Norman Scarth: Court case, 1:30pm, 2012-02-02 (Leeds Magistrates’ Court)

30 Jan

The Parasites That Be are really after Norman!
I’ve just got the following email from Norman.
Although I can’t be there, I hope that The Good and The Great (the British people) will be supporting Norman and keeping on eye on proceedings.

The Hearing in Leeds Magistrates, Thursday 2nd February 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) is for my ‘Committal to Crown Court for Trial’ – FOR THE TERRIBLE CRIME OF OFFERING LEAFLETS!

The previous ‘hearing’ on 12th January was SUPPOSED to be for that reason. In fact the Crown Prosecution Service had made an Application to adjourn the hearing as they were ‘not ready’. The reason they gave was that they had “asked the police to undertake a large number of actions in respect of the case”. On that occasion District Judge Roy Anderson refused to hear my objection to the adjournment (or to hear a single word from me!), which meant it wasn’t a ‘Hearing ‘ at all, & was in gross violation of the law. Don’t know what dirty tricks they will get up to this time.

Norman Scarth


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