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Norman Scarth: court cases, computers, freemasons, …

To ordinary police constables: I do not hate you. I do not want to fight with you. I have respect for your common law oaths and for your work. Without you, our communities will descend into chaos. Can you see how you are being used by your ‘superiors’ as pawns in their games? Games which threaten your fellow humans’ liberty. Games which will eventually be used against you. When the time comes, you will have to make a choice – will you protecting us or oppressing us?



This is about the plight of Norman Scarth, due in at Manchester Magistrates Court on the 23rd February, he needs help people, let’s not forget 86 year old Norman. – created at


Norman Scarth in ball-and-chain

Further to my recent post “Norman Scarth: Court date 2012-01-12 UPDATE” (, We Are Change Manchester have produced the following vid.


” On the 12th of January 2012, Norman Scarth made yet another appearance at Leeds Magistrates for the evil crimes of using a Megaphone and handing out some leaflets.

West Yorkshire Police have made his life a living hell by hounding this 86 year old war veteran from his sheltered housing through to the corrupt judicial system.

But Norman, who served on the Arctic Convoys during the 2nd World war, is not the type of chap to bow down to a corrupt system and he is as determined as ever to fight for freedom and justice…no matter the odds. “


Feedback: Tomorrow another child will be stolen by the council

Further to an earlier post “Tomorrow another child will be stolen by the council”  (, Chris has got some feedback for us:

” The Judge decided to kick two of us out who were “not party to proceedings”.

Not before I made an application and told the Judge that we were there representing the Wider Public Interest, he then panicked, got up, to scuttle off, before he managed to leave the ‘room’. I declared that he was committing Treason, and that the ‘Trial’ did not meet with Article 6 standards of the Human Rights Act. If we were to leave because Article 6 declares that all hearings must be fair and available to the Public and if they are to be private then at least the first instance must be in Public.

What I did not address him on was the Common Law aspect, this was because he got up to leave as I was speaking to him. Under Common Law, which sits above all other Law the man’s right was to be tried before a Jury of his peers and not to be disinherited, which means that you cannot remove someones children in Law full stop, they have to give them away.

Forced Contracting is also Unlawful too.”

More info as it appears.


Roger Hayes talk on “The Lawful Bank” Manchester 2012-02-02

I’m a member of the Lawful Bank. I’ll be going and there’s 4 spaces available in a car from Headingley, Leeds.

Roger Hayes talk on “The Lawful Bank” 7:30pm, Thursday 2012-02-02, The Ducie Bridge Pub, 152 Corporation Street, Manchester, Manchester, M4 4DU (five minuets from Victoria station), Manchester (map).


” Roger Hayes from the British Constitution Group will be giving We Are Change Manchester a talk on “The Lawful Bank” at the Ducie Bridge Pub(upstairs). The Lawful Bank is The Alternative Monetary System(TAMS). A Critical Mass is needed is order for this system to be fully effective. The Lawful Bank System is gathering pace, and is an excellent opportunity for us all to break free of the control that we have long been under. Two thousand and twelve is our year it’s time to act. We Are Change is a PRO ACTIVE group, so let’s be just that. This is an exciting time, WE ARE CHANGE can MAKE CHANGE. Thank you “


Tomorrow another child will be stolen by the council

Can’t be true!
This is a free country!
Surely, they can’t do this?.
This must be conspiracy theorists raise up a storm in teacup.

These are their usual comments from those living in ignorance.

THIS IS THE TRUTH. It happens everyday.


At 10am on 3 January 2012 this Tuesday there will be a pre-trial review attempt to be held in secret under rules that nobody comprehends, where there is only one outcome, the removal of the child. Witnesses are required to attend to send the message to these people in a loving, and most peaceful way of no more shall this go on. Everyone who does not pay there council tax faces having their children removed through these facilities under false and fraudulent methods for the financial gain of Leeds City Council acting as the Local Authority, for which they receive significant grants from Europe to facilitate these UNLAWFUL actions as well as gaining a little “useless eater” and transforming them in to a system loving slave. If you cannot believe this is going on please attend, or continue your life in slavery. Please watch this video evidence of social services scouting for children with revenue services… Why is this hearing UNLAWFUL? These hearings do not comply with the Law because it does not take in to account any basic human rights, nor does it give due process, the decisions are made before anyone enters the ‘room’ with only the dressings of fairness given to appease the man, woman or child that they are placing in to slavery.


Lawful Gathering Leeds: 2012-01-12

Just got a text: ” Venue to be arranged. Please keep this date free in your diary. The greatest minds of Freedom will be there. Further details on


Norman Scarth: Court date 2012-01-12 UPDATE

The latest info on Norman’s hearing:


January 12th 2012, 1:45 pm, Leeds Magistrates’ Court, Westgate, LS1 3JP

Title: Continuing persecution of World War 2 Veteran for exposing corruption..

Contact: 01274 541 213 and 07505 35 1174

WW2 veteran Norman Scarth was AGAIN sent to prison (for 6 months at the age of 85), SUPPOSEDLY for Contempt of Court, but really to silence him. World-wide outrage secured his release after 7 weeks, but the corrupt judiciary are anxious to put him back in prison. He will be arraigned at Leeds Magistrates’ Court on 12th January at 1.45pm. His ‘crime’? Offering leaflets. Oh, & using a loud hailer. (The story is much, MUCH worse than is told here.)

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