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UK Police Officers Oath: Hierarchy of Law

More on the TPTB’s dirty tricks (Constables’ Oath, The Crown, Common Law, the Human Entity, Legal Person, Birth Certificates, Contracts, Passports, Commercial Law, etc.).

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” Your individual human sovereignty within the Hierarchy of British Law. The men & women who have sworn oaths to uphold authority and keep peace & fairness within the land of the United Kingdom. This video explains the oath of the Police Officer. “


michael of bernicia – Beating the Banksters

Although I’ll not get a chance to look at this for a few days, I think some readers may want to know that about it ASAP.


michael of bernicia gives a presentation to a Freedom North West meeting on the 21st of March 2012.

Michael tells how he stopped paying tax, the current fight against the mortgage fraud, fighting his child’s birth registration and potent alternative cures for all forms of ailments and disease.

Michael also goes into depth about the real history of Britain and Ireland explaining the hidden secret of a comet striking Britain in in the Dark ages leading to Britain being uninhabited for years after…


Freedom of Information Act reforms proposed

Apologies for not posting recently – I work for a living.

From: (5 April 2012 Last updated at 23:38)

” The Freedom of Information Act could be reformed as the government finds the lack of privacy ‘paralysing’ and it costs almost £8m.

Newsnight’s Allegra Stratton reports on moves to charge for the information in an effort to reduce the number of requests.”


Government: Appearance v Reality



Vaccines: 30 year of government lies

We, the tax-paying people, are expected to abide by ‘laws’, rules, codes, regulations, statutes, etc..
Seems that The Parasites That Be don’t!
It really is lawless out there.


Via (with Thanks):

30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards To Sell More Vaccines And Harm Your Kids
(Posted on March 14, 2012 by childhealthsafety)

An extraordinary new paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

If you want to get an idea of who is responsible for your child’s condition resulting from a vaccine adverse reaction then this is the paper to read. What you have to ask yourself is if the people on these committees are honest and honourable and acting in the best interests of British children, how is it this has been going on for at least 30 year?

This is what everyone has always known but could never prove before now. Pass this information on to others so they can see what goes on in Government health committees behind locked doors.

We quote here from the author’s summary and the paper:

Deliberately concealing information from parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an “official” vaccination schedule could be considered as a form of ethical violation or misconduct. Official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.

More at:


Don’t give to charities – oops, you already have.

Wise words from Old Holborn at:

“… Once upon a time, the Ancient Guild of Hemp Weavers decided that fellow members who fell on hard times could come to the very industry they were part of and could expect some charity, whether it be an alms house, help with food and lodging, education for the children or loans to get back on your feet. Hundreds of thousands of similar charities existed to make sure that decent people had a safety net or could be rescued at sea by people willing to risk their lives for no other pleasure than for saving the lives of their fellow man.

That was then, this is now. The State got involved and monopolised “charity”.

… the money to support the favoured causes of Politicians was now being extracted at source – your wallet. … The State would do it FOR you – to further whatever their agenda might be – and you got the bill.

.. You’d be amazed at how many “charities” the Government chose to patronise with your money because it suited their political agenda. … It’s called the “Third Estate” and is the way a Government can assign a large lump of your cash to somebody, anybody it likes but doesn’t have to run it or be accountable for it. You can’t vote for the board of the charity, or demand how the money is spent, as you could if was a critical public service, it is simply “assigned” and vanishes into the ether.

… Money taken from you and me, by force, leaving us less to give to the charities WE support. …

Charity begins at home. When we decide who we choose to support, instead of a couple of hundred elite Politicians, wined and dined by Lobbyists, we will once again begin to understand that it’s our money, not theirs, to give away as we see fit. You can find a full list of “fake” charities (external Govt departments, funded by YOU) at the very excellent Fake Charities website.

