!

Fuck the UN!

Fuck the New World Order!

It’s time to act people. It’s time to find courage & rise up.

Mass Non-Compliance against the NWO.


A copy of The Green Book can be found at:

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