Birkenhead 2011-03-07: Great new vid

14 Mar

Via (with Thanks):


” West Film Production Co’s condensed and CENSORED-FOR-TV version of what happened Monday 1pm 7th March 2011 in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, England. This version will be screened on Sky Channel 201 early June. The full UNCENSORED version will be screened at the Kirkby Unemployed Centre, Liverpool in June and at the 4th Wirral International Film Festival in September. ”

I think this is part 2 of the set (from

” Part 2 End Credit Sequence of TV CENSORED version.

Set against the background of an almost total media blackout, this is the uncensored version of Kevin West’s award winning and highly controversial TV documentary about ordinary British people entering one of Her Majesty’s Law Courts in Birkenhead, UK and attempting to arrest the judge under the Magna Carta Chapter 61 for committing an act of treason. The people involved maintain that these courts are unlawful under Common Law (the highest law in the land) and that the judge in question (by doing so) is not acting under his Oath of Office and therefore guilty of treason. These are the same courts which daily penalize the UK people with all manner of fines, taxes, judgments and restrictions which do not form any part of Common Law. If proven the implications of this event for the entirety of the UK legal system is staggering. This film exposes the corporatization of the human being by the capitalist system at the expense of Natural and Common Law freedoms. “


4 responses to “Birkenhead 2011-03-07: Great new vid

  1. Pete

    2012-03-14 at 17:36

    Cheers for finding the second part of this vid Escapee, it wasn’t available when I posted the first part. Thanks for the HT too.

    • Escapees Blog

      2012-03-14 at 20:08

      Hi Pete and Thank You for the Thank You. Escapee

  2. tinkerbell

    2012-03-14 at 22:27

    I should have been their that day, but due to unforseen circumstances I couldnt make it, but glad to see this version of it.

    • Escapees Blog

      2012-03-15 at 00:21

      Hi Tinkerbell,
      We should all have been there.


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