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Assisted Suicide

I’m a carer for an lady. She is not too well (in fact I’ve had to call the doctor out this morning). She is not going to get any better.

In the near/mid-tern future, there may be a time when she may want to ‘call it a day’. We’ve already talked about her funeral arrangements.

We’ve also talked about assisted suicide. As one can imagine, she is hesitant to ‘make the final journey’ at home (in England) for fear of me being prosecuted.

My attitude has been that of ” **** them! It’s her body. Therefore it’s her choice. I will be with her not matter what. “.

As far as I’m concerned, all I need to do is send one letter to Cameron (in advance). There’s nothing he or his thugs can do about it. What he wants to do is then up to him. I’ll follow the Common Law. I’ll raise a stink on the InterWeb, in the media, etc.

I dare them to challenge her decision.


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