Norman Scarth: update from WeAreChangeLeeds gathering 2011-09-27

29 Sep

I was at the We Are Change: Leeds gathering on Tuesday night with Norman Scarth. The gathering attracted over 25 people – from as far away as Armley, Bradford, Burnley, Manchester, Oldham, Liverpool, Ripon, Lincolnshire, etc. Brilliant atmosphere of like-minds – all wanting to support each other.

My apologies for the quality of pics and the lack of video (although We Are Change:Manchester recorded the whole evening). Some memorable bits:

  • Norman started by giving us a rendition of “Stout-Hearted Men”.
  • Norman is proud to have been (multiple times)  a prisoner for the cause and to have followed in the footsteps of freedom fighters.
  • “Prisons are NOT holiday camp – they are hell-holes. Institutions for bullying, intimidation and murder-by-suicide”.
  • “In prison, I regarded TV as part of the punishment”
  • At the age of 74, Norman was a student of the Leeds University’s Faculty of Law – well-liked and respected by the tutors until he started challenging the Law Society.
  • Norman single-handedly got British legislation changed – Act of ??? 1990.
  • Norman has won a land-mark victory in the EU courts.
  • A murder attempt was made against Norman, 17 days after his EU victory.
  • Although his book ‘Cause for Concern’ is out of print, Norman is working on trying to get it re-issued.
  • “The Main Stream Media is treacherous – without them, we wouldn’t be in this mess”.
  • In prison, Norman couldn’t even get a piece of paper to write on for 2 weeks.
  • When Norman was able to get funds, his big purchases were for sugar – he eventually became the ‘Sugar Baron’ of the wing.
  • “Most prisoners are decent people – the most evil were the ones with the keys”
  • In a cell on his own, Norman did not have adequate lighting to read by. He could not sit up straight on is lower bunk. He eventually acquired a table and chair to reach the upper bunk to be more comfortable.
  • A (very) few of the warders were helpful and sympathetic – not he higher officials who relished in their power to abuse.
  • “The new Harassment Act will not be good thing to the public – it will be used to harass all of us.
  • Although Norman asked to see a doctor, he was never allowed.
  • His prescribed medicine was denied to him
  • The nurses were helpful.
  • Although HMP Leeds is Category B, C and D prison, Norman was not categorised!
  • “The ‘prison system’ is designed to torment you” -there are 2 suicides per week in British prisons.

All in all, Norman has (miraculously) survived his ordeal and will continue to be a ‘thorn in the side’ of The Quislings.

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth

Note: the White Beret (Russian Convoys) – Norman is NOT proud of it – too many good men died. Norman says “Germany lost WWII, but the Nazis won”.

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth: Hero

Norman Scarth: Convict

Norman Scarth: Convict

Norman Scarth: Poster

Norman Scarth: Poster

You’ll notice the 5 medals at the top of the poster – they are the:

  • 1939/45 Star,
  • Atlantic Star,
  • Burma Star,
  • Victory Medal and
  • Russian Convoys’ Battle of North Cape (HMS Matchless, Arctic Convoys and The Scharnhorst Battle).

Norman is NOT proud of these – too many innocents died – Norman says “Germany lost WWII, but the Nazis won”.


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