Proclamation of Liberty – Republic of Kanata

17 Jan

This applies to us, here in the UK.



A Public Proclamation of Liberty – from the Republic of Kanata

In November, 2009, exactly one half of Canadians surveyed in a national poll declared their desire to be part of a new Republic, and abolish all ties to the so-called Crown of England.

We take our stand with that half of our fellow citizens who long for self-government and sovereignty, and proclaim that the long, dark colonial legacy of dependence and legal enslavement to a foreign power must end forever in Canada.

We will no longer be ruled from afar by an unaccountable and privileged elite, by a fictitious jurisdictional authority that claims sole possession of our lands and wealth, and which has been responsible for grave and ongoing crimes against the peoples of our different founding nations.

We proclaim that every man and woman of Canada has an equal, inherent and inalienable right to life, to liberty, and to the land, wealth and prosperity of our nation. The earth has been given as an equal bounty for all of us to share, according to the Great Natural Law of Equality and Peace given us by our Creator.

It is the solemn duty of every citizen to ensure this Great Law and be the active defenders of the inherent liberties granted to them by life and the Creator: liberties which no authority can violate, debase or nullify. Only a sovereign Republic established under the rule of Common Law and maintained by an active and enlightened people can ensure such a happy and free regime.

We hereby proclaim that this sovereign Republic shall be established according to its own common law institutions and courts under a mandate given to it by a popular and general referendum held across Canada, in which every man and woman sixteen years of age and older shall participate.

We call upon all patriots and lovers of liberty across our nations to unite under our banner to reclaim the land and wealth of Canada, and construct new common law institutions that shall ensure prosperity, equality and justice for all of our people.

A Program for Liberation and Sovereignty

The Republic of Kanata shall enact an immediate program of social reclamation and recovery that will:

  1. Place all of the water, lands and resources of Kanata under the authority of a public trust.
  2. Cancel all debts and mortgages.
  3. Place all banks, credit and the money supply under public ownership.
  4. Abolish all income tax.
  5. Impose a 100% tax on all wealth gained by inheritance, interest and speculation.
  6. Collect all back taxes owed by corporations and the wealthy, and impose a special tax on the super wealthy and on large corporations.
  7. Socialize basic services like health and medicine, education, transportation and housing, and make these essential needs freely available to all people.
  8. Lower the voting age to sixteen.
  9. Make all public officials electable and recallable by a simple majority of their local constituents.
  10. Allow any indigenous nation to legally secede from the Republic of Kanata or remain as a member of its federated Republic.
  11. Abolish land speculation and commercial trading in land.
  12. Restrict and regulate foreign ownership of the economy.
  13. Phase out nuclear power and the uranium industry, develop wind, solar and tidal energy industries, and abolish the sale and commercialization of water.
  14. Separate church and state: abolish funding for separate religious schools and all oaths and religious functions connected to the state, extend taxation to all church and religious organizations, and revoke diplomatic recognition of the Vatican. Revoke the special protection of clergy and the “blasphemous libel” provisions of the Criminal Code.
  15. End all foreign military alliances and entanglements.

One response to “Proclamation of Liberty – Republic of Kanata

  1. Lydia

    2012-01-17 at 13:51

    makes good sense to me. I agree 100%


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