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Maurice Kirk: On Hunger Strike again…

The Parasites That Be (TPTB) fear Maurice. They also fear us. Our numbers will prevail.



1} I am on hunger strike, because:I am being refused a proper application for bail and to have my medical records clarified or corrected.

2} Also both South Wales Police and HM Prisons have conspired to confiscate my legal papers, computer, cash and proper access to both telephone and secretarial facilities to defend myself.

3} More importantly the current reason for “HM Partnership Wales” conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is just to block my access to both the civil and criminal courts in the UK and my civil action for damages due to 20 years of South Wales Police bullying. 

4} 17 OCT. 2011 County Court letter indicates my appeal for further disclosure of 10 MAPPA meetings, in both police stations or their forensic labs, Caswell Clinic was dismissed as I failed to attend on the 28 Sept 2011.

5} Likewise BS614159 appeals FD10C00242, FD10C00195 and current Judicial Reviews including CO/4298/2011 again because prison refused my request to contact the court.  

6} H.H.J. N. COOKE QC refuses with Cardiff Magistrates to consider my private persecution information laid against Dr Williams for falsifying my medical evidence at the request of the Police.

7} “H.M. PARTNERSHIP WALES” refused to produce or notify my legal representative alternative in my place for High Court and administrative court 28th Sept + 4th Oct. hearings knowing I was seriously incapacitated during the first 2 weeks of my current remand in custody to face a Section 2 Harassment Act 1997 explained by Dr T Williams.  

8} In September 2011 I was transferred from London Police Station “demanding my lawyers hand over my own legal papers”, and best of this nonsense “conspiracy by aeroplane to abduct 6 young Nigerian children snatched by Haringey Council”.

9} Cardiff Prison refuse my my legal papers, basic stationer, to be able to interview my own defence witnesses or get proper medical attention.

10} By Sept. 11 letters, the Independent Police Complaints Commission have given South Wales Police “dispensation” from an enquiry of their “shoot to kill” policy and painting the machine gun a different colour. 

11} H.M. Prison refuse to release my faxes from my lawyer.


The Musa Family and Haringey Council

Maurice Kirk and Sabine Kurjo McNeill (of Victims Unite!) are helping The Musa family

The Mussa Family

The Mussa Family

to regain their children from Haringey Council Social Services.

Please support.

See below (from Gloria Musa’s blog:

” About

Five children were kidnapped from the Musa parents on 8th April 2010 by eight police officers, led by Sgt Kadiri:

  • a physical break-in by force – without any door bell ringing
  • without any documentation or court order
  • with all children screaming and everybody protesting.

At the time, the mother Gloria Musa was pregnant with her sixth child who was born on 11 June 2010. Four hours after birth, nine police officers came into the ward at 3am when the lights were off:

  • seizing the baby from breast feeding
  • pulling her arms and legs such that she is still limping today
  • strangling Gloria until she fainted and was believed to be dead.

Here is a family album of photos and a one-page chronology of key events.

More on News Releases

The Musa drama has been called the worst of all child snatching cases by Ian Josephs who publishes Forced Adoption and has helped people since the 60s as well as Christopher Booker who has been writing about such cases for the Telegraph for years. Signer 15 of the Send the Musas Home petition has observed stories for 11 years and has come to the same conclusion.

In my view, it is the worst because:

  • The worst council: Haringey
    • Doncaster and Swansea are the two others I received ‘injunctions’ from, but ‘child snatching experts’ confirm that Haringey are the worst
    • The untold story of gagging orders was published by The Independent: 69 gags refer to celebrities and 264 to children and young adults!
  • The worst ‘case’:
      • First five children are taken on 8 April 2010 by 8 police officers led by Sgt Kadiri
      • Then a baby is taken at birth by 9 officers in hospital on 11 June 2010
      • The eldest daughter was inappropriately touched by the son of the foster parents and has not been seen or heard since (13 months ago)
  • The worst crimes
    • Allegations of sex worker, child trafficker and children from different fathers
    • Allegation of drugging the baby
  • The worst cover-ups
    • Delay of DNA results confirming paternity
    • Delay of drug test results confirming that the parents did NOT drug their baby
  • The worst illegalities
  • The worst victim intimidation
    • Instead of being put before an open Magistrates Court, the Musas are being sent to a mental hospital
    • Their report while in police custody
  • The worst witness intimidation
    • Former driver imprisoned for 4 months
    • Five or six children taken from supportive mothers by Haringey Council
    • One mother fled to Ireland to keep her son. “

Maurice Kirk is out

From (with many thanks):

What do you call it when the Police takes your phones, credit cards, cheque books and leaves you to go ‘home’ on two crutches with a big heavy bag of ‘prison belongings’??? ”

Check out what happened in court (on 2011-11-30 I think) at



Maurice Kirk: reason for remand NOT stated

Here’s a definition of ‘Political Prisoner’.


Emphasis in red are mine.

” Former Police Officer finds lack of document authorising remand to prison quite sinister

The former police officer also writes:

In my time as a prison officer: If he was in the custody of HMP staff, then when the magistrates or judge ordered him to be remanded (for whatever reason); his personal Prison File (much like a hospital patient’s file) would have have been anotated (by the prison officer who received him into the dock (prison custody in effect), gave him a rub-down-search and supervised his conduct in the dock and/or witness box) the date of remand, the reason why, the remand time (duration) and  a date for his next appearence (production) in court; or a DTBF (Date to be fixed) if he was not convicted.