Now get back to work, to pay the taxes to pay Stonewall to tell you on the Tube that you’re a bigot (£350K donation given by Lord Peter Mandelson’s department or er…. Enterprise). Dig deep, suckers, it’s all in the cause of the Government. “

Of course, non Fake Charities still need our help.



Tax Collectors are revolting

‘Revolting’ in the sense of protesting. Good on them. Can’t see it making any difference though – the government is too friendly with the private corporates.


” Thousands of tax workers will stage strike action in separate disputes over jobs and privatisation of services and a “punitive” new sickness absence system.

Members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) at HM Revenue and Customs will walk out for three hours from 12 noon in protest at plans to hand “sensitive data” to private companies, which they fear will lead to job cuts.

The union said around 20,000 of its members will be involved in the industrial action as it steps up opposition to a planned year-long trial using private staff in two contact centres in Bathgate, Scotland and Lillyhall, Cumbria.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Our members have very serious concerns about this creeping privatisation into HM Revenue and Customs and, as well as the threat to their jobs, they do not think such sensitive data should be handed over to private firms.

“This is also happening at a time when senior managers are trying to bring in an unnecessarily punitive and counter-productive sick policy that seeks to penalise people for being ill, rather than support them.” “


HMRC head made a mistake and made £1.7m


Emphasis in red are mine

” The head of Revenue & Customs is to retire in the wake of revelations about his organisation’s decisions to waive millions of pounds owed by corporations.

Dave Hartnett, 60, will step down as the permanent secretary for tax next summer, a spokesman said . He will leave with a pension pot worth £1.7m.

Hartnett has admitted that his organisation made “a mistake” when he shook hands on a deal to excuse the US bank Goldman Sachs from paying around £10m in interest charges. His organisation has also been accused of allowing Vodafone off interest charges of more than £1bn. ”

” In September 2010, Hartnett was criticised for refusing to apologise for the scandal that saw millions of people asked for backdated tax after his department failed to collect tax correctly. He told BBC Radio 4: “I‘m not sure a need to apologise … We didn’t get it wrong.” He later issued an unreserved apology. “


Dear Public Accounts Committee: review of HMRC

Here’s a copy of a communication sent:

” Dear Public Accounts Committee:

Regarding your review of HMRC, I thought you might find the following of interest. The URL to the source is at the end. I would imagine that the webmaster can supply more details.  XXXX XXXXX

HMRC Investigator in fraud ‘

JONATHAN MIDDUP an Investigator with the Inland Revenue was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining £16,000 in benefits for his wife — he aided and abetted her scam to swindle for income support, housing benefit and council tax in Hucknell. The deception was calculated and the plan to let his wife sign on as a single parent was carried through. Nottingham Magistrates Court found Middup guilty of dishonesty, the Judge said ‘ It is appalling that this man was a criminal investigator for the HMRC ‘ He was given an 8 weeks suspended prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

‘ Those H & M Revenue & Customs blunders ‘

HER MAJESTY’S REVENUE AND CUSTOMS, yes, not so squeaky clean either as we show you here.

Retired David Betson had regular problems with tax codes etc, and what was annoying was that this kind of thing continued over and over again despite contacting them he said. He made a formal complaint, but guess what? he hasn’t had a reply or anything from them.

Elizabeth Booker had a tax demand for £858 going back over a two-year period. She was now retired and the mix up again was tax codes, but still the matter had not been sorted. Even after contacting them she still was sent the wrong codes.

George Stewart tried to get two tax rebates owing to him after tax was taken incorrectly from his saving accounts. This matter went on for 18 months, yet he was promised by someone at the centre that he would receive a response by September 2010, it never happened?

Mary Stephen got a shock when the tax people said she owed £3,207 in underpaid tax. After approaching the tax office on several occasions and getting more stressed she was dumbfounded to find out that they thought she had a second job at a place she has never worked?

