Right to Work?

14 Dec

Does anyone have a right to work?

More importantly, is it a right? I though a right was god-given and inalienable. I don’t recall it being at someone else’s behest. I thought that only I was responsible for myself.

I don’t recall my god telling me that I have the right to demand employment from someone else. I don’t recall that a right which enthralls me as a serf/slave for bits of worthless paper or credit.

You might as well ask ‘do they owe us a living’ (a reference to a song by Crass)? Of course they don’t, of course they don’t!


” Activists from the Right to Work campaign are to stage a protest outside Downing Street ahead of new figures expected to show another increase in unemployment.

The group said it wanted to highlight the “scandal” of the rising jobless total, which increased by 129,000 last month to 2.62 million, the highest since 1994, while youth unemployment reached a record high of over a million. … “

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Posted by on 2011-12-14 in Common Law, Madness


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