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Marshall Law: The End of America

They have assumed control. Resistance is futile. No questions will be allowed. They will own you wholly.

I’m sure it will be a lot worse than this.

The Parasites That Be (TPTB) will not give an iota for your sovereignty, your attempts are arresting judges, your letters your MPs, your Occupy city centres, your refusal to pay taxes, your health, your wealth, your inalienable rights, your children, your unregistered means of conveyance, your … … …

The planned ecomonic breakdown will be orchestrated by TPTB to perfectly execute Marshall Law.

We will fight each other to the death for a loaf of bread.

Billions will die

Their dominion over us will be complete!



A beautiful montage of scenes, added with Johnny Cash’s hymn, to give you an accurate description of what America will look like under martial law and economic collapse.


More torture for protesting

From: By Reality Bytes – Sovereign Independent Contributer

Emphasis in red are mine.

When the ‘Age of Austerity’ Becomes the ‘Art of Hostility’

In days gone by as I recall from my own childhood, when as children we played in street kicking a ball back and forth across our road, the local policeman would come up the road and give you a warning, sometimes even a kick up the backside for giving back a bit of cheek.

Today it seems that as I as a child have grown up and put aside my toys and immature attitude, today’s police enforcers have been given quantifiably more and ever more dangerous toys to abuse, or to use the correct term, TORTURE the public with, which make a kick up the backside no more than foreplay for the deviant individuals who disguise themselves in police uniforms prior to handing out a good dose of sadistic punishment to those who resist their iron fist despotism.

Just yesterday I read in The Telegraph of some of the new weapons of mass sadism now being rolled out to control the masses as they’re being ‘austeritied’ into submission by a tyrannical government here in the UK.

These include a new laser beam to be directed at anyone seen to be protesting against their enslavement or even students demanding a fair chance at an education without the burden of massive debt hanging around their necks. The new toy will apparently ‘temporarily’ blind anyone looking in the general direction of the beam.

This is worryingly similar to the claims made about ‘tasers’ and their ‘temporary’ effects upon the human body. We were told that these were ‘non-lethal’ weapons to help police disable a suspect/criminal to assist the police in making an arrest. However, after many deaths both here and abroad due to the use of taser weapons they are still promoted as being ‘non-lethal’. People must understand that these weapons will never be non-lethal in any capacity as the human body works via a series of very complicated electrical currents controlling every aspect of your body’s functionality, including most importantly, your heart and your brain. Anything which disrupts the functionality of the body via electrical interference has the potential to be lethal.

Numerous deaths worldwide are clear evidence that tasers are indeed lethal so when the authorities continue to promote the idea that they are still non-lethal despite all the evidence showing otherwise, then why should we believe that a laser beam shone into the eyes will only result in temporary blindness to enable suspects/criminals to be apprehended? Apparently this laser beam causes nothing more than a similar effect as staring at the sun. Well, I was always told that staring at the sun was a very bad idea as it could cause blindness. Nobody mentioned the word ‘temporary’. It should also be noted that this ‘laser’ can be used from a distance of 500m, if not more, so what’s to stop sadistic police enforcers using it from such a distance when even without the beam being pointed at you, you wouldn’t be able to identify who had possession of such a weapon which once fired in your direction you would have no way of identifying the perpetrator in the case of such an abuse of such a weapon?

You can almost script what would be a very short court case.

Mr. Smith, did you see the officer who fired the weapon?

No your honour, he was 500m away and when he fired the weapon I could see nothing.

So Mr. Smith, you say you can’t identify the officer who fired at you?

That’s correct your honour.

Case dismissed!

Is there such a thing as temporary fatality in relation to the use of tasers? Obviously not!

So now we are to be treated to electrical shock treatment from a distance with another new toy for the sadistic types now signing up for police enforcement duties; a new long range ‘taser’.

This tool of torture, called a ‘wireless electronic interceptor’ can be fired at a human being from a far greater distance than conventional ‘cattle prods’… sorry ‘tasers’. I think from the name of these new ‘tasers’ we can quite safely call them ‘lasers’… Star Trek comes to mind does it not? Set those ‘fasers’ to stun Mr. Spock but if the suspect is over 5 feet tall set it to ‘kill’!

We’re also to be treated to a wide range of other tasers, whatever they are, as well as long range ‘chemical irritant projectiles’.

Plastic bullets will also become the new normal with more ‘officers’ or sadists as they should be called, being trained in their use.