Stan Bradburn was sent a bill by the tax people for £3,200 which stated he had been underpaying for two years. After much effort and running around for faceless tax collectors, he discovered it was all based on incorrect tax codes. The Tax people had confused information due to three sources of income, but couldn’t get the matter right with all the expensive expertise they claim they have. A spokesperson said they were looking into it as a matter of urgency? — not a lot of hope there eh?

HMRC GO AFTER INNOCENT PEOPLE AND THREATEN THEM — Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs staff are continually getting away with the crime of threats and harassment and they get away with it without any fear of prosecution, and why is that? they have immunity provided by the police and Crown, they cannot be touched. They are above the law. The new report says they threaten to take possessions over tax demands to those who already agreed to pay off bills, and they do it to people who owe nothing. Any errors they make are not errors? simply just something that happened — just like one un-named civil servant who wrongly assessed some claimant even though he had other information to the contrary, had their claim denied and was not held accountable when the mistake showed up. The HMRC would not investigate him, suspend him or hold an inquiry into his behaviour because he was protected. The report highlighted the fact that these threats flouted the Office of fair trading rules — guidance to debt collectors — yet amazingly the HMRC is not bound by the rules because it is a government department? This situation revealed itself when Mrs Perry was hounded by the HMRC debt office in Glasgow and then by another debt office in Croydon. The Office of Fair Trading was contacted and that’s when it was revealed that they were above the law and could not be investigated by the Ombudsman or Office of Fair Trade, even the police are tied when attempting to investigate, they are immune from prosecution.

IN RELATION TO HMRC THREATS one MP said ‘ The tone of these demands were deeply offensive and threatening ‘ ‘ In some cases they are sent to the wrong people saying they will seize possessions and take property if the bill isn’t paid’ The MP said this was disgraceful. especially as it was a public body paid for by taxpayers.

‘ HMRC Tax Officer is Jailed ‘

SENIOR TAX OFFICER MARGARET SCARGILL was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of taking more than £10,000 in false tax payments. It was discovered that she had perpetrated the crime over five years under the noses of colleagues at the Dewsbury HMRC Office. She opened two accounts in order to place the stolen money. It was amazing to learn that she had acquired a senior position during those years, and all the while fiddled and falsified documents. She was jailed for six months.

‘ The Taxman in blunder refuse to accept the facts ‘

THE INLAND REVENUE in Preston do make mistakes, do enter false information, deny it and carry onto the next occasion — Miss Tonie Francis was dead according to their records, another gaff, but when she actually phoned to correct this, the operator said she could not enter into any dialogue because she was dead? The mother of two from Northamptonshire had her benefits frozen because of it as they had classified her as ‘ deceased ‘

THE INLAND REVENUE THREATEN WIDOW — Indeed, A case has come to light that clearly shows the HMRC have shown their true colours again. A 95 year old widow was threatened with bailiffs over a bill that was actually wrong and their mistake. This comes at a time when a Commons Committee hauled them in over the chaos and complaints by the public. Widow Beryl Frew was told in a letter she would have her possessions seized for non payment. It was only after outside forces went over their bills that it was found that she had actually paid £380 more, and that was what they owed her. This example clearly shows how insensitive these people are and that they are quite unconcerned about using their power to crush anyone, even when they get it wrong.

‘ VAT Taxman Jailed ‘

RICHARD THORNTON, a VAT Inspector with the HMRC was sent to prison for two and a half years for swindling taxpayers out of £32,000 at Mold Crown Court. It was heard that the tax Inspector set up a fake company with fictional directors to help him make a bogus sale and claim back on VAT. He was convicted of fraudulent evasion.

IT HAS BEEN REVEALED THAT MISTAKES ARE NOT ALWAYS MISTAKES as claimed by the tax departments of the UK Government. An internal document showed that Officers often deliberately try to trap and cheat claimants in order to reduce any tax benefits or rebate. It showed the staff had a system geared up to performance targets within offices. Often they knew that a wrong demand had gone out, but ignored this in case ‘the fishing trip’ netted results. One trick was to get people to rewrite claims and compare them word for word, and if it didn’t do that, they then had another worker lean on that taxpayer with more requests for information in the full knowledge that they were running a subtle intimidation that the claimant could do nothing about.

