Movement “I Don’t Pay”

26 Feb


Leftists shine when it comes to direct action. And that’s what they are doing in Greece and elsewhere in Europe in response to bankster imposed austerity measures — direct action at the point of highway robbery.

In the video, we see students and unemployed workers shutting down public transportation toll collection. It’s called the “I Won’t Pay” movement. It began last year in Greece and has spread to other locales on the continent, including Spain and Sweden.

Thousands of Greeks are now refusing to validate their public transit tickets following well-publicized protests by leftists and communists in response to ticket price hikes by the government.

Some believe this sort of civil disobedience is ineffective and merely theatrical, but it is a good way for people to make a point — they are opposed to the state acting as an enforcer for the IMF, the World Bank and the international bankers.


The article and video shows masses of citizens in Greece, Spain and Sweden, refusing to pay the increased tolls and transportation fares imposed on them through the austerity from the globalist bankers.

Increased taxes, reduced wages and benefits and higher indirect taxes through those tolls and fees, have brought millions to their knees. All this to pay a very few international bankers interest on money they create “in their basement”. Many of us have been suggesting civil disobedience against our government masters. The refusal of paying tolls is a great start.

Back in the 1950′s the greater Chicago area began constructing toll ways in order to relieve congestion. Those government masters promised to remove the tolls once the roads were paid for. Of course they lied. 60 years later the tolls not only still exist, but a few years ago, they were doubled. On top of that some of the toll roads were sold to foreign interests for a fraction of their value. I had suggested back then, don’t pay them. With 6 million commuters using the Chicago toll roads every day, civil disobedience on the part of even 100,000 daily would bring the system down and return control to the people.

It always comes back to the same thing – courage. I didn’t say not to be afraid. Courage exists in the face of fear. Unfortunately, we have to look at Europe for those examples. Even so, their disobedience could put them in jeopardy, but they have no choice. We must remember government power comes from money and police. Hopefully our police and military will soon figure this out and return to defending the Constitution. If they don’t, they will soon see they also are disposable.

Maybe Texans outraged by the Trans Texas Corridor and proposed toll roads should think about following the lead of Greek leftists.

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