ACPO admit police corruption isnt punishable due to cost !

06 Dec

From (with many thanks):

Emphasis in red are mine.

” ACPO top police Chief Peter Fahy confirmed on BBC Panorama that serious corruption often results in officers retiring early or resigning from their jobs!

Apparently, in the interests of justice it is cheaper and more cost effective to allow officers to leave than get involved in lengthy costly disciplinary issues.

Peter Fahy, connected to City of London Police declined to apply for the Met Police Commissioner Job When City of London Police decided to spend £1,000,000 of tax payers’ money to shut down this blog, perhaps they should have consulted with Peter Fahy, a man devoted to saving money and responsible for allowing a culture of Police Corruption to prevail with his omission.

For years the media have not fully reported the cultural and institutional corruption within Police forces preferring treat the matter ‘as the old rotten apple’. Are all Police corrupt, absolutely not, sadly corruption takes different forms, many think of corruption as a bag of cash for a favour, this corruption is rare. The real corruption is officers of all ranks ‘dishonouring the oath of office sworn under common law before God to uphold the Law ‘My God and my Duty’ (in Latin), when they turn a blind eye, fail to follow lawful procedure, mislead courts and the sin of omission.

In a new documentary being made about City of London Police Counter Terrorism Directorate ‘Operation Bohan’, documents disclosed in court will prove senior officers in C/Terrorism committed perjury in court and made misleading comments while under oath. DS John Ellis while on oath informed the court that he found Class A Drugs in the home of Ian Puddick, but forgot to confiscate the material (he did remove Ian’s TomTom & sent it away for Forensic Analysis, forgot to inform his boss, forgot to record the matter in his notes, didn’t mention the Drug find to any of the other 10 officers involved in the operation and so on and so on.

DC Sarah Mayo C/Terrorism confirmed under oath in court that she was aware of the ‘common law defence of reasonableness’ and that she denied Mr Puddick his rights and that she declined to investigate any of Mr Puddick’s alibis (which were all proven in court) as it ‘ was not reasonable to do so as it was not reasonable or proportionate to the low level charge’.

Michael Wolkind QC when in interviewed by Chris Plumley (Chan 4 Dispatches) for a new documentary said he was appalled at the level of Police corruption in the case of Ian Puddick ‘operation bohan’.
Chris asked Mr Wolkind if this was a case of a few bad apples spoiling the barrel, Mr Wolkind replied, ‘this is a matter at looking in the barrel for a good apple’. “


One response to “ACPO admit police corruption isnt punishable due to cost !

  1. Lydia

    2011-12-06 at 14:39

    Typical we should bring back the likes of albert burgess and all real policemen, and then we wouldnt have the mess we have now.


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