The Metropolitan Police are also ‘investigating the possibility of buying 3 water cannon’ whatever that means. You can bet they’re on order as we speak with London being the testing ground for theses torture devices. With only 3 available it’ll be interesting to see how compact and local the next false flag riot is. Obviously you can’t attack the public across a wide area with only 3 vehicles so the ‘riot’ will have to be an orchestrated local affair.

All of this comes at a price of course, not only in the controlled eemolition of our rights to protest and express our opinions in a free society, but it also carries a huge financial cost.

Each new blinding laser will cost £25,000 and the cost of 3 water cannon around £4,000,000. No costs are cited for the chemical weapons or the new wide range of tasers and lasers being brought to bear on the public.

It’s never been truer that we pay for our own chains and those chains are having more and more despotic links added each and every day in more horrendous and brutal fashion.

At what point do the public say ‘STOP’!

We have to before those chains are securely wrapped around us all!

Those who would use such weapons on the general public, including their own colleague’s children, if not their own, must understand that they will feel the wrath of a public who have lost everything of value in their lives until they have nothing left but their lives to fight for. At that point the ‘police’ if they can still justifiably be called that, will become front line targets of hatred and violent attack by increasingly desperate and once ordinary law abiding citizens.

At that point those honest, decent police officers worthy of the name must make a stand for the public and against those who would turn such monstrous tools of tyranny upon them including the governments who have used the public purse to arm and encourage brutal enforcement of unjust legislation.

I urge ordinary decent police officers to stand on the right side of morality and do the right for your fellow citizens, family and friends and stop this fascism before it takes us all down. “


When Should You Shoot A Cop?

Please, anyone, when laws and legality doesn’t work doesn’t work to protect us, what choices do we have?



Emphasis in red are mine

That question, even without an answer, makes most “law-abiding taxpayers” go into knee-jerk conniptions. The indoctrinated masses all race to see who can be first, and loudest to proclaim that it is NEVER okay to forcibly resist “law enforcement.” In doing so, they also inadvertently demonstrate why so much of human history has been plagued by tyranny and oppression.

In an ideal world, cops would do nothing except protect people from thieves and attackers, in which case shooting a cop would never be justified. In the real world, however, far more injustice, violence, torture, theft, and outright murder has been committed IN THE NAME of “law enforcement,” than has been committed in spite of it. To get a little perspective, try watching a documentary or two about some of the atrocities committed by the regimes of Stalin, or Lenin, or r Mao, or Hitler, or Pol Pot, or any number of other tyrants in history. Pause the film when the jackboots are about to herd innocent people into cattle cars, or gun them down as they stand on the edge of a ditch, and THEN ask yourself the question, “When should you shoot a cop?” Keep in mind, the evils of those regimes were committed in the name of “law enforcement.” And as much as the statement may make people cringe, the history of the human race would have been a lot LESS gruesome if there had been a lot MORE “cop-killers” around to deal with the state mercenaries of those regimes.

People don’t mind when you point out the tyranny that has happened in other countries, but most have a hard time viewing their OWN “country”, their OWN “government”, and their OWN “law enforcers”, in any sort of objective way. Having been trained to feel a blind loyalty to the ruling class of the particular piece of dirt they live on (a.k.a. “patriotism”), and having been trained to believe that obedience is a virtue, the idea of forcibly resisting “law enforcement” is simply unthinkable to many. Literally, they can’t even THINK about it. And humanity has suffered horribly because of it. It is a testament to the effectiveness of authoritarian indoctrination that literally billions of people throughout history have begged and screamed and cried in the face of authoritarian injustice and oppression, but only a tiny fraction have ever lifted a finger to actually try to STOP it.

Even when people can recognize tyranny and oppression, they still usually talk about “working within the system”-the same system that is responsible for the tyranny and oppression. People want to believe that “the system” will, sooner or later, provide justice. The last thing they want to consider is that they should “illegally” resist-that if they want to achieve justice, they must become “criminals” and “terrorists,” which is what anyone who resists “legal” justice is automatically labeled. But history shows all too well that those who fight for freedom and justice almost always do so “illegally” – i.e., without the permission of the ruling class.

If politician think that they have the right to impose any “law” they want, and cops have the attitude that, as long as it’s called “law”, they will enforce it, what is there to prevent complete tyranny? Not the consciences of the “law-makers” or their hired thugs, obviously. And not any election or petition to the politicians. When tyrants define what counts as “law”, then by definition it is up to the “law-breakers” to combat tyranny.