‘ Dishonest Tax fraud Officer on the fiddle ‘

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER AT THE REVENUE AND CUSTOMS PROSECUTION OFFICE DAVID PARTRIDGE, found himself being prosecuted instead. He was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed for awarding his wife a lucrative contract said to be around £100,000 of taxpayers money. He was found guilty acting dishonestly over a period of eighteen months.

TAX OFFICE COVER-UP OVER BOTCHED ASSESSMENT FORM — Why the tax office lie, cheat and deceive is a mystery, but they do; even over the little things. The North Country Inland Revenue Tax Dept made what they call an ‘error’ yet kept the identity of the civil servant a secret and would not have him identified when requested by the taxpayer/claimant. The claimant had given in forms that showed the exact circumstances, yet, the civil servant wrongly filled in another knowing that he’d received other paperwork that could not be right and its status wrongly listed. But this officer continued with the incorrect assessment which affected the claimant badly and delayed him, thus causing stress and further trouble.

HMRC TAX DEPARTMENT THREATENS LEGAL ACTION in letter to 69yr old Widow in regard to bill that was incorrectly assigned to her when they knew it was the responsibility of a former employer. Yet they demanded that she paid £217 a month to clear the £2,607 bill of which she was first told to pay within one month. The pensioner already lived on a strict budget and found coping very difficult. A watchdog contacted the office, and in seconds the mistake was seen; but only because someone in the newspapers intervened. It is quite clear that they would have hounded her and taken the money — and never looked to see if it was correct, accusations levelled at the tax staff of bullying and threats is well founded, and someone likened them to back street money-lenders who put the frighteners on debtors — this describes the Inland Revenue exactly.

TAX INSPECTOR AND TWO STAFF RESIGN over harassment charges by pensioner. A leaked internal memo from one department to another says that ‘there is no reason to take the matter of harassment claims against the dept any further as resignations have been accepted and the pensioner has received a full apology for the distress.’ We have learnt since that the tax premises in Bristol have closed and staff moved to other areas??

HMRC face angry Treasury Select Committee over only 40 telephone calls in every 100 are answered by the tax office staff, whereas their published target said only four calls in every hundred can be allowed, which shows what this department is up to. HMRC Chief Executive Dame Leslie Strathie did not seem all that bothered about the horrendous record and glibly said ‘ Let me accept that as a challenge? ‘ A thirty minute call held at their office can cost a staggering £12.30 to the worried caller, one pensioner spent £54.12 as he waited two hours on the line. HMRC Managers are to be hauled in over the chaos the dept is causing to the taxpayers.

PAUL FOOT REVEALS LOCAL TAX OFFICE DILEMMA — Back in the 80’s the Investigative Journalist revealed that tax blunders were rife due to the hire of students in many offices, hired to fill the gaps needed of staff away or just not able to cope with workloads. But this led to wrongly assessed people and more outrageously the purge on innocents that became like a game to many of the civil servants that had a free hand to choose what they liked. No proper checks were being made of their work when in fact, they were not properly trained and many could not understand what the system was about anyway. One senior tax officer admitted it was going on, but he did not have the time or resources to put all of it right, ‘ some things just had to be pushed through right or wrong, and you just hoped the outcome would not seriously get anyone into trouble.’ he said.

