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Free Speech – FKN Newz 2012-03-08

Deek does again.


Topics include:

  • Free Speech: This is a right that you have anyway. The Parasites That Be (TPTB) don’t give a flying fig if their slaves (you) have it or not. They ignore you anyway.
  • Climate Change: Durban Climate Change Convention (a gathering of scientists and national ‘representatives’ will) KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT – endlessly. Climate change is true – it’s a naturally-ocurring phenomenon. Rising sea levels and rising temperatures aren’t happening just now. However, TPTB will tax you to ‘tackle’ it.
  • Rush Limbaugh: Right-wing (U.S.A.) radio broadcaster and agent-provocateur comes undone after calling students who use contraceptives “sluts” (tens of major corporates have cancelled their advertising).
  • Vlad Putin: Accusations of rigged elections and approval by other world ‘leaders’.
  • Gorilla DNA: Cambridge researchers are comparing human and gorilla DNA to work out why humans are stupid and gorillas are happy.
  • Song interlude: “Crazy World”.
  • Dead British Soldiers: Six soldiers sacrificed to the Arms Trade (and the oil & gas industry). Hey, it’s a war. What did you expect?

Mechanically Separated Chicken (MSC)


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Have you ever wondered what’s in your chicken nuggets, fast food chicken burritos and your children’s school lunches?


There again, if you are going to kill an animal for food, using the whole animal must be better than allowing bits to go to waste.

There again, the MSC is sanitised with ammonia, re-flavoured with artificially additives and re-coloured with dyes.

There again, I suppose it maximises profits for the manufacturers.

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How to play at Banking



Feeding the most voracious parasite

Further to the previous post, Old Horborn gives it us with both barrels.


So here’s my list of how to keep a little of what you earn for yourself.

  • Avoid the State. Really. Government has NO money other than yours. Take a good long hard look at your daily activities and try and spot where the State has decided it has the right to cream off just that little bit more from you. Whether it be the “duty“ on a plane ticket or a permit to park your car, find a way to avoid it. I book long haul flights leaving from Schiphol airport in Holland and save thousands in tax.
  • Stop consuming rubbish that just gives the State an extra 20% in VAT on the money you have already paid income tax on.
  • Avoid anything that is subsidised by a state grant, whether it be not using a hydrogen cell bus or not visiting an art gallery that features some untalented but politically correct exhibition staged at the expense of the taxpayer. Vow never to drive alone in a car, pool your resources and minimise the fuel duty you pay.
  • Go self-employed, it infuriates them as they have to wait for the money you just earned.
  • March down to your council offices to question your council tax bill and demand to know why the bureaucrats are spending millions on “democracy facilitation“ whilst threatening you with jail if you refuse to pay.

I could go on all day, but as an exercise for the week, try keeping all your receipts, bills and invoices and total up what extra taxes you are paying. Then do it over a month, or a year and you’ll soon see that the very lifeblood is being drained from you.

You are feeding the most voracious parasite that will never release you as long as it continues to be fed. From birth until after your death, all the State is interested in is your money and how it can get more of it.


In the bigger scheme of things, you are an ant.

Big Business, Banks, Politicians, Mainstream Media, The Legal Professions et al are all culpable in the demise of the free Human Being. Voting change sod all. The EU is a prison.

So, what can we, as individuals do? Fausty has some practical advice:


I propose starving the beast: the corporations and their co-parasites, the Treasury.

Start with this:

  • Close accounts in global banks (e.g., Lloyds, RBS) – instead use local Mutual.
  • Boycott the supermarkets (e.g., Tesco, Lidl) – instead use Mom & Pop stores. They can do with the business, because the government is killing them.
  • Pay down debt (e.g., credit card, mortgage) – ASAP and never take on more.
  • Reduce consumption and buy only goods that last, preferably from neighbours, car boot sales or other non-establishment outlets.
  • Don’t buy what you can make yourself.
  • Barter.
  • Pay cash wherever possible – foil their tracking systems which enable them to target taxation finely at the middle classes, based on data mining info fed to them by the banks.
  • Grow your own food. Who needs the toxins in the nutrient-deficient junk that the supermarkets sell, anyway! Else, buy from a local farm and pay cash. I bet the farmer could use the money.
  • Walk or cycle more often. Don’t use public transport or your car, where possible.
  • Make plans to get off the grid (water, electricity, gas, etc.).
  • Avoid government levies wherever possible.
  • Buy gold and be sure to take immediate physical delivery of it.

Generate other ideas for shrinking their empire – and get others to do the same.

I’d wager that a 10% drop in profits will be enough to kill many blood-sucking corporations off.

Hundreds of individual actions by individual people all over the world, slowly chipping away at their wealth by the simple withdrawal of custom: take your custom to those who you think deserve it.

Think of an ant’s nest. Ants are tiny but, en-masse, they can wipe the forest floor clean and devour species many times their size. Whilst we may be small individually, mass action would be an unstoppable force.

It doesn’t even require large scale organisation. Each person acting in isolation adds to the weight of the power we can collectively wield.

The simple action of only using cash is the easiest place to start.

Politicians and financial elites underestimate us “lower beings”, we’re adaptable, resourceful and much, much tougher than we are given credit for.



Greed: It All Goes Back In The Box

How greed in life, as it is in the game of Monopoly is futile.

It All Goes Back In The Box

Editing done by silversobe. Speech is by John Ortberg

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pine


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Big oil companies vs. world

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