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Marshall Law: The End of America

They have assumed control. Resistance is futile. No questions will be allowed. They will own you wholly.

I’m sure it will be a lot worse than this.

The Parasites That Be (TPTB) will not give an iota for your sovereignty, your attempts are arresting judges, your letters your MPs, your Occupy city centres, your refusal to pay taxes, your health, your wealth, your inalienable rights, your children, your unregistered means of conveyance, your … … …

The planned ecomonic breakdown will be orchestrated by TPTB to perfectly execute Marshall Law.

We will fight each other to the death for a loaf of bread.

Billions will die

Their dominion over us will be complete!



A beautiful montage of scenes, added with Johnny Cash’s hymn, to give you an accurate description of what America will look like under martial law and economic collapse.


More torture for protesting

From: By Reality Bytes – Sovereign Independent Contributer

Emphasis in red are mine.

When the ‘Age of Austerity’ Becomes the ‘Art of Hostility’

In days gone by as I recall from my own childhood, when as children we played in street kicking a ball back and forth across our road, the local policeman would come up the road and give you a warning, sometimes even a kick up the backside for giving back a bit of cheek.

Today it seems that as I as a child have grown up and put aside my toys and immature attitude, today’s police enforcers have been given quantifiably more and ever more dangerous toys to abuse, or to use the correct term, TORTURE the public with, which make a kick up the backside no more than foreplay for the deviant individuals who disguise themselves in police uniforms prior to handing out a good dose of sadistic punishment to those who resist their iron fist despotism.

Just yesterday I read in The Telegraph of some of the new weapons of mass sadism now being rolled out to control the masses as they’re being ‘austeritied’ into submission by a tyrannical government here in the UK.

These include a new laser beam to be directed at anyone seen to be protesting against their enslavement or even students demanding a fair chance at an education without the burden of massive debt hanging around their necks. The new toy will apparently ‘temporarily’ blind anyone looking in the general direction of the beam.

This is worryingly similar to the claims made about ‘tasers’ and their ‘temporary’ effects upon the human body. We were told that these were ‘non-lethal’ weapons to help police disable a suspect/criminal to assist the police in making an arrest. However, after many deaths both here and abroad due to the use of taser weapons they are still promoted as being ‘non-lethal’. People must understand that these weapons will never be non-lethal in any capacity as the human body works via a series of very complicated electrical currents controlling every aspect of your body’s functionality, including most importantly, your heart and your brain. Anything which disrupts the functionality of the body via electrical interference has the potential to be lethal.

Numerous deaths worldwide are clear evidence that tasers are indeed lethal so when the authorities continue to promote the idea that they are still non-lethal despite all the evidence showing otherwise, then why should we believe that a laser beam shone into the eyes will only result in temporary blindness to enable suspects/criminals to be apprehended? Apparently this laser beam causes nothing more than a similar effect as staring at the sun. Well, I was always told that staring at the sun was a very bad idea as it could cause blindness. Nobody mentioned the word ‘temporary’. It should also be noted that this ‘laser’ can be used from a distance of 500m, if not more, so what’s to stop sadistic police enforcers using it from such a distance when even without the beam being pointed at you, you wouldn’t be able to identify who had possession of such a weapon which once fired in your direction you would have no way of identifying the perpetrator in the case of such an abuse of such a weapon?

You can almost script what would be a very short court case.

Mr. Smith, did you see the officer who fired the weapon?

No your honour, he was 500m away and when he fired the weapon I could see nothing.

So Mr. Smith, you say you can’t identify the officer who fired at you?

That’s correct your honour.

Case dismissed!

Is there such a thing as temporary fatality in relation to the use of tasers? Obviously not!

So now we are to be treated to electrical shock treatment from a distance with another new toy for the sadistic types now signing up for police enforcement duties; a new long range ‘taser’.

This tool of torture, called a ‘wireless electronic interceptor’ can be fired at a human being from a far greater distance than conventional ‘cattle prods’… sorry ‘tasers’. I think from the name of these new ‘tasers’ we can quite safely call them ‘lasers’… Star Trek comes to mind does it not? Set those ‘fasers’ to stun Mr. Spock but if the suspect is over 5 feet tall set it to ‘kill’!

We’re also to be treated to a wide range of other tasers, whatever they are, as well as long range ‘chemical irritant projectiles’.

Plastic bullets will also become the new normal with more ‘officers’ or sadists as they should be called, being trained in their use.

The Metropolitan Police are also ‘investigating the possibility of buying 3 water cannon’ whatever that means. You can bet they’re on order as we speak with London being the testing ground for theses torture devices. With only 3 available it’ll be interesting to see how compact and local the next false flag riot is. Obviously you can’t attack the public across a wide area with only 3 vehicles so the ‘riot’ will have to be an orchestrated local affair.

All of this comes at a price of course, not only in the controlled eemolition of our rights to protest and express our opinions in a free society, but it also carries a huge financial cost.

Each new blinding laser will cost £25,000 and the cost of 3 water cannon around £4,000,000. No costs are cited for the chemical weapons or the new wide range of tasers and lasers being brought to bear on the public.

It’s never been truer that we pay for our own chains and those chains are having more and more despotic links added each and every day in more horrendous and brutal fashion.

At what point do the public say ‘STOP’!

We have to before those chains are securely wrapped around us all!

Those who would use such weapons on the general public, including their own colleague’s children, if not their own, must understand that they will feel the wrath of a public who have lost everything of value in their lives until they have nothing left but their lives to fight for. At that point the ‘police’ if they can still justifiably be called that, will become front line targets of hatred and violent attack by increasingly desperate and once ordinary law abiding citizens.

At that point those honest, decent police officers worthy of the name must make a stand for the public and against those who would turn such monstrous tools of tyranny upon them including the governments who have used the public purse to arm and encourage brutal enforcement of unjust legislation.

I urge ordinary decent police officers to stand on the right side of morality and do the right for your fellow citizens, family and friends and stop this fascism before it takes us all down. “


Met police expecting more riots next year

Sounds like we’re in for rough 2012.


” Scotland Yard is training extra officers to use rubber bullets after a review of the summer riots exposed a string of failures by officers.

As part of a review of “alternative tactics”, options for the use of water cannon and baton rounds have been considered. The report added: “The MPS has increased the number of officers trained to deploy with baton gun teams so that teams can be deployed more flexibly if and when required.” “


Rubber bullet fired at Occupy Oakland

How to control the slaves when they demand freedom.

Tasers, them. Baton them. Imprison them. Torture them. Humiliate them. Tax them. Fine them. Misinform them.

And now, rubber bullet them – even if they are not provocative, nor violent.


” While filming a police line at Occupy Oakland after midnight on Nov. 3 following the Nov. 2 general strike, an officer opens fire and shoots me with a rubber bullet. I was standing well back. There was no violence or confrontations of any kind underway. At 0:31 seconds you can see a tall officer in the front raise his weapon and then fire. This is the full clip of the incident. ”

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