‘ Tax Office Cover-Up over Vodafone Interest Mystery ‘

The more this department try to bury the issue of the unpaid interest involving Vodafone, the more the questions are asked — without any satisfactory answers? It became such an issue that the Commons Treasury Select Committee called in top civil servant, Dave Hartnett who by some strange moves — became a top official at H.M. Revenue and Customs. Time and time again Tory backbencher Jesse Norman, pressed him about the ‘ smelly ‘ deal that had allowed Vodafone to settle its tax debt which had been overdue and incurring interest, but Hartnett become more unconvincing as he threw in ‘ Government errors’ as a cover-up, and we’ve heard about these ‘errors’ that civil servants cling to as a way out to get the public off their backs? As to the matter of the unpaid interest? well according to law it is a criminal offence not to pay interest on tax owing….but the HMRC is above the law and makes its own rules as we have shown….they have Crown Immunity!!

‘ Rogue Tax Inspector becomes Whistleblower on HMRC ‘

PETER CLARE, a former Tax Fraud Investigator with the HMRC for 22 years has appeared on the web offering two CD’s of interviews in which he claims to expose the secret and nasty tricks that the civil service staff use on the public in their game of cat and mouse — which they perversely enjoy! He cites disgruntled employees who could and did fit up people and fabricate evidence against them.

‘ USELESS INCOMPETENT HMRC ‘ — Mr K. Bland of Isleworth reminds us yet again of the overall incompetence of the Tax civil servants throughout the UK. He tells us of a demand sent to a client of his telling him to pay a penalty of £100 for non-completion of a tax return. It wouldn’t be so bad if this could be considered a fair mistake? but it wasn’t, the man had died two and a half years earlier!! and what makes matters worse, some idiot member of staff addressed it to ‘ Mr. P. Warbrick Deceased ‘ Mr Bland and many others wonder what kind of civil servants are they recruiting and the obvious answer is — not up to the job and clearly incompetent.

‘ Tax Inspector is suspended and Arrested ‘

PRIDE OF THE HMRC MICHAEL ALLCOCK found himself suspended and then arrested when bosses turned against him. Amid rumours of bribery, that never went away, the seemingly successful tax investigator was being accused of ‘improper collusion with the Serious Fraud Office ‘ He was told there was a possibility of charges being brought against him under the 1906 Corruption Act. — Unfortunately we cannot report any more of this peculiar case because it suddenly went underground and silence followed???

Research has revealed that Michael Allcock used bullying in his techniques, and was not a pleasant man?

CALLOUS ACTS BY HMRC — Mrs. Brenda Williams tells us a woeful tale of civil servant aggressive behaviour, when she wrote to query a demand sent to her which turned out to be completely wrong and based on the wrong tax assessment and numbers. She was told by a member of staff ‘ We don’t really care what you think of us, if we say you must pay this then you will or we shall take your house and anything else, we have the power to do so ‘ After several other attempts and on receiving a notice that a debt agency was now handling the claim she approached a watchdog in her local area for help. It was just a matter of days and they found that the tax office had made error after error. The ombudsman was sent copies of letters and the HMRC backed off and claimed that somehow she had been given the wrong data. They never apologised for this harassment and got away with it — no civil servant was brought up on charges nor identified.

‘ Tax Officer Accused of Theft ‘

HMRC’s JOHN MEAKIN faced theft charges brought by a member of the public and claimant. It is said that The Tax Credit Claimant Compliance Officer abused his position and withheld documents in order to disable a valid claim and cause maximum distress. Of these charges of wilful misconduct, the HMRC said they were looking into the matter and needed time to respond? Beyond that, they wouldn’t comment!

HMRC TAX BLUNDERS TO BE WRITTEN OFF — A report has shown that billions of pounds are to be written off involving unpaid bills that go back several years. They claim it is a result of the PAYE system going back to 2004. The HMRC are to send out letters to those who overpaid in 2003 to 2004, those who owe will be required to pay £600 each on an average. It says the HMRC has been in a shocking mess for a number of years, but they deny this and do not accept the criticism? Yes, that is them and business as usual.

