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Greek Trick: ‘You can’t tax your way out of crisis’

Thanks to Wake Up Orkney ( for this:

“The UK is in just a bad position as Greece is we just don’t talk about it”, don’t know about you but I get a smug sence of satisfaction watching these elites squirm these days, but then again I was telling shop keepers about the 2008 collapse way before it happened, and where did I get it from, well the webbots and celente are high up on my list when it comes to matters financial, so a hint here would be to check them out and prepare for OCTOBERS mess.”



Fake charity steals from reformed prisoners

Wise words from Obnoxio The Clown:

“Ah yes, as bland churnalism, this can hardly be beaten:

At least £1m a year will be taken from prisoners’ wages and used to help crime victims, under legislation coming into force today.

About 500 offenders who work outside prisons in community schemes will see their take-home pay cut by 40 per cent, as part of the “rehabilitation revolution” promised by Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary.

There are also plans to take cash from prisoners who work behind bars, although they receive just £10 a week on average.

Under the Prisoners’ Earnings Act, 40 per cent of prisoners’ wages – after tax, national insurance and any court-ordered or child support payments – will be given to Victim Support. Javed Khan, the charity’s chief executive, said the money will be used “to deliver real, practical support for victims and communities”.

Policing minister Nick Herbert said: “Making offenders pay financial reparation to victims will require them to take personal responsibility for their crimes.

I scarcely know where to start with this bollocks, but here’s some random thoughts:

“Victim Support” is a fake charity, largely supported by state extortion. If you look at their accounts:

Income from the Ministry of Justice was £38.6m for the year. Income from other statutory bodies, including local authorities and criminal justice agencies, was £10M.

They spend a bloody large percentage of their income on salaries:

Total expenses for the year were £49.6m (£48.6m in 2008/09) of which £35.1m relates to staff salaries (£32.9m in 2008/09).

I can’t find evidence for Javed Khan’s salary, but his predecessor earned a tidy £100,000 per annum, apparently.

So, it sounds like Victim Support is nothing more than a lobbying organisation, funded by the state to lobby the state … evidently for more funding!

It certainly doesn’t sound like there’s a massive amount of money left for, you know, supporting victims in any kind of financial way.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the tiny handful of prisoners who are allowed to work outside of prison, often have to fund a lot of their living expenses. They are rarely paid much more than the minimum wage. So there is now a massive incentive for the handful of prisoners that everyone agrees are a safe bet to reintroduce into society, to say “fuck you, I’ll just sit here and rot some more.”

A million pounds is pretty much chump change, even to Victim Support, as it will barely fund another dozen over-paid earnest, executive staff. Who all have hearts of gold.

Dickhead Herbert is also being pretty fucking disingenuous about this crap, because 90% of prisoners will not qualify for paid work, so only the tiniest proportion of prisoners, who are by definition the ones who have done the least damage to society or have the best chance of fitting back in, are bearing the brunt of this petty spitefulness.

All in all, a triumph for the unthinking, the mean-spirited and the average Daily Mail reader. Oh, and a handy little burnish for the tough Tory brigade.

Cunts. One and fucking all. ”



Norman Scarth — Free and Fighting Back! 2011-09-27

We Are Change: Manchester has produced this video of last Tuesday’s gathering with Norman Scarth.

“Norman Scarth was jailed on the 26th July 2011 for the ridiculous offence of turning on a small recording device in court. He turned on this device because he didn’t trust the proceedings that were taking place in a court he believes to be corrupt and immoral.

After a vigorous campaign by his friends and supporters, Norman was released on the 9th of September 2011.

On the 27th of September 2011 Norman’s friends and supporters gathered at the Victoria Hotel in Leeds to listen to his story of political activism, his treatment in prison and his hopes and plans for the near future.



The Energy Bandits, their Interloper and the Common Law Copyright Claim

The Energy Bandits, their Interloper and the Common Law Copyright Claim, by the Freeman-on-the-Land commonly known as Michael, recorded on 28 November 2009 at the Freeman Redemption Conference, Nottingham, England.


Thanks to CaptainRanty:


Thousands Of Civilians Granted Power To Issue Fines

The Community Accreditation Scheme gives pseudo police powers to a whole host of civilians. Back in 2007, the Police Federation of England and Wales made clear their objection to the proposed plan when their Chairman Jan Berry stated:

The Police Federation were opposed to the provision of police style powers to Community Accreditation Schemes from the outset as we believe this is effectively another way of bringing in private policing

Whilst in opposition, Dominic Grieve, then Shadow Home Secretary, now the Attorney General, stated:

The public want to see real police on the streets discharging these responsibilities, not private firms who may use them inappropriately, including unnecessarily snooping on ordinary citizens.

This is a consequence of the government’s obsession with policing on the cheap as well as their staggering complacency towards the extension of surveillance.

Why then have the numbers of those enlisted in this dubious scheme and given coercive powers increased by a third since the last election?



An eight-hour day? Not for us, say EU pen pushers

Lazy parasites:

“Fat cat Brussels bureaucrats are threatening to strike over plans to make them work eight hours a day – because they say it will wreck their ‘family life’.

EU bosses are asking civil servants – among the best paid public officials in the world – to stay behind in the office for an extra half hour a day to save costs.

The move would take their five-day working week from 37-and-a-half hours up to just 40 hours.

This would still be less than the 41-and-a-half hours undertaken by the average British full-time worker.

But unions representing EU civil servants will refuse to consider any extension to their working week, saying longer hours would affect the ‘attractiveness’ of their jobs.

