Shooting the Messenger: Robert Green (Imprisoned For 1 Year)

18 Feb

Hollie Greig and her mother Anne

Hollie Greig and her mother Anne

This is truly an evil turn of events.

For those of you may not know, Hollie Greig  is a … Well, go to her website for the full story (

Essentially, Holly is a young girl who has been systematically abused by paedophile rings from with the State. All her attempts at publising the facts, her demands for investigation and requests for justice have been met with silence, intimidation, cover-ups and corruption at all levels.

Rather than be heard by The Parasites That Be (TPTB), Robert Green (one of her ardent supporters) is being persecuted by the courts. He is now facing a year behind bars.

TPTB wont address the real issues. They would rather cover up, silence and bury the cause.


Robert received nine months for the alleged breach of the peace, and three months for breaking bail conditions.

The UK Column is appalled by the decision of Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen to jail Robert Green today in what can only be described as a huge miscarriage of justice.

Robert has been the leading campaigner in support of justice for Hollie Greig. The legal proceedings against him came as the result of his arrest for attempting to distribute leaflets while standing as a Parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen at the last General Election. Robert had been standing on the single issue of the alleged, uninvestigated, abuse of Hollie Greig while she was a child.

Elish Angiolini

Since his arrest, Robert has been subject to numerous breaches of his human rights, and repeated irregularities in the legal process, culminating in a trial presided over by a Sheriff with what seems to be a clear conflict if interest – the apparent friendship between Sheriff Bowen and Elish Angiolini. A complaint has already been lodged with the Judicial Office.

Robert has clearly been imprisoned to send a message to everyone campaigning for Hollie.

While we would like to express our concerns for Robert’s safety in a Scottish prison, we would also like to echo the sentiments of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign – this campaign will not be silenced through this type of blatant intimidation.

A press release from Hollie Demands Justice (

The Hollie Demands Justice campaign very much regrets the decision today of the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven to deprive Robert Green of his Liberty.

Despite breaches of Mr Green’s human rights and repeated irregularities in law and process by the police, the legal profession and the court system since Robert Green was first arrested in February 2010, the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven, Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen saw fit to curtail his freedom, sentencing him to 1 year in jail (9 months for Breach of the Peace, 3 months for Breach of Bail conditions).

Robert has been a most robust and valued campaigner on behalf of Hollie Greig and her mother Anne, in seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon Hollie, exposing the lack of a duty of care from those in positions of trust, the perjury of Grampian Police and highlighting the nefarious nature of the legal system and the Establishment in both Scotland and England.

Anne Greig said today:

Hollie and I would like to publicly thank Robert Green for his bravery, his tireless work and his dedication to Hollies cause, her search for justice. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have found such a man of principle to act and campaign on our behalf, whose selfless actions have taken him into conflict with those who would abuse their power and powerful connections to evade justice. Our disappointment with the legal system in Scotland now knows no bounds.

In our opinion Robert Green should be awarded a medal, not a criminal conviction.

It is our hope that Robert’s legal team will mount a speedy and energetic appeal on his behalf to release him from this enforced loss of his liberty that he most certainly does not deserve and we now state publicly that we will have fears for his well-being whilst in prison. We will hold responsible and accountable those who have seen fit to incarcerate him should any interference with his being or any harm befall him.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have supported Hollie, Robert and myself during this long and ongoing campaign, especially those who have repeatedly made the long trip to Scotland regularly giving support to Robert during his many hearings.

Both Hollie and myself extend our heartfelt wishes, our thoughts and our prayers are with Robert today.

Far from seeing the jailing of Robert as a setback, the Hollie Demands Justice campaign will be
stepping up the pressure as Anne Greig will now vigorously move forward with her High Court
appeal and is currently discussing the timing of mounting a series of private prosecutions
against those who have abused their positions of trust, many of whom have now perjured
themselves in the courts and on the public record.

This campaign will not be silenced, it will move forward relentlessly until every possible avenue is exhausted, no matter how long that takes. No stone will be left unturned until Justice is not just done, but that justice is seen to be done.


Notes for Editors:

  1. The Hollie Demands Justice campaign was founded in November 2007. The campaign website can be found at:
  2. Further details to the background of the campaign can be found in About Hollie:
  3. The background to the Trial of Robert Green is well documented in coverage by Scottish Law Reporter HERE and further coverage of the conflict of interest of Sheriff Bowen, the Hollie Greig case along with a recent investigation into the knighthood of Angiolini, apparently recommended by the Scottish Government.
  4. Further information can be requested by using the ‘Contact Us’ form on the campaign website

One response to “Shooting the Messenger: Robert Green (Imprisoned For 1 Year)

  1. Lydia

    2012-02-18 at 10:22

    This is absolutely ridiculous! This man has done nothing wrong, He is the most kind and decent human being their is, my heart goes out to him. But I feel this should not be left alone, I have heard their is going to be a free robert campaign which I think should be done. He should not be in prison.

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