Pick any example of abuse of power, whether it is the fascist “war on drugs,” the police thuggery that has become so common, the random stops and searches now routinely carried out in the name of “security” (e.g., at airports, “border checkpoints” that aren’t even at the border, “sobriety checkpoints,” and so on), or anything else. Now ask yourself the uncomfortable question: If it’s wrong for cops to do these things, doesn’t that imply that the people have a right to RESIST such actions? Of course, state mercenaries don’t take kindly to being resisted, even non-violently. If you question their right to detain you, interrogate you, search you, invade your home, and so on, you are very likely to be tasered, physically assaulted, kidnapped, put in a cage, or shot. If a cop decides to treat you like livestock, whether he does it “legally” or not, you will usually have only two options: submit, or kill the cop. You can’t resist a cop “just a little” and get away with it. He will always call in more of his fellow gang members, until you are subdued or dead. Basic logic dictates that you either have an obligation to LET “law enforcers” have their way with you, or you have the right to STOP them from doing so, which will almost always require killing them. (Politely asking fascists to not be fascists has a very poor track record.) Consider the recent Indiana Supreme Court ruling, which declared that if a cop tries to ILLEGALLY enter your home, it’s against the law for you to do anything to stop him. Aside from the patent absurdity of it, since it amounts to giving thugs with badges PERMISSION to “break the law,” and makes it a CRIME for you to defend yourself against a CRIMINAL (if he has a badge), consider the logical ramifications of that attitude.

There were once some words written on a piece of parchment (with those words now known as the Fourth Amendment), that said that you have the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures at the hands of “government” agents. In Indiana today, what could that possibly mean? The messages from the ruling class is quite clear, and utterly insane. It amounts to this: “We don’t have the right to invade your home without probable cause … but if we DO, you have no right to stop us, and we have the right to arrest you if you try.”

Why not apply that to the rest of the Bill of Rights, while we’re at it? “You have the right to say what you want, but if we use violence to shut you up, you have to let us.” (I can personally attest to the fact that that is the attitude of the U.S. “Department of Justice.”) “You have the right to have guns, but if we try to forcibly and illegally disarm you, and you resist, we have the right to kill you.” (Ask Randy Weaver and the Branch Dividians about that one.) “You have the right to not testify against yourself, but when we coerce you into confessing (and call it a ‘plea agreement’), you can’t do a thing about it.” What good is a “right” –what does the term “right” even   if you have an obligation to allow the jackboots to violate your so-called “rights”? It make the term absolutely meaningless.

To be blunt, if you have the right to do “A,” it means that if someone tries to STOP you from doing “A” – even if he has a badge and a politician’s scribble (“law”) on his side – you have the right to use whatever amount of force is necessary to resist that person. That’s what it means to have an unalienable right. If you have the unalienable right to speak you mind (a la the First Amendment), then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to shut you up. If you have the unalienable right to be armed, then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to disarm you. If you have the right to not be subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, then you have the right to KILL “government” agents who try to inflict those on you.

Those who are proud to be “law-abiding” don’t like to hear this, and don’t like to think about this, but what’s the alternative? If you do NOT have the right to forcibly resist injustice – even if the injustice is called the “law” – that logically implies that you have an obligation to allow “government” agents to do absolutely anything they want to you, your home, your family, and so on. Really, there are only two choices: you are a slave, the property of the politicians, without any rights at all, or you have the right to violently resist “government” attempts to oppress you. There can be no other option.

Of course, on a practical level, openly resisting the gang called “government” is usually very hazardous to one’s health. But there is a big difference between obeying for the sake of self-preservation, which is often necessary and rational, and feeling a moral obligation to go along with whatever the ruling class wants to do to you, which is pathetic and insane. Most of the incomprehensible atrocities that have occurred throughout history were due in large part to the fact that most people answer “never” to the question of “When should you shoot a cop?” The correct answer is: When evil is “legal,” become a criminal. When oppression is enacted as “law,” become a “law- breaker.” When those violently victimizing the innocent have badges, become a cop-killer.

The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “in the line of duty,” take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the “law enforcer” was the bad guy and the “cop killer” was the good guy. As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history.


All the Sheeple…. so many sheeple…..

Officer:“Name and Date of Birth Sir!”

Sheep: “Stewart Lamb but you can call me Stew. As for my date of birth, I have no fcuking clue!”

Officer: “What do you mean no clue?”

Sheep: “Considering I had just slipped out of my mother’s fallopian tubes I was a bit young to remember! Do you accept heresay? I’ll call my mother and ask!”

