Norman Scarth in ball-and-chain

16 Jan

Further to my recent post “Norman Scarth: Court date 2012-01-12 UPDATE” (, We Are Change Manchester have produced the following vid.


” On the 12th of January 2012, Norman Scarth made yet another appearance at Leeds Magistrates for the evil crimes of using a Megaphone and handing out some leaflets.

West Yorkshire Police have made his life a living hell by hounding this 86 year old war veteran from his sheltered housing through to the corrupt judicial system.

But Norman, who served on the Arctic Convoys during the 2nd World war, is not the type of chap to bow down to a corrupt system and he is as determined as ever to fight for freedom and justice…no matter the odds. “


One response to “Norman Scarth in ball-and-chain

  1. Lydia

    2012-01-16 at 14:17

    These poeple are scum, it makes me want to cry when I see this sort of treatment of an 86yr old man. If they have no respect for him, then what cance have the rest of us got?


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