Unlawful Arrest: 2012-04-30 East Sussex

06 May



UK woman refuses to accept speeding ticket


2 responses to “Unlawful Arrest: 2012-04-30 East Sussex

  1. Edwin C Dodd

    2013-02-28 at 15:11

    Why has the Video been removed? if she did not have something, they would not have removed the video….There is no just-ice here in the UK under closed door courts! remember UK police by Consent, not force!

  2. Ramonita

    2013-08-07 at 20:21

    Gameplay: 1 star (it is fun for a time, but the lack of variety in this game kills it quick).
    They also build and release a new champion every 3-four weeks, which will help retain the recreation from finding stagnant.
    Moreover, you want to always make certain each of the lanes on the map are becoming “pushed” so that the other group is
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