The Jarvis Family to prosecute Leeds City Council for ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes against humanity’

21 Mar

Received this via email.
Following my recent discussions with knowledgeable individuals, it appears that ‘Family Trusts’ are a way of protecting us from The State.
See Chris’ site ( for a lot for info.
Go Chris, go.

Press Release

Leeds City Council to be prosecuted for ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes against humanity’

In modern language usage, brought about by use within the Courts, the word “care“,  has become synonymous with the word “custody“.

A family is a group. The taking of children and moving them from one group to another is prohibited by UK and International Law, this is evidenced by the provision in UK Statute Law – International Criminal Court Act 2001 – Schedule 8 – Article 6 – Genocide (e) forcible transferring children of the group to another group

There is a forthcoming prosecution against Leeds City Council, due to evidence becoming available of the Body Corporate acting outside of any Lawful Jurisdiction, in its aim of creating a financial gain for itself, by creating a loss elsewhere, this is recognised and protected from in Law via the Fraud Act 2006.

Leeds City Council Corporate Body contains departments within.  Individual departments receive money, some for the custody of children.

If Leeds City Council departments do not spend their full budget within each financial term, they may not be eligible for a full budget the following term, if they do spend their budget, or go over budget they may become eligible for a full or increased budget the following term.

This is a target driven by money.

We intend to clearly show, using more than one example of children being removed from families, that the process  Leeds City Council have used in certain circumstances has been for their own gain, and outside of any accepted Lawful process.

Leeds City Council have been hiring the use of Circuit Judges and District Judges to sit in what looks like a Court environment, but is in effect only a room with an arbitrator, deceiving desperate parents in an attempt to take their children from them in order to fulfil their quotas.

What Leeds City Council has been doing, has nothing to do with Lawful process, or safety.

Notices of fault have been issued along with Notices of intended prosecution to relevant parties.

What we are doing is historic, and is in the Wider Public Interest, to uphold the Law.

We are all equal in Law.

Find out more information here:

For further information please contact:


5 responses to “The Jarvis Family to prosecute Leeds City Council for ‘Genocide’ and ‘Crimes against humanity’

  1. terry walsh

    2012-03-21 at 10:12

    This is to me like the best feeling i have had since i can remember, i dont mean happy,more a feeling of “let me see this alien trash -ALL of it stood in a dock ,like helpless sweaty bullys with shit taking over the seat of there best court pants”….i will never get over the sheer size of this.i would like to say “a lot of people heard it was happening but not to them so you can see why there is silence” but i think the lot of them must have thick skins not to feel a natural outrage and shout out..fuck me, i love animals but this is humans,families, and if it was a load of kittens left to starve when some sad prick shot the mother with a air rifle it would be a lynch mob mentality when they catch the tosser..and that is how i feel. yet how the shit should have battered the fan big time..i myself am different just being able to write and channeling the grief like stomach knotted and never relaxed enough before to wash or eat , 10,11 years and finally i am numb enough to write this and leave some testament to my own ‘now grown up’ girls saying i worked hard those years of fighting to have you stay in my life.degrading is too nice a word of my inhuman treatment at the hands of the family court.and how do you grade a persons love for a child? you cant..How can you give back the years of childhood missed as a father? i mean my ex,the mother really shocked me to do that but not as much as the very people you put your faith in,as i did, for years in the justice system.just one or two quiet words with the mother would have done it..but they actually gave me contact with knowing from early doors it was not happening and doing zero except give me contact that was more contrck and i read some of the civil or family court rules on the contact issue and it is something like – ‘failure to comply with the court decision is taken very seriously and there will be conseqauences’ ..but they didnt and there wasnt and when we tried to remind them over a year has passed with no contact,silence..except they gave me the fake contact and that example was the last time i saw my girls and yet i still had more court including crown and still got fake contact that was never mentioned,ever, or made to be seen to put right,on on and on..i never expected a custodial or financial decision against the mother but to say nothing was injustice to give contact..there should be no court if the judge wont act on a decision he himself made that was not complied with..and why have me coming back if i am not given justice? thats do NOT go through the motions over 5 years and tell a father lies…i better stop..

    • tinkerbell

      2012-03-21 at 12:26

      Hi terry I thought I recognized the name, glad you are on here commenting. I was going to send you this link, but no need now. my username is tinkerbell, but you know me as seans mum. see you soon.

  2. tinkerbell

    2012-03-21 at 12:21

    I also received this yesterday. I wish chris jarvis the best for bringing the truth out, and hope he gets his children back.


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