Olympics 2012: Fun and Games and Body Scanners

20 Mar

That’s it, get ’em used to being it!



Body and bag scanners will screen visitors at London Live events during the Olympics, in airport-style safety checks that organisers say could take up to an hour.

The tight security will be in place at the Hyde Park and Victoria Park sites which will broadcast Olympic Games coverage on big screens and hold music and sport events from 27 July to 12 August.

John Probyn, chief operating officer for London Live’s promoter Live Nation, said: “The security services will search the sites a couple of days before we open and then we have to vouch for every person, item and every piece of equipment from that point on, so it effectively becomes a sealed site.”

Probyn said he hoped security checks would take less than one hour for visitors to pass through.

“Every person entering the site, including crew and artists, will either pass through a scanner or be searched,” he said.

Security company Showsec will manage the scanners and searches. Live Nation is working with the police and Showsec to plan the number of entrances and how visitors will be directed to the scanners.

“I’m hoping our staff will have more smiles on their faces than the staff you get greeted by at some airports,” Probyn said.


One response to “Olympics 2012: Fun and Games and Body Scanners

  1. terry walsh

    2012-03-23 at 00:03

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    and the sad thing is in my own case the lack of a single warning over approx 5 years saw me miss my children grow up and out of my life and it can never be given back..i would like to know how another human being can take the children from a parent who was innocent and only seperrated from the mother as i was, yet watch the mother ‘laugh’ as another 4 hour a fortnight contact is given to me but is not worth the paper it is written on? how is it all measured in terms of JUSTICE ? surely
    a father is a dad in any poor or rich mans world and wealth has nothing to do with love, but this is
    where the shame of this begins..why families are being ripped appart, for money,in the most inhumane way…its so shocking that when or if it is brought to rights it will even wake the wankers who sit on a fence and watch it for pleasure in day time tv etc…everything i have written is true, i
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    every note or comment i write is aimed to my 2 girls so the one sided lies are shown and maybe
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    Please check out the Jarvis family who are to prosecute leeds council for ‘crimes against humanity’


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