Bridges and Slaves

03 Jan

We recognise, we organise, we create our own media, we bring on board the armed forces, we create a new directly-representative parliament, we create a new government, we print our own money, we tell the The Parasites That Be to get off our planet. We end this War Of Terror.

This will be the People’s New World Order.


TRUTH: A Bridge Too Far

By Joe Scanlan – Sovereign Independent Contributor

“The truth will set you free” they say. There is a price to pay for truth – a bridge to cross – truth is on the other side of that bridge. There is a bigger price to pay for not crossing. We are not free, we’re lifelong slaves sloshing about in a sea of lies, drugged with media propaganda, educational propaganda, entertainment and distractions. This is the truth which lies across the bridge. Many prefer Plato’s Cave of television, sex, drugs and distraction rather than cross the bridge of truth.

Is somebody deliberately screwing up our lives and the world around us? Yes! Before waking up we’re like we are a ball bouncing about in a pinball machine, bashing from crisis to crisis. On crossing the bridge we see the bigger picture, we see the big Pinball Wizard of Oz control-freaks conning us, running the world with us in it. Coincidence? No!


On crossing, you may have little or nothing in common with others. You may become a lonely hermit, if not in the wilderness, a hermit living inside your own head. Who are our masters; we have rulers, royals and bankers that enslave us through money, but who enslaves the bankers, surely there’s a faceless parasitic elite breed who do no work of any description, they live off the fat of the planet…us.


There is no money, we are the currency. We are cattle milked of our labour, bought, sold, pawned and put up as collateral for generations to come. This is how the world always has and always will work, as long as you stay obediently on the cosy side of the bridge. To the Lazy Boys at the top we’re farm animals, it doesn’t matter what job we have or what we earn, we’re taxed or milked of our labour; cash-cows, slaves, buying and building our own concentration-camps with our own bought armies, police forces, armies of lawyers, indoctrination schools, psychologists, academies, all fuelled by the milk of our own labour/money. We buy our own chains! A Darwinian Mafia keeps us in the dark. Why didn’t our parents warn us? They too were kept in the dark! Anyone can print money!

Gatekeepers at the bridge:

Sentries guard the point of passage at the gate saying, “none shall pass”; in case you smell a rat and want to cross. They perfume the rat, divert attention from the truth and lure the individual back into the amusement park of everyday slavery. Sentries, often clueless, take the money and run. Like all slaves, if they knew they were slaves they wouldn’t put their heart into their slavery. Every slave is divided, ruled, standardised, controlled, distracted, entertained, sexed-up and terrorised; loaded with slogans like conspiracy-theory, anti-social, anti-government, anti-capitalist, anti-communist, social-approval/disapproval, fixated-threat, mental-healing communitarian, wellness We’re dumb animals on someone’s factory farm. It’s a scientifically-run dictatorship, a self-perpetuating, self-oiling, self-policing machine, and most wouldn’t give it up for the world. We’ve been trained to squabble amongst ourselves in the cauldron without looking up at the big witch stirring the pot. This they call the Hegelian Dialectic – thesis, antithesis, leading to their desired synthesis. We’re mere human resources, elements used in an alchemists chemistry set.

Pied Pipers and Pools of Lies:

Nothing happens by chance, they lied. Our lives have been scripted and we are living out a script, to the letter. The elites even mock us by telling us to our faces. Their think-tanks invent geniuses and tell us openly:

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances” William Shakespeare

The elites are laughing down their noses and up their sleeves at us, they’ve given us media propaganda boxes to fit into – pools of lies, deceptions and distractions, tabloids for the working-caste slaves, right-wing propaganda for the the slave-caste who think they were educated in Oxford, left-wing propaganda for the the slave-caste who think they were educated at Cambridge, narcissistic glossy magazines for the female’s to gloat over themselves, toys for the boys magazines, teenage training manuals to promote promiscuity without babies. Every genre has been catered for, education now has nothing to do with truth. There are many pied pipers put out in the world to distract and divert us from the truth and keep us barking up the wrong trees. The pied pipers tell a lot of tasty truth – bait to get all the masses on board the big ship of fools, then – the turd-in-the-punchbowl. Truth is mixed up in a cocktail of lunacy, reptiles, anti-Semitism, transsexualism, extremism, anything that would put off a rational searcher, waste their time and divert them back to the mainstream pool of lies – standard counter-propaganda.

What else sloshes about in the pool of lies?

Here are some lies to consider:

  • Supermarket food has not been poisoned.
  • Genetic modification ends poverty.
  • Fluoridation is good for bones and teeth.
  • War is not a racket.
  • Governments are just doing their best for you.
  • Geo-engineering saves you from yourself.
  • A mobile phone is not a tazer.
  • The planet is overpopulated.
  • Green does not mean Communist.
  • Socialism and National Socialism are different.
  • Entertainment is not propaganda.
  • The Georgia Guidestones are not to be taken literally or seriously.

Across the bridge:

We farm animals are obsolete in a posthuman automated robotic world. We think everything is failing and nothing works anymore until we cross the bridge. Society is not breaking down at all, it’s being dismantled deliberately, piece-by-piece by moneyed psychopaths. The entire pyramidal system is corrupt from top to bottom – all of it. What pockets of corruption are worth saving? None! The entire pyramid has to go.

So, get the word out:

The only hope is that enough people will wake up to the truth. This includes military, police, Freemasons, educators, economists, politicians, reporters and people from all walks of life. The hope is that they’ll wake up to the ancient matrix of ‘conology’ into which we were all born. The rest will follow across the bridge rather than look like an oddball in front of their neighbours.

Will you cross the bridge of truth or is that a bridge too far?


One response to “Bridges and Slaves

  1. tinkerbell

    2012-01-03 at 21:54

    Totally understand wht you are saying here. I do hope more people wake-up to what has been planned for us, but I wont hold my breath!


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