The Musa Family and Haringey Council

14 Dec

Maurice Kirk and Sabine Kurjo McNeill (of Victims Unite!) are helping The Musa family

The Mussa Family

The Mussa Family

to regain their children from Haringey Council Social Services.

Please support.

See below (from Gloria Musa’s blog:

” About

Five children were kidnapped from the Musa parents on 8th April 2010 by eight police officers, led by Sgt Kadiri:

  • a physical break-in by force – without any door bell ringing
  • without any documentation or court order
  • with all children screaming and everybody protesting.

At the time, the mother Gloria Musa was pregnant with her sixth child who was born on 11 June 2010. Four hours after birth, nine police officers came into the ward at 3am when the lights were off:

  • seizing the baby from breast feeding
  • pulling her arms and legs such that she is still limping today
  • strangling Gloria until she fainted and was believed to be dead.

Here is a family album of photos and a one-page chronology of key events.

More on News Releases

The Musa drama has been called the worst of all child snatching cases by Ian Josephs who publishes Forced Adoption and has helped people since the 60s as well as Christopher Booker who has been writing about such cases for the Telegraph for years. Signer 15 of the Send the Musas Home petition has observed stories for 11 years and has come to the same conclusion.

In my view, it is the worst because:

  • The worst council: Haringey
    • Doncaster and Swansea are the two others I received ‘injunctions’ from, but ‘child snatching experts’ confirm that Haringey are the worst
    • The untold story of gagging orders was published by The Independent: 69 gags refer to celebrities and 264 to children and young adults!
  • The worst ‘case’:
      • First five children are taken on 8 April 2010 by 8 police officers led by Sgt Kadiri
      • Then a baby is taken at birth by 9 officers in hospital on 11 June 2010
      • The eldest daughter was inappropriately touched by the son of the foster parents and has not been seen or heard since (13 months ago)
  • The worst crimes
    • Allegations of sex worker, child trafficker and children from different fathers
    • Allegation of drugging the baby
  • The worst cover-ups
    • Delay of DNA results confirming paternity
    • Delay of drug test results confirming that the parents did NOT drug their baby
  • The worst illegalities
  • The worst victim intimidation
    • Instead of being put before an open Magistrates Court, the Musas are being sent to a mental hospital
    • Their report while in police custody
  • The worst witness intimidation
    • Former driver imprisoned for 4 months
    • Five or six children taken from supportive mothers by Haringey Council
    • One mother fled to Ireland to keep her son. “

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