Welcome to the Gestapo: Brain Gerrish and Belinda Mckenzie on Hollie Greig’s Appeal (2012-03-02)

04 Mar

Brain Gerrish and Belinda Mckenzie give accounts of the proceedings (or the lack of).
Note the huge number of supports there.


Brian Gerrish’s reaction to the Judgement by the Royal Courts of Justice against Hollie Greig. Bill Maloney asking the questions.

My quick notes:
3 judges.
No jury.

Judges leave for 7mins, then comes back to give a 40min verdict.
This is a show trial “a pre-ordained outcome was delivered to the public”. “It was theatre”.
It was show trial in order to bring the mother and the daughter back into the family court system to shut them up.
“The central issue of the abuse of Hollie Greig was not addressed!”.
On of the alleged abuse perpetrators was in court for some of the time.
The 3 judges were out to protect a fellow judge.
The judges were highly critical of the family.
The judicial system is utterly corrupt.
No media (inc. the BBC) were not there to report on this important case. Although 3 Sky News teams were there to cover a story about Ryan Giggs (footballer) and they refused to report on this large gathering.
John Hemming MP has called for the Head of the Family Law Division to stand down.
The judiciary will protect paedophiles if they are of high (enough) status.
The State is now attacking its own people.
Sarahl Teather (Families and Children’s Minister) is refusing to answer a Freedom Of Information request for an explanation of “her responsibility for marketing and commissioning of children’s services”.
Kent County Council has spent £100,000 in actively trafficking children out of this country.
Lawyers and Barrister have made £20,000,000 per year from child cases.
“Welcome to The Gestapo “


My quick notes:
Hollie (32 years old) has been deemed not to be competent (i.e. regarded as a child) and all of her evidence as a witness has been called into question.
Shropshire County Council will try to separate Hollie and her mother. They want to put Hollie into “care”.
Hollie will probably “disappear” because she has exposed the paedophiles at the top.
Other mothers have described themselves as been ‘hunted’ for the child by social services
There is an illusion created by the main stream media that paedophiles are ‘dirty old men’ (rather than within the higher echelons of society (judges, military, police, Lords, etc.).
The UKColumn office is receiving calls every week from parents who have had their child/ren stolen from them (using perjury, falsified court papers, lies, threats and intimidations). This is happening country wide.
A family moving to a different social services departments’ catchment area (i.e. moving to a different county) will still be hounded as these departments collaborate to hunt and track them.
Comparison of cases reveals a template type of events.
The British Government is stealing, trafficking and abusing children.
Politicians, by not challenging these issues are condoning child abuse.
In Hollie’s case, every MP has been informed. Only 1 MP, John Hemming, has taken up the issue. The remainder are condoning the abuse.
Robert Green has simply been ‘put out of the way’ although there no documentation to back up his arrest.
Two weeks prior to Robert Green’s imprisonment, a man who had 50,000 pornographic images of children was given community service.
Whistle-blowers (police officers, child services staff, etc.) are coming forward.
A recent police report on child abuse (on a national basis, and know to some MPs) has been secreted away.
Some whistle-blowers have reported similar scenarios in which cases been closed (involving senior members of society).
Paedophiles are operating the very services that are supposed to help children.


My quick notes:
27th March = Robert Green’s (66th) birthday.
Hollie Greig and her mother are appealing against Shropshire County Council’s (SCC) decision to have Hollie taken into ‘care’.
SCC thinks that Hollie does not have the capacity to litigate and decide how she wants to live her life.
Hollie disputes this.
Hollie’s words have not been heard in these proceedings.
Hollie is already under a court injunction not to speak publicaly.
Of 36 requests to provide ‘expert’ witnesses, none are willing to take this case and assess Hollie.
The judges did not deem that the case has been heard properly and referred the case back to the lower courts – where Hollie has already an official solicitor appointed (she can’t have her own legal representative) Her human right have been taken away from her.
Hollie wants to stay with her mother.
It appears that there’s a “politeness” in the procedure set up to get their intended result and give the impression that justice has been done.
Hollie will not be taken away from her mother!.

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5 responses to “Welcome to the Gestapo: Brain Gerrish and Belinda Mckenzie on Hollie Greig’s Appeal (2012-03-02)

  1. tinkerbell

    2012-03-04 at 21:38

    Good on brian and all the others who were their to support hollie and her mum. This needs to not be left alone, until they cannot ignore what is really going on.

  2. terry walsh

    2012-03-14 at 02:35

    when (as myself ) we are denied human rights for such terrible injustice against us and done in the most cowardly but evil way by scum that should be so far removed from such an important office, yet seem to to steamroller over every angle including free speech and are allowed to by the cowards in parliament who we pay to serve and protect us then we have to do things ourselves before it becomes so impossible to read one more act of injustice by the justice system against the poorer people in society, putting children in homes with no reason needed?? in england?? i swear i would cut the throat of anyone that would attempt to do that, but the problem there is my children dissapeared from my life years ago under the noses of the very same people that had me going back and forward to court over 5 years and giving me contact and parental rights but doing nothing to protect it when the mother did not comply, so from lastseeing my beautiful girls both under 10 years old, they are 17 and 21…you have to do something now! it is totally out of control by the ones with control, i dont have a religion,just me now, but before i went for good i would like to take one of them with me for a walk in my estate and show them how wrong they have been, and introduce them to some people i know…love you ch x lou you ad x dad…bless you hollie grieg and mother.

  3. terry walsh

    2012-04-14 at 01:36

    i am on a purple patch so i have to nail as much of this as i can before im back in the ‘shitstem’ (j.lydon) and for such an unbiased presentation on ‘fathers day’ from non-leader cameron, though brave he does crave a kilt and for a wee sporan, and hopefully many more wee sporans and eat bowls of salt with some oats, with a mc’ spoon that he made from a full size tree….i lost count ,maybe 6/7 times i emailed with one reply-his secretary wrote and said ” blooodrrrtyy nnntter, so muutrepl,pass it snnnuuuurrkkl on to ruukkkklllrre ‘JUSTICE DEPARTMENT’??? so every email from now on is for him only, has he the bravery to answer to the big mouthery on that’ of all days, i hope so because whatever he said would be lies…unless was sorry, then it would be damn lies..

  4. drgerrish

    2013-06-04 at 10:46

    I just couldn’t go away your site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the usual information a person supply in your visitors? Is going to be back regularly in order to inspect new posts


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