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Judas Class: Exposing the EU Collaborators

Judas Class: Exposing the EU Collaborators


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The enemy within – its time to expose them

The evil that is the EU has this past week come out into the open. The power brokers, the unelected ‘presidents’ who rule Europa, the appointed unelected technocrats that have openly taken control of two sovereign states are only the very public view.

Hidden beneath the surface in every country in the EU are the traitors, the fifth columnists, the activists and the useful idiots. They all work to undermine our democracies, to ruin our trade, to impoverish our people, indoctrinate our children, making all dependent upon the state.

Without this army of traitors working within our institutions, our government, our civil service and our education system the power brokers have no power. Therefore we must know our enemy.

The thing that they fear most is publicity, to have the bright light of public exposure shone upon their actions. It is time to expose this evil at every level. At the supranational, national, regional and local levels for all to see and act against. So shun them, exclude them from your community, eject them from your pub or club, turn your back on them, give them no space and keep shining the light on them, and let everyone know who the traitors are.

When you know that your local councillor is taking his instructions from the Council CEO who has just returned from getting his orders from Brussels or the RDA, then you will know not to vote for them, you can demonstrate to remove the CEO, you can take action until these people are removed from their jobs. When you discover that your trades union has been making the rules in concert with the EU that are now crippling your ability to live rather than just survive, you can leave that union and isolate them, in every case you can take direct action against these fifth columnists when you know where exactly to direct that action.

The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.

For what these people do is criminal, it is treason, it is punishable within our law, and we are determined that these people will not get away with their crimes against the British people.

Today, the Albion Alliance has decided to do something about it, and I republish their latest Press Release.

+ + +  PRESS RELEASE  + + +  PRESS RELEASE  + + + 

A Database of EU collaborators to be established by The Albion Alliance.

As the EU enters its final death throes and resorts to intimidation, deception, alarmist and anti democratic power grabs, including the installation of non elected prime ministers, and as the Government of the United Kingdom continually deny the people their voice regarding the EU, those responsible for the demise of the United Kingdom as a free and sovereign state are to be named and shamed.

A new database of United Kingdom collaborators with the EU is to be established, to collect information on those individuals, groups and corporations that have aided and abetted the demise of the UK, who have worked on establishing a supranational State over and above our own sovereign United Kingdom, who have conspired to impose authoritarianism upon the people of the United Kingdom and who have conspired to give away the sovereignty of the people which is on loan to our parliament.

We will also be seeking their prosecution and accountability under the laws of THIS land, following due process of law.

The database will aim to collect data on the individuals concerned, including but not limited to, parliamentarians, peers, privy councillors, civil servants, police officers, lawyers, judges, heads of commerce, media barons, journalists, public sector chiefs, crown agency personnel, local authority personnel, trades unionists, publicly funded oversight and steering committees or anyone else actively engaged in promoting the values, edicts and decisions of the EU over our English and Scottish legal rights, laws and customs, especially those active in the myriad of EU sponsored unelected ‘committees’ such as the Committee of the Regions,  the European Economic and Social Committee and Regional Development Agencies, as well as politically motivated ‘training’ groups, taxpayer funded ‘fake charities’ and their spin-off organisations.

The database will not be kept a secret, nor will its contents. All relevant crimes of Treason will be made known to the public at large. Their names, positions and alleged crimes are to be established for all to see.

In order to protect ourselves from State interference in this work, we shall make the data copyable, down-loadable and generally available to anyone who would want to replicate the published material, in which we give free licence, thereby making it impossible for the State or the EU to suppress it. We want this database to be as freely available as your Sunday newspaper.

Very soon the public will be invited to instigate their own investigations of individuals, collect evidence and proofs, and then to contribute information to this database, so that it becomes a work of the nation, by the nation, for the nation.

As we do not know when or who will assume office in the next FREE United Kingdom government, other than to suggest it will not include Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat parties who have already shown their collaboration writ large, their crimes against the nation will be presented so that those concerned can be made accountable.

The People of the United Kingdom WILL have their say in matters EU.


Before they get the chance to totally bankrupt us, and see this country openly ruled by EU technocrats, they must be stopped.

The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu

The rest is up to you. If you want your country back, you’re going to have to fight for it. You are going to have to fight their greed and self serving interests.

The traitors in our midst have been all too quick to use technology and databases in an attempt to control, tax and indoctrinate us, so we are going to use their own tools against them. Right now I want them to know we are coming for them, and we will give them nowhere to hide. In their own words, it’s all on the database.

They may try to stop us, they may try using the courts to remove the databases, they will probably accuse us of libel or defamation, let them try, but they can’t lock us all up, they can’t shut us all up and they are well on the road to bankrupting every one of us already. We are millions and the databases will be outside of their jurisdiction anyway. Now, in public view, you will probably get to see just how repressive these Europhiles really are. As I write this, I wonder which piece of draconian legislation they will try to use first, or will it be that old favourite, fabricated sex scandals.

Whatever comes next, we do ask for your support and action, your participation in gathering information & evidence, and in the fullness of time in their prosecution.

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