Finding the Freemen – CBC News Propaganda

03 Mar

The Parasites That Be are getting scared – CBS are having to generate more lies for the masses.





2 responses to “Finding the Freemen – CBC News Propaganda

  1. NewsBoycap

    2012-03-03 at 17:38


    Classic MSM Bullshit isn’t it. Some guy points at his number plate then shoots someone ‘ must be a Freeman’.

    Absolute Bollocks, but maybe it shows they are beginning to fear or understand the Freeman perspective, and need to nip it in the bud.

    Special training for Judges and Policymen eh, maybe they could teach them what the LAW really says……. but I doubt it.

  2. tinkerbell

    2012-03-03 at 23:12

    It seems like their is no stone left alone. they want complete control of everything! Good video


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