We Are Change Leeds Workshop: Education of Law

25 Mar


I’ll be there and will report back.


Education of Law

Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 7:30 PM,
Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre (HEART), Bennett Road, LS6 3HN

This will be a Law workshop, so bring your pens and paper and it will be about the way the Court operates and also most importantly there will be the procedures given for anyone to bring forward a prosecution through the Magistrates Court and if we have time how to bring forward a Writ of Habeas Corpus for a Prisoner locked up UNLAWFULLY very important to our constitution, we do have one it is just written in Legislation in various segments. Hope to see you there. As this event is provided free a suggested donation of £1 will be asked to contribute towards the tea and coffee fund, as these facilities will be available. Knowledge is free, please share it, peace, love and joy to all x




2 responses to “We Are Change Leeds Workshop: Education of Law

  1. Grandma B

    2012-03-25 at 14:00

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend, as we were unlawfully evicted from our house in York more than two years ago by corrupt police officers and social workers. We have been stranded abroad ever since.

    As there are arrest warrants out for us, we cannot return (yet) to our home, but we are working on this. Please see:

    Would it be possible for you to post this information on your blog?


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