Nothing adds up sensibly here. It is an incredulous situation when a prisoner does not know why he is being held in custody or for how long!

If what I’m questoning here is justified – then we certainly are living in a Police State and already governed by a pure Dictatorship! (How long has this been going on?)


“If there is no documentation to be produced, then Maurice is enduring false imprisonment – a criminal offence! It needs to be established; under what authority, he is being made a prisoner. All of this suggests to me that he is a political prisoner!

The IRA were political prisoners but they were not treated as badly as it appears that Maurice (and previously Norman Scarth) is being treated – even when they went ‘on the blanket’ (refusing to wear their prison clothes) and spreading their excrement on the walls, floors and ceilings of their cells, FACT! I know for sure, I was there, we had IRA prisoners in HMP Winchester in the 1980s.

Maximum publicity must be created to reveal to the public, if no evidence for incarceration is forthcoming, that he is being unlawfully held in custody!


Maurice Kirk: “If you put me back into that prison, they will kill me”


These were Maurice’s words as the Magistrates Court took a lunch break today.

His supporters saw his swollen ankles. He had told them not only about the freezing cell, but also the 17 prison officers who had beaten him. First and foremost prison officers 344 and 140.

The conspiracy to kill him is as fully fledged by South Wales Police regarding Maurice, as Haringey Council wants to see the Musa parents dead. For victims need to be silenced when they have evidence – whether it’s about police corruption or child stealing.

It is dangerous to be right, when the state is wrong! It is not enough to falsely imprison him for nearly eight months, to take his computer, cheque books, credit cards and mobile phones.

If sectioning and bankrupting doesn’t work, killing is the “last resort” for “royalle protected” criminals. Normal criminals at least need to fear prison!…

When leaving the court, one of the supporters asked whether he knew that the charges in Haringey were dropped yesterday. He asked “why didn’t anybody tell the court?” But the judge ruled he won’t take anything from the public gallery.

The four supporters heard Maurice tell the court that Prison Officer 395 had said “we have you in the block again and we’re going to break you, you f… ing b…d.

Should Maurice die in prison, we at least know who the culprits are and who will be covered up, once again…

The limit of 56 days arrest is over this Thursday…

Can the magic of the internet save the lives of victims??? The Chaplain’s telephone number is 02920 923 233.

He is due to be back in court in two weeks: Tuesday, 29th November.  “


Maurice Kirk: For you or yours could be next


” This complaint form to HMP Cardiff is one way in which Maurice J Kirk, a veterinary surgeon and pilot, expresses what he has been experiencing since he was arrested on September 21st and imprisoned.

Six weeks later, he still has not been told in writing what he is in prison for and when his release date might be.

Hence he is on hunger strike and gives his latest reasons here. I am on hunger strike because

  1. Court and Prison continue to refuse to disclose written record of WHY I am in prison and with which release date.
  2. Crown Court have denied me my right for a fair bail application because CPS refuse to put in writing what I was sent to prison for, my release date and why Police oppose bail when CPS did not on 23rd September. It was the District Judge who decided I be detained for political reasons only.
  3. I am not getting proper medical treatment promised.
  4. As a prisoner I am continuing to be denied by basic human rights on the prison’s excuse that I am the only prisoner not represented on the wing by a lawyer, i.e. LIP (Litigant in Person) blackmail.

Besides attending Cardiff Magistrates Court on November 10th at 10am, suggestions for supporting Maurice are here.

When I met Maurice, I was going to get him into the Guiness Book of Records – mainly for his number of successful court cases, but there were many other priorities. Now I know better than ever:


Maurice Kirk: Silenced for he knows too much


This is the Defence Statement that Maurice put together in his prison cell – against all odds:

  • on hunger strike, having lost 14 kg so far
  • Cardiff prison denies Maurice Kirk is on hunger strike
  • he has been denied certain letters sent to him, possibly from his legal representatives.

He has been denied seeing a doctor now for 2 weeks, which is totally unacceptable as he has a serious medical condition – bleeding stomach ulcers which need immediate treatment – an endoscopy too. He states in a phone call {below} they refused to take a blood test today, and refused to weigh him – this would prove his being on hunger strike, and he has already lost 9 kg in weight since entering Cardiff prison. Due to his medical condition he needs to be monitored constantly, which the prison are refusing to do. He was also bedridden for a while on entry and still is refused treatment in the hospital wing there, apart from being denied him seeing a doctor, apparently on orders from “someone high up”.

Maurice has been to crown court twice recently where they have refused to hear his bail applications.

Other rights have been withdrawn from him = viz. phone call allowance, stationary etc. Put simply – he is being silenced as he knows too much.

The phone calls received today were in files too big to send in the normal way, but the 2 phone calls I received from Maurice from Cardiff prison today are here:

1} Description: MAURICE 1 PHONE 26 OCT MP3 file:

You can use the following link to retrieve your file: MP3 file:

the 2nd file = WMV video file:


You can use the following link to retrieve your file:

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