Lawful Bank presentation 2012-02-02, Manchester

05 Feb

I attended this presentation last Thursday. Jolly good it was. A huge Thank You to We Are Change – Manchester.

The world-wide ‘money system’ is based on banks conjuring up money (or ‘credit’) out of thin air and lending it out as debt. A debt which must be paid back with interest. Interest which can only be paid by the creation of more debt. More credit and more interest leads to an ever-increasing debt – to paid back with more credit and more interest, etc., etc.. Money which we are paying back now and will have to be paid back by our children, their children, their children’s children, etc. Essentially, a never-ending cycle of increasing slavery.

Politicians, the mainstream media and the legal system have colluded in this scam.

We are up shit creek.

Like all Ponzi scams, it can only (mathematically) collapse.

The collapse will benefit TPTB. Banks will claim each country’s assets, thereby owning those countries. A short hop to a One World Government. A bank-owned government. The New World Order.

If we, the slaves, rise up against the banks, credit and currency will be withdrawn by the banks. The ensuing chaos will see us fighting each other to the death over a loaf of bread at £100.

Roger Hayes and co have an alternative plan – the Lawful Bank. The only realistic alternative. An alternative run by us – slaves reclaiming their freedom.

The best part of the plan is that we will using the same ‘rules’ as the banks – beating them at their own game. Cool.

All we need is numbers. Numbers of people will to pledge their support.

Tell your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, that nice bloke you see everyday at the bus stop, etc.



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