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Don’t give to charities – oops, you already have.

Wise words from Old Holborn at:

“… Once upon a time, the Ancient Guild of Hemp Weavers decided that fellow members who fell on hard times could come to the very industry they were part of and could expect some charity, whether it be an alms house, help with food and lodging, education for the children or loans to get back on your feet. Hundreds of thousands of similar charities existed to make sure that decent people had a safety net or could be rescued at sea by people willing to risk their lives for no other pleasure than for saving the lives of their fellow man.

That was then, this is now. The State got involved and monopolised “charity”.

… the money to support the favoured causes of Politicians was now being extracted at source – your wallet. … The State would do it FOR you – to further whatever their agenda might be – and you got the bill.

.. You’d be amazed at how many “charities” the Government chose to patronise with your money because it suited their political agenda. … It’s called the “Third Estate” and is the way a Government can assign a large lump of your cash to somebody, anybody it likes but doesn’t have to run it or be accountable for it. You can’t vote for the board of the charity, or demand how the money is spent, as you could if was a critical public service, it is simply “assigned” and vanishes into the ether.

… Money taken from you and me, by force, leaving us less to give to the charities WE support. …

Charity begins at home. When we decide who we choose to support, instead of a couple of hundred elite Politicians, wined and dined by Lobbyists, we will once again begin to understand that it’s our money, not theirs, to give away as we see fit. You can find a full list of “fake” charities (external Govt departments, funded by YOU) at the very excellent Fake Charities website.

Now get back to work, to pay the taxes to pay Stonewall to tell you on the Tube that you’re a bigot (£350K donation given by Lord Peter Mandelson’s department or er…. Enterprise). Dig deep, suckers, it’s all in the cause of the Government. “

Of course, non Fake Charities still need our help.


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