Critics demanded unions representing 55,000 EU staff – 1,322 of whom are British – ‘get real’ over the modest change to working hours at a time when millions all over the continent are losing their jobs or having to work longer.

The European Commission has demanded the cost-cutting move following mounting pressure from national governments to cut Brussels’ administrative budget.

Read the rest at:


  • Staff at EU institutions enjoy a number of perks. Here the Mail details their pampered lifestyle.
  • HOURS: Staff are only expected to work 37 and a half hours a week, and if they work longer they are entitled to time off in lieu.
  • HOLIDAYS: 42 days a year (including 24 days of annual leave, seven days of public holidays and 11 ‘non-working’ days when EU institutions are closed).
  • FLEXITIME: Staff can get another 24 days off a year if they work for an extra 45 minutes in the office every day – adding up to a total of 66 days off when added to holidays.
  • SALARIES: Forty per cent of European Comm- ission staff earn more than £70,000 –  compared with just 1 per cent of British civil servants.
  • EXPATRIATION ALLOWANCE: An extra 16 per cent on top of your salary if you are a non-Belgian in Brussels.
  • PENSIONS: Gold–plated pensions, with officials getting 19 per cent of their final salary after just ten years’ service.
  • LUNCH: Free meals and drinks in work canteens.
  • SCHOOLS: EU staff can send children to one of 14 private EU schools, with taxpayers footing the bill for fees of up to £14,000 a year.

Lazy parasites.


Stephen Fry on American Prisons


  • 2.3 million Americans are in prison – which is one in every 99.1 adults
  • No society in history has imprisoned more of its citizens than the United States of America
  • We (British) top the European League table
  • (In American prisons) there are more 17 years old in prison than there are in college
  • 25% of the world’s prisoners are American
  • It is a business!
  • They have re-invented the slave trade.
  • It’s slavery by the back door.



Norman Scarth: update from WeAreChangeLeeds gathering 2011-09-27

I was at the We Are Change: Leeds gathering on Tuesday night with Norman Scarth. The gathering attracted over 25 people – from as far away as Armley, Bradford, Burnley, Manchester, Oldham, Liverpool, Ripon, Lincolnshire, etc. Brilliant atmosphere of like-minds – all wanting to support each other.

My apologies for the quality of pics and the lack of video (although We Are Change:Manchester recorded the whole evening). Some memorable bits:

  • Norman started by giving us a rendition of “Stout-Hearted Men”.
  • Norman is proud to have been (multiple times)  a prisoner for the cause and to have followed in the footsteps of freedom fighters.
  • “Prisons are NOT holiday camp – they are hell-holes. Institutions for bullying, intimidation and murder-by-suicide”.
  • “In prison, I regarded TV as part of the punishment”
  • At the age of 74, Norman was a student of the Leeds University’s Faculty of Law – well-liked and respected by the tutors until he started challenging the Law Society.
  • Norman single-handedly got British legislation changed – Act of ??? 1990.
  • Norman has won a land-mark victory in the EU courts.
  • A murder attempt was made against Norman, 17 days after his EU victory.
  • Although his book ‘Cause for Concern’ is out of print, Norman is working on trying to get it re-issued.
  • “The Main Stream Media is treacherous – without them, we wouldn’t be in this mess”.
  • In prison, Norman couldn’t even get a piece of paper to write on for 2 weeks.
  • When Norman was able to get funds, his big purchases were for sugar – he eventually became the ‘Sugar Baron’ of the wing.
  • “Most prisoners are decent people – the most evil were the ones with the keys”
  • In a cell on his own, Norman did not have adequate lighting to read by. He could not sit up straight on is lower bunk. He eventually acquired a table and chair to reach the upper bunk to be more comfortable.
  • A (very) few of the warders were helpful and sympathetic – not he higher officials who relished in their power to abuse.
  • “The new Harassment Act will not be good thing to the public – it will be used to harass all of us.
  • Although Norman asked to see a doctor, he was never allowed.
  • His prescribed medicine was denied to him
  • The nurses were helpful.
  • Although HMP Leeds is Category B, C and D prison, Norman was not categorised!
  • “The ‘prison system’ is designed to torment you” -there are 2 suicides per week in British prisons.

All in all, Norman has (miraculously) survived his ordeal and will continue to be a ‘thorn in the side’ of The Quislings.

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth

Note: the White Beret (Russian Convoys) – Norman is NOT proud of it – too many good men died. Norman says “Germany lost WWII, but the Nazis won”.

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth: Hero

Norman Scarth: Convict

Norman Scarth: Convict

Norman Scarth: Poster

Norman Scarth: Poster

You’ll notice the 5 medals at the top of the poster – they are the:

  • 1939/45 Star,
  • Atlantic Star,
  • Burma Star,
  • Victory Medal and
  • Russian Convoys’ Battle of North Cape (HMS Matchless, Arctic Convoys and The Scharnhorst Battle).

Norman is NOT proud of these – too many innocents died – Norman says “Germany lost WWII, but the Nazis won”.


“The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

I think that we all knew this anyway.

Confirmation from an ‘insider’ of what some of us already know and knew was inevitable.

Know the stock market is finished. The euro, as far as they’re concerned, they don’t really care. For most traders, we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy, how they’re going to fix the whole situation — our job is to make money from it. Personally I’ve been dreaming of this moment for three years. I have a confession, which is I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession.



Norman Scarth: Gathering tonight 2011-09-29

Norman has arranged a gathering at 6:30pm, tonight (near 151, Shadwell Lane, Leeds LS17 8D).

Very little info as it’s a surprise!

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