Officer: “What date is on your birth certificate Mr Lamb?”

Sheep: “Wtf? I’m a sheep ffs! I don’t HAVE a birth certificate!…… Oh and don’t call me Mr!”

Officer: ” See Ewe Jimmy! Are you trying to be funny?”

Sheep: ” Oh good pun there Officer! My name isn’t Jimmy. I just told you it’s Stew!”

Officer (on radio): “Oscar two zero….. we have another one of these “freesheep” by the name of Stew. No ID and says he has no birth certificate!”

Station officer: “Oh christ! These “freesheep” are breeding like bloody rabbits! Well look, there’s nothing we can do Officer Dumbfcuk! No birth certificate then he’s a legal non sheep! He doesn’t exist legally so the state confers no benefits upon him therefore we can’t exactly justify holding him responsible for statutes now can we?”

Officer: “Shit! Nothing worse than being unable to give a sheep a good fcuking (not in the biblical sense I may add!). It’s SHEER agony!”

Sheep: “Don’t shear me bro!”………”Arghh!!!! You tasered me PC Dumbfcuk!”

Officer: “On your way Mr Lamb! Just don’t go causing any harm, injury or loss and we’ll be cool”

Sheep: “Look Officer for the last fcuking time. Don’t call me Mister! I’m Stewart of the family lamb! And by the way, I’m gonna sue YOUR ass for injury! I’m a member of the BAAH you know and have friends in high places. Nest time you taser a fcuking sheep for jaywalking on the motorway you’ll regret it.”

Officer: “Ah ok Stewart of the family Lamb. Will an apology do?”

Sheep: “When was the last time a sheep was in the courtroom, apologised and got away with it? It’s all about money with you pricks. And I don’t have a Ewe-ro to my name! Nah mate, we sheep need to start screwing you for cash the way you screw us so see you in court! What do you think of that officer? ….. Oh yeah I forgot. You HAVE no opinion! That uniform effectively lobotomizes you! Capacity huh? Ain’t it a bugger! I wonder what WPCs say when their boyfriends ask them if it was good for them? I guess it’s ‘I have no opinion!’ right? So used to being ON duty they forget when they’re OFF duty!”



Taser deaths raise concern in Britain


The extreme techniques employed by the British police to capture suspects have sparked serious concerns among the public and campaigners who have been warning about a “disturbing rise” in arrest deaths.

The warnings come after three people were killed by Taser guns and pepper spray in separate confrontations with police during the past eight days.

The UK police launched inquiries into two deaths which happened during separate arrest attempts in Cheshire and Bolton, where officers deployed Tasers and pepper spray to facilitate their arrest scheme.

Last week, the first death happened in Cambria, where a body builder, Dale Burns, became the first person in Britain to die after being subdued by a Taser. He was shot three times with a 50,000-volt stun gun.

On Monday, a 25-year-old amateur rugby enthusiast, Jacob Michael, collapsed and died after he was hit in the face with pepper spray and later subdued by up to 11 officers as he tried to avoid arrest for affray.

On Tuesday, a 53-year-old, named locally as Philip Hulmes, was hit with electric probes from the police weapon after barricading himself in his house.

Home Office figures show that Tasers were deployed 1,279 times over a three-month period between January and March 2010 compared to 594 times between April to June 2009.

Campaign group Inquest said there had already been five deaths in circumstances that involved police use of force excluding firearms this year – compared with four throughout 2010.

“For too long there has been a pattern of cases where inquest juries have found overwhelming evidence of unlawful and excessive use of force or gross neglect yet the police do not seem to have learnt the lessons from these previous deaths”, said Helen Shaw, a spokeswoman for the organization.

“Whilst we await the outcome of the inquests and investigations into these recent deaths it is imperative that the police are reminded that they cannot act with impunity”, added Helen.

Campaigners say police officers are resorting to the horrible weapons very swiftly and recklessly.

“I believe Tasers are being used far too readily by police forces. There needs to be a recognition that Tasers are a lethal weapon and should only be used in very limited circumstances, if at all”, said Sophie Khan, a London-based lawyer with GT Stewart Solicitors.


Tasers: ‘Disturbing rise’ in arrest deaths

“Campaigners have warned of a “disturbing trend” over fatalities from police confrontations…”.

Seems like the cops behave as though they’re playing a computer game.

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Man dies after Taser used in arrest

Yahoo News:

How many more will die before tasers are banned?

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