Greek debtmocracy

11 Mar

Greece has been deliberately bankrupted and is now the poor man of Europe – an warning to the other countries and an excuse for greater integration.


My notes:

  1. Banks pay for election candidates to get elected.
  2. One of them gets elected. The prime minister (president, premier, etc.) is now in temporary control of their country.
  3. Bank blackmails and/or threatens and/or bribes the prime minister (president, premier, etc.) to take out on loans (= principal + interest) using his/her county’s assets as collateral. The people are happy – there’s jobs, infrastructure, £s in your pocket to buy shiny things.
  4. These loans have (or not) to be paid back by the populace, not the prime minister.
  5. Later, another election.
  6. Go back to beginning.
  7. Eventually the country can’t even afford the interest payment on these debts.
  8. Time to call in the bailiffs.
  9. Country’s assets are stripped.
  10. Live miserably ever after.


2 responses to “Greek debtmocracy

  1. terry walsh

    2012-03-13 at 18:43

    hya lydia…i understand nothing about the politics of uk never mind greece..what i do know is if i remember right Greece was the poorest EU country years ago so thats nothing new.Greece also to me doesnt send out a positive message about benefitting from joining th EU and actually from a laymans lack of political suss i would say the trademark rich are right at the top of the table,Germany,France,Italy,etc uk is it,or will it, as you said sell out on the ‘poor’ people responsible for voting the scum in..and not just lose ‘England’ like we have, but the whole of the uk to some ‘EURO’ name like ‘SECTOR WEST’ so like now when we the people born in manchester,brum, or portsmouth all of which are in England are asked on numerous forms we fill in everyday that ask birthplace? place of birth, born where? and we are forced by myself at least under protest to put the only option available ‘UK’ and we are not united because we are being forced to lose identity, as are the welsh and scots and…we are the greece in the uk and i wonder if the slimy former government who can actually try and turn the english flag into a hate symbol (blair) in order for becoming ‘SECTOR WESTLISH’ then we lower classes have absolutely no idea where it will leave the NHS, schools,the police are allready half sector westlish in the form of cameras ‘manchester’ having more in debenhams than the whole of the EU….If the rich countries can let greece and its poor people slide to almost civil war i dont see much hope for us non english english people who are now non uk uk people?? put it it in poor mans terms, the only thing we are good for is voting these ‘row your own boat’ in, the same every time tory,tory labour,tory labour liberals, we are the labour while the mps are liberal with stealing from the poor…and when caught it is soon made to be forgotten…..imagine it on a euro scale? its allready happening over money with world wide family courts who are prepared to let a father (95%) and some mothers (5%) suffer the loss of their children in order to keep refering back and forward to the courts that are in total secrecy behind closed doors,no press allowed to even report and no public allowed to watch and threatened if anyone should try and report it..this is european non human rights that actually stipulates ‘final judgement shall be made public’ well its all lies, and i know because i was there…..greece is a bad omen for me but i hope i am wrong for the sake of my grown up children i had stolen from me.


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