Unbelievable: Queen Renews Vow To Nation

06 Feb

I don’t want to jump on the band-wagon of slagging off HM. However, the truth is that she has never been our queen. Even if one could agrue the validity of her position, she has broken her oath to the nation 1,000s of times. Her role ensures that she can never looked after the needs of the people.

She has sold us down the river and left us up the creek with out a lifeboat.

Check out Muad’Dib’s, and


The Queen has marked the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne by renewing her pledge to serve the nation and its people.

Echoing the famous words she delivered when a young princess in the 1940s, the monarch declared on the day of her Diamond Jubilee to “dedicate myself anew to your service”.

The Prime Minister added: “You sometimes hear people talk as if the monarchy was simply a glittering ornament, a decoration on our national life. That misunderstands our constitution and it underestimates our Queen. Always dedicated, always resolute and always respected, she is a source of wisdom and continuity.”

One commentator had this to say:

“Please some kind person explain to me what the Queen and all the other Royals have contributed to this country. They live in their own world far removed from reality and an understanding how the ordinary peopled of this country live.We have a government, such as the present one is that dictate to us what to we do . We are now in the twenty first century where the Queen has no authority, and is only a tourist attraction.”


Elizabeth 2 was crowned by fraud, and has been acting un-Lawfully ever since.

In the binding contract she signed to officially become the “queen” of Britain, she promised NOT to legislate herself, or allow others to do so. This of course she has failed to uphold in a massive way, having given royal assent to over 3,400 acts of parliament so far.

She has also breached that contract in many, many other ways as well.

Because of video, audio, and written evidence compiled by Muad’Dib, there is absolute NO refutation to the FACT that Elizabeth did indeed make this binding contract, and what the terms are for that contract. This video shows only excerpted bits and pieces of that evidence.

The very FIRST time she did anything in breach of that contract, as with any other contract that is broken, either the terms of agreement change (if that’s how it’s written), or in the case, the contract is immediately voided.

Since Elizabeth has broken her contract with the British people, she is no longer the rightful queen of Britain (if she ever was…), which means she has absolutely no authority or power to bring legislated charges against ANYONE.

This very powerful information can be used to challenge the jurisdiction of ANY court in the commonwealth, by directly challenging the authority of Elizabeth herself (or “Regina” in the courts), and the information is so thoroughly documented, that no one can argue against it and win, because it is just so simple and straight-forward.

In ANY and ALL legislated “offenses” (like traffic fines, income/poll/council taxes, or other victimless “offenses”)—this information can be used to have any charges dropped.

It MUST be used by everyone all over Britain if we are ever going to be free from legislated tyranny.

Please study the information, and USE it for your benefit, and the benefit of everyone else.

For more information goto:

Long Live The Fighters.


2 responses to “Unbelievable: Queen Renews Vow To Nation

  1. Lydia

    2012-02-06 at 11:37

    This is so true I have seen this before, but not study it in depth as I am just getting my head around learning laws and acts from the magna charta.

    • Escapees Blog

      2012-02-07 at 07:43

      Hi Lydia, you may also want to search Captain Ranty’s blog for Magna Carta related issues. Best Wishes.


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