Open Letter: Chapter 23 and the United Nations convention against corruption

22 Dec

I’ve just got a copy of this email to Catherine McKinnell MP – a quick check on her (via: suggests that she is one of the good eggs in Parliament.

Emphasis in red are mine.

From: Jean James
Sent: December-21-11 7:15 AM
Cc: [lots of others, including: 10 Downing Street, Kenneth Clarke, Nick Clegg, Milliband, MPs, other governments, newspapers, etc. …

Chapter 23 and the United Nations convention against corruption

The Rt. Hon. Catherine McKinnell
Anti-Corruption Committee Chairperson

Dear Ms. McKinnell:

Would you, as Anti-Corruption Committee Chairperson, please ask the committee to address corruption in the courts, and the lack of due process and recording?

“I have come to the conclusion that secrecy undermines the rule of law. This has been recognised by many learned judges, but it remains the case that our courts have a considerable tendency to go into secret.”

“Sir David Eady kindly referred to me as a “national treasure”. I was pleased that my cutting of the Gordian knot assisted in resolving a case in his court. We will never know whether it would have been possible to obtain the evidence as to the truth of the matter of CTB v. NGN without me fulfilling my duty of protecting ordinary citizens from secretive, wrongful and oppressive applications for committal. The case is now ended and no further action is required. However, it does raise serious questions about how injunctions undermine the rule of law and whether there should be statutory limitations on injunctions to prevent this from happening in future.”

“The difficulty is a question of how to ensure that this issue is properly investigated. The courts refuse to accept that an expert may be the hired gun of the local authority; at the same time, there is no right to a second opinion. Indeed, the court often refuses to accept additional evidence on behalf of parents and against the state. It is this procedural problem that in my view gives rise to thousands of miscarriages of justice in care proceedings. This may not involve models and footballers, and therefore may not get the same attention from the media; however, to me and many other hon. Members it is at least as important, if not much more so. We do not have the proper checks and balances that can ensure a truly independent investigation of miscarriages of justice in secret courts.”  John Hemming

Local authorities, lawyers and judges are bypassing proper court procedure. Documents such as warrants are being actioned by police and bailiffs without the documents ever having been lawfully processed through a judge, and recorded in the court computer/central records. Sometimes recording happens after the fact. Sometimes, dates and details are manipulated and are not truthful. Police and bailiffs are often perfectly happy to act without the required paperwork entirely. In this case, with West Yorkshire Police, they do not appear to be sure of themselves or able to discriminate between properly processed documents and fraudulent ones:

Obviously, if there is no due diligence, no accountability, and no lawful process in the courts, it leaves OPEN DOOR FOR MAFIA OPERATIONS and corruption, which is exactly what is happening in the UK today. I has to stop. It must surely affect foreign relations and co-operation with other nations in fighting crime and the funding of terrorism.

Court transcripts, when available, are tampered with by judges, who edit out information as it suits them. Often no proper recording takes place in the courts and proper process is not followed.

I truly believe that, if people were allowed to make tape recordings in court, it would help stamp out the corruption. The judges fight against this for the very reason that there is corruption in the judiciary, and they want to edit the transcripts to conceal their corruption.

The UK is a member of GOPAC, which is funded by Kuwait and Canada. The funding agencies are copied into this email, along with GOPAC and its partners.

Britain does not appear to be living up to the expectations of GOPAC in any area of public service. It is fortunate that there is now a newly established Anti-Corruption Committee. Hopefully it will focus on the rampant corruption in the UK legal system and banks, rather than pointing fingers at other countries and invading them. There are some committees, such as the UK’s House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights, that would appear to be only a “shop front”. I personally have written to them before, several times, on a very serious matter, and been ignored totally, in accordance with the corrupt practice which is inherent throughout the British government. Hopefully, the Anti-corruption Committee will not just be a “shop front” and will also sort out transparency and accountability.

One member of the Public Administration Committee tells people to go away if they are not his personal constituents, instead of taking up a parliamentary committee matter. So, as you can see, the public has very little faith, even in committees, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

As you know, the UK is also signatory to EU and UN Conventions Against Transnational Serious Organised Crime, and as long as there is judicial corruption, and corruption in the legal profession and police, they are not meeting the terms of the conventions.

Hopefully, these matters can be addressed early in the new year. As you know from previous correspondence that I have sent to you, the National Audit Office has refused to sign off the magistrates courts’ audit. Obviously, there is now an efficient auditor. The other ones were not doing their jobs. There needs to be a full investigation into the HMRC, as victims of criminals working in that department have been made bankrupt through outright fraud, and investigations have been blocked at every level.

It is imperative, also, that an audit of security protocols and anti-money laundering practices takes place in the Office of the Public Guardian/Court of Protection, as corrupt lawyers and judges use this court as a free for all for overcharging, embezzling, money laundering, theft of real estate, and other frauds. Those under the Court of Protection are the most vulnerable people in the country, and their money – 3.2 BILLION POUNDS – has been deposited in the Bank of England. The victims are paid only 0.05% on their deposits, which is corrupt in itself. This is stealing too, and the Bank of England is untouchable.

There is no ceiling on the amount of legal fees that can be charged, and this is very wrong indeed. Nobody is able to question the accounts, because they are confidential and, as such, no one can advocate for relatives and protect them from abuse by court appointed deputies who are stealing assets in one way or another. There needs to be a way of stopping lawyers from charging WHATEVER THEY LIKE to administer a client’s account. Some are charging as much as four hundred pounds an hour for tasks that are assigned to their clerks in any case. This is state sanctioned corruption.  It is made worse by the fact that a person can be put under this court with the signature of ONLY ONE SOCIAL WORKER instead of TWO PSYCHIATRISTS. Under this rule, anyone can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and have their money stolen. Corruption is less likely to happen if a doctor is under threat of losing his licence for false statements.. A social worker has nothing to lose for being involved in any kind of corrupt practice. They are not qualified to assess mental health. This is corruption beyond belief.

The Rt. Hon. John Hemming, MP, mentions Yvonne Goder. Her mother has been put under the Court of Protection FRAUDULENTLY. She has not lost mental capacity at all, and all the family’s very valuable real estate assets have been stolen. There is a cover up of this matter by the state, and it is imperative that these fraudulent land title transfers be looked into.

The Land Registry needs an audit too, and a police investigation into frauds that people are prevented from reporting. People have had their homes stolen and the state and judiciary does everything they can to silence them.  

The Ministry of Justice BLOCKS JUSTICE, and victims are unable to get any help anywhere in the UK. Certain very serious frauds are being covered up by police, the Ministry of Justice, and the Home Office. Injunctions are being issued by judges in order to silence the victims. They are often imprisoned or sectioned if they refuse to stay quiet.

The world needs to know that GOPAC has a cuckoo in the nest which is touting for the world’s legal business, and that the British courts are open to corruption.

Occupy London activists take over Old Street courthouse

Ken Clarke: law and lawyers among the UK’s “greatest exports”

Mr. Hemming is indeed a National Treasure, and it is hoped by many people indeed that you also will also become a National Treasure by taking up the challenge to address this corruption early in the New Year.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to good news in the New Year.

Merry Christmas,

Yours sincerely,
Jean James


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