‘ Tax Boss denies Lying ‘

In the GOLDMAN incident, HMRC boss, Dave Hartnett denied telling lies at a Parliamentary Committee when he was repeatedly accused of lying over a settlement with the U.S. bank Goldman Sachs, which cost the taxpayer almost £8 million. He claimed he had not overseen HMRC’s dealings with Goldman. But a leaked confidential document shows that Hartnett had been involved in settling a dispute over taxes with Goldman Sachs. He later admitted to assisting colleagues to deal with the difficult issue??


‘ Swindling Tax Officer in elaborate fraud ‘

HMRC TAX OFFICER ELIZABETH GIBSON deceived colleagues and others making claims totalling £58,042 using dead people’s identities and non-existent relatives. To support the fraud she acted as agent in respect of the claims and deposited cash into her own bank account. It is claimed by the HMRC that they were unaware of this? — but seven years is hard to swallow despite this feeble claim by the tax authorities.

‘ H M R C hide errors to stop taxpayer appeals ‘

Evidence has been revealed that indicates that HMRC is suppressing and concealing mistakes and information from the taxpayers. An internal memo leaked events surrounding secret decision making when dealing with appeals, and shows they are denying leniency in matters of unpaid income tax. It shows that the tax officers chose to conceal the details and went on to demand thousands of pounds despite being able to approach claims fairly. The discovery of HMRC refusing to accept official employers’ forms in appeals cases is widespread in different districts. It showed that many claimants would not get a fair hearing at their appeals. The memo shows the true arrogance and incompetence at the HMRC. Experts say the revelations cast grave doubt on the decisions made against more than 100,000 taxpayer’s appeals which have been rejected this year alone.

‘ Tax Officer’s Fraud and Double-Dealing ‘

Assistant Tax Commissioner NICK PETROLOUS was accused of dishonestly benefiting from rulings he gave as ‘gamekeeper and Poacher ‘ in his intentions to deceive and play both sides. He is said to have received profits from a company to which he ‘ looked after favourably ‘. In court it was heard that he used his position as Senior Tax Officer to obtain information on tax schemes that exploited ‘ loopholes’ — he then passed on that information to former associate Richard Morgan who turned it to both their advantages financially.

‘ Mastermind Taxman behind £4million Scam ‘

SENIOR REVENUES OFFICER BRENDAN MURPHY of the HMRC appeared before a special sitting of the Circuit Court at Ennis. The Criminal Assets Bureau’s Detective Inspector told the court that he did not believe the story Mr.Murphy gave in evidence and that he masterminded the £4million VAT fraud. Mr. Murphy pleaded guilty to conspiracy with others to defraud the Revenue Commissioners.

THREATS BY HMRC ARE OUTRAGEOUS SAY TREASURY COMMITTEE –Deputy Chairman of The Treasury Committee, Labour MP George Mudie said ‘ I think it’s disgraceful to treat elderly people and taxpayers in this manner and it offers no respect or concern for the people who pay their wages.’ The Treasury Committee have urged Ministers to make ‘Menacing Letters’ sent out by the Tax Office illegal in the light of new threatening demands being sent out by the HMRC. Ministers have been asked to urgently consider drafting new regulations to curb the abuse of power the Inland Revenue have at the present time.

‘ More than 100 tax officers have been dismissed ‘

A Report to Parliament revealed that 116 HMRC staff have been sacked for ‘undisclosed reasons? ‘ among a total of 369 who have been disciplined. However it goes onto reveal a more true picture when it says 294 members of staff were sacked in relation to performance issues? Tory MP Priti Patel asked how many staff were sacked for errors? The Department replied — ‘It does not record ‘error’ as a reason for dismissal? As one can see by this report, it doesn’t actually reveal anything other than the tax office maintain their secrecy and will not be transparent about anything.

The tax office will of course say that this is not representative of the HMRC, but we question that in the light of a confidential document that suggests that regional tax offices contact them before revealing wrong-doing by a member of staff, — and that clearly indicates they want time to choose what or who can be offered up as a sacrifice. We have already seen the secrecy indulged in and we know that some investigations are suppressed and dealt with in privacy. We are also assured by our friend who devotes his website entirely to exposing the HMRC that he has hundreds of cases, and we have at least double what we have shown here.

