First ROYAL CHARTER to the Corporation of the City of London

03 Dec

Please read the full article at (with many thanks):

Emphasis in red are mine.

The reason why our government is so ineffectual…and why we are in the state we are in!

The year is 1067 and William the Conqueror, lately arrived from parts unknown across the channel, establishes his first ROYAL CHARTER to the Corporation of the City of London….

A Royal Charter? what do we ‘the peasants’ know of Royal Charters?…

Royal charters-granted to commercial interests, professions, institutes,universities and 66 UK cities – are currently individually negotiated by the Privy Council Office with the relevant minister, indicating that they are not documents produced as a matter of mere formality or custom but are contracts which have been carefully deliberated.

So what?…well the commonly held view of such things is that they are ‘mere formality or custom’, … Nothing could be further from the truth!

Although charters are individualised, almost all create a hiearchical structure with powers and privileges concentrated at the top…

…and here comes the kicker…

Royal charters explicitly command JUDGES, MINISTERS and CIVIL SERVANTS to give favourable treatment to the chartered body, wrongdoing (including ‘non-recital’ or concealment and ‘mis-recital’ or deception) notwithstanding. That this command is not only made but obeyed can be seen in the ‘Lloyds of London’ fraud and in numerous acts of parliament.

If deception and concealment (the elements of fraud) have been contractually excused in advance at the highest level for over 900 years, then how well do standard assumptions hold up now? (my Caps,for emphasis)


3 responses to “First ROYAL CHARTER to the Corporation of the City of London

  1. tinkerbell

    2011-12-03 at 12:21

    This is absolutely brilliant! Their is hope after all. It was a long read but well worth it, I will send this around, this is some more of the armour we all need. Thanks for this and am grateful to the lady who did her research for the truth may she rest in peace.

  2. suedenimon

    2011-12-03 at 15:13

    You are welcome to the material found at my blog, thank you for the links every little bit helps to get the stats higher and thus a better ‘ranking’ from the various search engines, which in turn makes it easier for others to find and access this information.
    Will have a trawl through your site a little later on ,don’t be a stranger over at mine and please join the conversation in the comments sections of any posts which may be of interest to you, it is always a pleasure to know that people are reading and interested in the posts put up!

    • Escapees Blog

      2011-12-05 at 08:16

      Your approval is welcome. THANK YOU. Your writings are most enlightening and empowering. THANK YOU. My blog posts are purely repitition of other writers. I don’t have the enough knowledge and confidence to write anything meaningful just yet. I will try to comment on your posts as and when I have anything relevant to say.

      My best wishes.

      > —– Original Message —– >


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