Legislation & statutory instruments introduced 2011 to 1900

01 Jan

This truly is madness.

Captain Ranty is (as usual) very productive. His latest posting, “Those Damned Lawmakers” ( clearly lays one of the main obstacles to our freedom – vis the accelerating deluge of legislation & statutory instruments which we are supposed to consent to. Partial text:

… see if I could find out how many statutes and statutory instruments we had on the Rolls.

Take a close look at the first full year the coagulation were in power. They managed to outdo Labour when they were in full flood! So much for less government, eh?

Total – 33,181 (2011-2001)

Total – 22,131 (2000-1991)

Total – 6,433 (1990-1987)

In 1986 just 355 pieces of legislation were enacted. Prior to that the average was less than 100 per year.

From 1900 to 1985 6,141 pieces of legislation were enacted. Compare that to the four year period above (1987-1990) when they vomited out 6,433 new rules & regulations.

The very best years of all were 1265 and 1266. (The first parliament was created in 1265). Full of newbies, they did not draft any legislation at all for the first two years, and they only managed to pump two out in 1267.

Notably, between 1716 and 1765 they produced a grand total of 17 new “laws” in that 49 year period.

If you feel you really must depress yourself further, the source is here. …

By my tally we have in the region of 68,000 statutes and statutory instruments on the Rolls.

That is a humongous amount. In one way, shape or form, each & every one of them will or can have an effect on every one of us.

Appoint me King Shit of Turd Mountain and I will wipe them all out. All 68,000 of them. Treaties and Declarations will remain. (And no, I do not mean the EU Treaties. I mean the proper ones that form our Constitution).

With me you will get just one law: do no harm.

Break this one law and elected judges have a free rein on sentencing and punishment.

There is one small change: we will no longer need MPs or solicitors. CR.

My graph of the data:

Further, interesting comments include:

  • “ALL Judges, solicitors, attorneys, council, barristers, QC’s et al have a HELL of a job proving that ignorance of the LAW is NO defence. 68,000 supposed ^LAWS^. and some of those ACTS and statutes run into pages and pages”
  • “We used to live in a country where everything was permitted except that which was prohibited by law. I suspect that the great raft of Statutes / SIs you have been counting have one purpose: to make everything prohibited except that which is permitted by law.”
  • “SI’s [Statutory Instruments] are exactly as you describe. An MP with less than five minutes experience as an MP can scribble an SI. He or she has just made law.”
  • “I think the ratio is 80:20 [80% EU and 20% UK introduced legislations]. Our feckless are responsible for creating just 20% of the legislation. I demand that we reduce their salaries by……80%.”
  • “And the net result is that it brings nicely into line with Europe where everything is prohibited except that which is permitted.”

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