That is our little but not exhausted list, (at least 30 more waiting) we have more for later on these departments.


They list corrupt police officers and officials.  Well worth checking this website.


We need the State to get out the way

If we’re going to have a free market economy, let’s have a truly free market economy. Nothing is too big to fail and nothing is too small to thrive.


Emphasis in red are mine.


” Get out of the way

I see that our Glorious Leaders, desperate to be seen to be “doing something” are planning a £50 billion splurge on “infrastructure”. Private investment will be offered the chance to build social housing, power stations, super fast broadband and toll roads. It will be presented to the country on November 29th as a “solution” to the current economic malaise and beaming politicians will sit smugly and announce that “they have found the solution”.

That is until you realise why we don’t already have social housing, power stations, super fast broadband and toll roads. Because politicians have done nothing but block them. What Government is really advocating is a restriction in the State hurdles that private investment has to go through to actually build all of the above without going bankrupt. What they are really announcing is that they will no longer stand in the way of investment. And about time too.

For the best part of half a century, politicians have sought to be the architects of society. From nationalising industries to monopolising charities, the State has grabbed every aspect of British life it could lay its hands on and regulated, licenced and monitored it. From the state of your child’s teeth to the thickness of the glass in your windows, someone, somewhere, a civil servant, has been there to check it conforms to the State hymn sheet. Armies of bureaucrats placing as many obstacles in the way of free enterprise as possible, desperate to make sure that the promises of a Politicians trumped the practicalities of actually supplying something that someone might actually want and need.

It was private investment that built the railways and the canals. It was public investment that built the sink estates that we are now pulling down as they are not fit for man or beast. Trillions poured into the vanity projects of those who will tell us “they know better” until as usual, they catastrophically fail because if they should have been built, the market would have built them already. Plenty more money from the taxpayer to have another go, eh?

Except there isn’t anymore. Business tells us it needs a high speed rail link to Northern Britain. I have no argument with that as long as not one penny of public money is invested in it. Let business raise the capital and let business build it. If it needs subsidies, drown it at birth in a bucket of warm water under the bed. All the midwife of the State needs to do is make sure that cord is cut and the whole screaming bundle is handed back to the rightful parents to care for and nourish.

When the State gets out of the way, you will see houses built for £40K, because, call me old fashioned, I’m pretty sure there IS a demand for £40K houses. When the State gets out of the way, you will see private investment supply what is required by us, the people and not what a Politician has decided we deserve. I want power stations that produce cheap electricity, not a power station that ticks the correct boxes of a Political Elite desperate to make their mark in history books. I’d like to build 10 houses in my neighbourhood and sell them for a price people can afford. I’m no fool, if I can’t do it, I’ll go bust and won’t run screaming to the taxpayer to pick up the tab of my ill judged investment.

We need the State to get out the way of failing banks, farmers who won’t farm properly, car manufacturers that can’t sell cars and all the other recipients of our hard earned cash. Let them go to the wall, pick up the pieces and build it properly, without the meddling of Ministers who wouldn’t know a balance sheet if it smacked them between the eyes. We need to see an end to Lobbyists who have to bribe Government to get around the hurdles put in place by Government. We need to see us, the people, telling Private Enterprise what we are happy to pay for and what we are happy for them to make a profit from, not some 5 year elected fantasist mandating that white is black and demanding we all finance the swap over to the “new way of identifying colour”.

You see, when we get what we want, we’ll be happy – just ask the owner of an iPad. And no, Minister, you do NOT know better than us what that is, no matter what your “policy steering committee” tells you. It is our money, give us the freedom to spend it where we choose, not where you dictate.

We need to rebuild the damage you’ve done and we will decide what our future looks like, based on our needs and wants using our hard earned money. In short, dear Government, get out of the way, we’re coming through. ”

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