Maurice Kirk: “If you put me back into that prison, they will kill me”

17 Nov


These were Maurice’s words as the Magistrates Court took a lunch break today.

His supporters saw his swollen ankles. He had told them not only about the freezing cell, but also the 17 prison officers who had beaten him. First and foremost prison officers 344 and 140.

The conspiracy to kill him is as fully fledged by South Wales Police regarding Maurice, as Haringey Council wants to see the Musa parents dead. For victims need to be silenced when they have evidence – whether it’s about police corruption or child stealing.

It is dangerous to be right, when the state is wrong! It is not enough to falsely imprison him for nearly eight months, to take his computer, cheque books, credit cards and mobile phones.

If sectioning and bankrupting doesn’t work, killing is the “last resort” for “royalle protected” criminals. Normal criminals at least need to fear prison!…

When leaving the court, one of the supporters asked whether he knew that the charges in Haringey were dropped yesterday. He asked “why didn’t anybody tell the court?” But the judge ruled he won’t take anything from the public gallery.

The four supporters heard Maurice tell the court that Prison Officer 395 had said “we have you in the block again and we’re going to break you, you f… ing b…d.

Should Maurice die in prison, we at least know who the culprits are and who will be covered up, once again…

The limit of 56 days arrest is over this Thursday…

Can the magic of the internet save the lives of victims??? The Chaplain’s telephone number is 02920 923 233.

He is due to be back in court in two weeks: Tuesday, 29th November.  “


One response to “Maurice Kirk: “If you put me back into that prison, they will kill me”

  1. tinkerbell

    2011-11-17 at 22:19

    This is disgusting!I will give the chaplain a ring in the morning. we need to support and help each other when we can, I will keep him in my thoughts and pray they do not do anything else to him. I sometimes have to pinch myself at the reality that we live in terrible times! I wish this could all stop.


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