Coming up: 7/7 Ripple Effect 2

21 Jun

Here’s the trailer for the Ripple Effect 2. The full film will be released on  the 7th anniversary of that fateful day –7th July 2012 (Saturday).

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3 responses to “Coming up: 7/7 Ripple Effect 2

  1. tezm

    2012-06-22 at 01:35

    i have seen what a lot of people wont over the last 10 or 12 years and found out that so many
    unbelievable actions by the liberty taking scum, that gives itself rules only they can use without
    a word big enough to waken the happy go lucky docile majority.The lengths they can go to in
    covering up their disgraceful crimes against their own people is,to me, worthy of hanging were
    it still a capital punishment..and believe me i tried and still am trying to fathom how and what
    it is that would give so many people in such high power the total lack of conscience to do what
    i can only call ‘fucking evil’ …money,yeah, greedy fat bastards that allways have room for more,
    but surely sleepless nights when another human being,innocent,is treated like a sub human and
    loses his/her world and just thrown back into the system,or ‘shitstem’ as lydon calls it, to carry on
    living a nightmare or taking their own lives, oh, how i hate the way these fucking bubble dwellers
    can dip a quill into the ink pot and look at you over their glasses as they re-write the rest of your
    existence…and i have to stop thinking about it eventually because it could get to where i go that
    deep into my own mind i wont get out..
    the lengths they go are immense
    the god like self running high with no sense.
    in a false position of trust they will play
    take your place take your soul take your
    children away……. check out…..also check out/google ‘IAN JOSEPH’

  2. Jim

    2012-07-07 at 14:47

    “7/7 Ripple Effect 2” was released today.


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