Norman Scarth: To the United Kingdom Defence Association (& British Forces News)

17 Nov

Norman will face his accusser today. Be there if you can.


To the United Kingdom Defence Association (& British Forces News):

Over the last few days there has been much spoken & written of ‘the debt the nation owes’ to those who served on the Arctic Russian Convoys of World War II  (see attachment for last moments of Scharnhorst battle).  Apparently there are only 200 of them left.  Back in August the Russians gave a great welcome to some of those men who went to Russia to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the first of the convoys.  While they being feted, they did not give a damn about one of their ‘Shipmates’ who, at the age of 85, had been sentenced to six months in the ‘Hell-Hole’ known as Armley Gaol(six months at 85 is equal to 15-20 years for a younger man).    SUPPOSEDLY for ‘Contempt of Court’, it was really to silence him & prevent him writingANOTHER book exposing the all too many rotten apples in the judiciary.    There came not a word of protest from the ‘watchdogs’ of the so-called ‘News Media’, nor indeed from those millions who would soon be buying poppies to show their gratitude’(???) to men like him!   It was left to other people from around the world, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany – even Prime Time Russian TV – to express outrage at this diabolical treatment, & thus obtain his early release after ‘only’ seven weeks.   However, the sadistic judge who imposed the original savage sentence had not done with him yet:   He recruited West Yorkshire Police, who entered into a conspiracy with those who run the block of  ’Sheltered’(???) Housing where the old veteran lives.  He tells the story below, with the title, ‘The Foulest Honey Trap Ever!’

IF you at the UKNDA have any respect for those who fought for their country all those years ago, you will be out in force at Leeds Magistrates’ Court at 1.30pm on Thursday 17th November 2011 to see the latest chapter in the CONTINUING persecution of this man, whose ‘crime’ has been to offer leaflets & use a loud hailer!  (& you thought we had free speech?!?!?!)
IF, on the other hand, you decide to stay away, & utter not a word of protest, you are giving carte blanche to an oppressive State, which WILL get worse – as they always do!  Remember Germany in the 1930s?  No, you don’t, but those who ignore history are fated to re-live it.    (Cc to British Forces News)

When sending ‘Foulest Honey Trap Ever!’, I quoted the words of ONE  of the charges against me, thinking the two were much the same.  Yes, they are – apart from one VERY important difference!   The second charge (the most important one) I quote below:
“… with intent to cause JONATHAN ROSE harassment, alarm, or distress used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing that or another person harassment, alarm or distress and the offence was religiously aggravated within the terms of section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998”
His ‘Honour’(?) Judge Jonathan Rose is of course the complainant, the Honey Trap was at his instigation – AND HE WILL BE THE MAIN PROSECUTION WITNESS!   I am looking forward to his evidence from the witness box – but looking forward even more to cross-questioning him after he has given it!
Norman Scarth.
PS:  I have had to raid £1,000 from the money set by to pay for my funeral in order to buy computers for Tracey & myself, to replace the ones stolen by the police.  Tracey hasn’t even been charged with an offence (not even a trumped up one, as with me), yet they are refusing to return her computer.  £1,000 is a lot of money to me, but the information on the stolen ones is MUCH more valuable.  In my case it is beyond price!       
(The original ‘Honey Trap’ message is below, in case anyone hasn’t seen it before.)
Foulest ‘Honey Trap’ ever!  ‘SHELTERED Housing?!?!?!

Wed. 26th October 2011:  c10am, a knock on the door of my Sheltered(?) Housing flat.  I opened it on the chain; pleasant looking young woman said, “My grandmother is moving into the flat next door, but she’s having (unspecified)trouble with the fridge.  Can you help her?”.  “Certainly” said I, “just wait till I’ve put some clothes on instead of my pyjamas”.  I put on shirt, trousers & flip-flop sandal, & walked down the passage.  As I reached the door, ‘Grandma’ showed herself to be not one wolf (as in Red Riding Hood), but FOUR of them who pounced on me & snapped handcuffs on while gabbling something about arresting me for some ridiculous ‘offence’ or other.  They refused to allow me back in my flat to close down my computer, turn off the oven, electrics etc, or get some warmer clothing.  These 5 officers had come 14 miles from Leeds to indulge in this trickery (as when thieving thugs use prostitutes to lure victims to where they can be robbed).  Unbeknown to me they had also sent several officers to arrest Tracey (my honorary niece) who had done nothing more than give me a lift in her car.

I was then taken to Bradford’s equivalent of Moscow’s Lubyanka & kept there sitting on a hard bench, my ancient spine causing me pain, in solitary (apart from seeing the Duty Solicitor) until midnight, when I was charged with 2 ridiculous ‘offences’ & released on bail to make my own way home, dressed only in trousers, shirt & flip-flop sandals.   Still in shock & very cold, I had to wait 15 minutes for a taxi.

Worse than the police trickery was that ‘Incommunities Ltd’, the owners of this block of ‘Sheltered’ (?) Housing, had conspired with the police as to how to lure me from my flat, & provided these thugs with access to the next door flat to hide in, then to pounce on me.

Arriving back home I found they had stolen my computer, mobile phone & other things.  I learned that Tracey had been released after 10 hours, without charge, but her laptop had also been stolen.

I am to appear at Leeds Magistrates’ Court, room 5 at 1.45pm on Thursday 17th November to answer two charges of “Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused alarm, harassment or distress, thereby, and that the offence was religiously aggravated within the terms of section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998”.    

Only the most TWISTED of minds could use the words ‘religiously aggravated’ because I was telling people of the criminality of ‘Judge’ Jonathan Rose (who happens to be a Jew), when I was one of those who had fought to keep from our shores those who would have sent British Jews to the gas chambers – as they did with French Jews after they had defeated that country!

It is clear now that when pouncing on me they had no idea what to charge me with: after I had been in the Lubyanka for 9 hours, they said they were going to get on to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide what charges to prefer, & “this will take about 2 hours”!

My computer having been stolen, a friend has connected me back the Internet with an old, slow, laptop.  My list of email addresses was on the stolen computer, so I do not have all of them now, & ask that you spread this world-wide please.   I am anxious to get this off, but this computer being so slow, I may not send many more for the time being.

I would have been less shocked if they had used a battering ram to get into my flat rather than the conspiracy with the Warden & owners of this ‘Sheltered’ Housing property.  I am slowly coming back to normal &, with suggestions from other people, think I may be able to beat these malicious charges.

Many thanks to all my supporters.  As with putting me in prison last time, though bad for me, it may turn out to be the worst thing they could have done from their own point of view, in that the rest of the world will become more aware of the iniquities of Police State Britain.

Regards, Norman Scarth. ”


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