How fast can the Government spend your money?

17 Mar

£22,218 / second
= £1,333,080 / minute (
£22,218 x 60)
= £79,987,800 / hour (
£1,333,080 x 60)
= £1,919,635,200 / day (
£79,987,800 x 24)
= £31 / person / day (
£1,919,635,200 / 62,000,000)
= £11,300 / person / year (
£31 x 365)

= £45,200 / family of 4 / year



Every day the Government spends huge amounts of your money, paid for with irresponsible borrowing and ruinously high taxes. Too much is wasted, but the sums involved can make it hard to appreciate just how much is spent.

To help get our heads around the scale of public spending, we’ve put together a short video illustrating how time really does equal money – your money.

Well, how about this? In the time it takes this Porsche 911 to go from 0 to 60, the Government could have bought one. That’s £22,218, every second.

You’re paying for prisons. You’re paying for war.
You’re paying for lobotomies. You’re paying for law.
You’re paying for their order. You’re paying for their murder.
Paying for your ticket to watch the farce.
Knowing you’ve made you’re contribution
. To the systems fucked solution,
To their political pollution. No chance of revolution.
No chance of change. You’ve got no range.
Don’t just take it. Don’t take their shit.
Don’t’ play their game. Don’t take their blame.
USE YOUR OWN HEAD. Your turn instead.
It’s not apologise. It’s not economise.
It’s not make do. It’s not pull through.
It’s not take it. It’s not make it.
It’s not just you. It’s not madmen.
It’s not difficult. It’s not behave.
It’s not, oh well, just this once.
It’s fucking impossible.
It’s fucking unbearable.
It’s fucking stupid.
[Crass (the band) “You Pay” lyrics)


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