SOPA, PIPA and UK student Richard O’Dwyer’s extradition

20 Jan

It just gets better and better.

SOPA & PIPA HORROR STORY Exposed in the UK Mike Mozart

From:Evidence Blog, even more at

UK Student Richard O’Dwyer is being extradited to the United States to face USA Courts for just LINKING to copyrighted material on his webpage The USA is using an extradition treay intended to be used for terrorist to bring England Resident Richard O’Dwyer to America to be imprisoned for copyright infringement for what he did on his site in spite of the Fact that he broke no UK / England Laws and has never been to the USA.

The Famed Billionaire Alki David has publicly announced that he will cover ALL of Richard O’Dwyer’s Legal costs in the USA once he is brought here to stand trial.

MPAA Head former US Senator Chris Dodd supports the Imprisonment of World Citizens in the USA for Copyright Infringement and has called Anti SOPA and PIPA pundits “Dangerous”.

This Video continues to expose how the Large Media Companies Actually Created the phenomenon of “Online Piracy” to craft laws to take over the World Wide internet and Media Portals



One response to “SOPA, PIPA and UK student Richard O’Dwyer’s extradition

  1. Gavin R. Putland

    2012-01-21 at 23:09

    If the American jury thinks O’Dwyer’s likely sentence is excessive, it can acquit him regardless of the “law” and the facts, and the acquittal is binding. It’s called “jury nullification”. But the jurors won’t be told this in court. They’ll need to hear about it from elsewhere. Spread the word!


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