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Message from Rusty



I’ve met Rusty a few times. I’d give him my last Rollo, Apart from a million other things, Rusty was one of the ‘Thre Good Men’ (alongside Chris and Loki) who were instrument in getting Norman Scarth released from prison. He was also the individual who actually made the common law arrest of the judge at Birkenhead last March.

Here’s a guy who DOES belong on the New Year’s Honours List.

It appears that Rusty has been ‘sentenced’ to 6 months for the alleged assault that took place at Birkenhead court.



” I would like to wish all of you, my fellow Rebels out there, who are enjoying your FREEDOM – A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there, who have NOT FORGOTTEN ME or the reason I am in here, being held in HMP Preston, UNLAWFULLY!

I also want to thank, my dad, girlfriend and all of my friends, from the bottom of my heart, for having made the effort, for taking the time to support me, by way of letters, Postal Orders, and Broadcasts. At least I know that there are a few of you out there who support and appreciate what I have done for ‘The Cause!’

I will never forget these individuals and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you when I get released – to shake your hand and to give you each a hug.

I am now allowed Legal Visits from anybody I chose to appoint as a member of my Legal Team. We don’t have to have Legal Visits from only Registered Solicitors or Legal Firms anymore – which is a really great achievement. It took me a great deal of time and effort of me fighting and quoting “Equality of Arms” – in order to win and to have the right to be represented by ourselves and whoever else we choose! – If anyone else ends up in the same situation as me – then it means that they will also be able to do the same thing – So this effects us all!

Again, I ask everyone who’s been supporting me to please carry on contributing, the way you have. I thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all you other people out there to either make an effort to put pen to paper and write to me – to show me your support – or to please contribute £1 to my Appeal Fund which has been organised to help me and my daughter.

Her daddy being there to support her, mentally, physically and financially.

She is a wonderful girl who is currently the Under 12’s –U.K National & Classical, Sequence, Ballroom Champion. – She is dedicated to her training and is a focused and disciplined, hard worker and athlete.

Here is a quote from the last letter I received from her – about my actions which led to me being parted from her, here in prison. “I am like a piece of paper – You scrunched me up. Then you smooth me out and say sorry, but do you notice there are still scars in the paper that you can’t smooth out! – That’s me!”

The time behind bars which I am doing has not only affected me – I made a conscious decision to “Take those actions and stand up for what I believe is RIGHT! – But my actions have had an effect on my daughter!

I will leave you with these thoughts and I look forward to a POSITIVE response in the New Year, 2012, – than I have had over the last 4 months since I have been behind bars. OUT OF ALL OF YOU REBELS, OUT THERE, ONLY A FEW OF YOU HAVE MADE SOME KIND OF EFFORT – and there were HUNDREDS of people at Birkenhead in March this year – May I finally add that I haven’t even had any acknowledgement or even so much as a letter of support, from Roger Hayes or the British Constitution Group – The man who ORCHESTRATED the whole event in Birkenhead!!! That to me has shown a complete lack of gratitude or RESPECT! And that is how I feel at this moment! I will love you all and leave you for now – Hugs, Peace, Love and Happiness be with you all – Rusty the man – UP THE REBELLION!!!

Contact details, A3513 CG Aspinall, A3-11 HMP PRESTON, 2 RIBBBLETON LANE, PRESTON, PR1 5AB.


Rusty’s in HMP Preston

Our friend Rusty (of Birkenhead fame) is in HMP Preston – very little info at the mo.

Note: Rusty was also one of the ‘3 Good Men’ (Common Law terminology), together with Loki (FreedomRebels) and Chris (We are Change: Leeds), who were instramental in the Norman Scarth’s release.

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