Michael of Kingstanding: Freedom Rebel

30 Jan

I’m a member of Freedom Rebels ( – please visit the site and have a look around. Better still, join up as a member.

Michael of Kingstanding, a very active Freedom Rebel has sent out the following email. He knows no fear and relishes the fight for freedom and justice.

Hi, Folks. After months of study. After successes against:

  1. Court appointed bailiffs (£900 not paid and dead in the water)
  2. Two £10K credit card accounts.
  3. A solicitor chasing an alleged £300 contract
  4. PCNs from 4 councils. (parking)
  5. NIPs from three Constaburglaries (speeding)
  6. An elektrickery company that cannot prove they have a contract
  7. Five summonses not attended (four in progress)

It’s time for the big ones.

Some time soon I expect to receive yet another summonse related to more than fourteen traffic related charges. (There are another two NIPS in the out tray.) Rather than accept their invitation to visit Hertford, I invited them to visit me in Watford.

Additionally, I have engaged with three rivers district council over “council tax.” I expect the engagement to escalate in the following months. It will be an exciting ride.



One response to “Michael of Kingstanding: Freedom Rebel

  1. figure it out from e mail

    2012-03-06 at 01:52

    You are either a complete and total nutter,or like me, really chesed of with certain aspects of what passes for civilised society, go on give em hell. My present personal gripe is with the insurance industry, Ive taken to prtesting outside their local offices in York, just Google Aviva protester in York. I get plenty of support from motorists and plod even waves sometimes.


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