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Stop pavements disappearing from our neighbourhoods

Pavement parking really pisses me off. I’m a driver. I don’t park on the pavement.

I politely ask offenders to park more responsibly and consider blind people, pram-pushers, the young and the old. So far, all those asked have improved their behavior.

Further, don’t forget cars which park in compulsory cycle lanes


” Pavements up and down the country are under threat from inconsiderate pavement parkers. We should all be able to walk on pavements without worrying about vehicles blocking our way.

Yet vehicles parked on pavements are forcing people with pushchairs or children to walk unsafely in the road. And older people and those in wheelchairs can feel worried about leaving their homes as they feel unsafe walking down their own street.

Our pavements are literally cracking under the pressure. Councils are spending tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money each year repairing pavements damaged by pavement parkers.

Your local authority has the power to protect your pavement. Tell them that you support a pavement parking ban across your area and find out what they’re doing to clamp down on pavement parkers.

Pavement parking has already been banned in London; together we can stamp it out across the country.

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Bicycles: hydraulic shifting

More useless shit from the bike biz to part idiots from their £££s. More stuff you can’t fix and/ort setup yourself.

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Get a grip

Heated Bicycle Grips – you have got to be kidding me!


A fool and his/her money are easily parted.


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