Lending our money to banks so they can lend it back to us with interest

29 Nov

So true, so true, Old Holborn.


Emphasis in red are mine.

” … wonder what the hell George Osborne is up to when he declares that he has constructed a Government package of £20 BILLION of our money (extracted by force, lest we forget) to hand to the banks to hand back to us with added interest. Now before my readers decide to don their tin foil hats, I am not suggesting that Gideon is about to start building gas chambers and rounding up undesirables to work for free for major donors of the Conservative Party, I am certain it is purely coincidence that the unemployed will now be forced to work for Sainsburys or Tesco in order to receive their benefits from er… the State

As a Libertarian, I see no role for the State in lending our money to banks so they can lend it back to us with interest. I see no role for the State in building houses, cutting our hair, cleaning our teeth or doing anything more than protecting the borders and upholding the law. It angers me that our Government, with unlimited access to our money, has decided to become a Corporation in its own right. The banking scandal showed us the very worst of Corporate and Government interference where losses were socialised and profits were privatised, so that they could be taxed and returned to the exchequer. You and I are still underwriting the toxic debt that has not gone away, whilst “friends of Government” can award themselves huge bonuses from gambling with our money, safe in the knowledge they cannot lose because they are “too big to fail”.

Wednesday will see a million public sector workers strike to maintain their slice of the Government cake, safe in the knowledge that the Government will always come up with the goods if pushed hard enough, (something they learned from the bankers no doubt) and ultimately, the bill will simply be handed back to you and I to fund, as per usual whilst we struggle to find the extra money demanded by those who are there “to serve Government” instead of us, the people. I’m tired of underwriting every whim of the Politicians who only pay attention to Lobbyists, their corporate backers or Union vested interests. I’m fed up with watching them get richer by plundering our wallets to ensure the mythical “eternal growth” they desire is fabricated in front of our very eyes and I’m sick to death of being told “it is in my interest”. It isn’t. It is in the interest of those who should serve us, not fleece us. I have no problem with wealth but I do have a problem with my wealth being extracted to fund Government ventures that it really has no business in undertaking. By handing free labour to supermarkets, the Government has declared war on the hundreds of thousands of small shopkeepers we all rely on. By handing our money to the banks, the Government hopes to re inflate the housing market, costing us ever more in interest, whilst it sits back and watches the Stamp Duty taxes roll in and the banks get richer.

It is time Government, whilst financed by us worked FOR us, instead of against us. Rather than protecting us from monopolistic corporations, it has decided to join them and now sees us as mere consumers of Government whilst holding us over a barrel to pay for it all.

When Government and Corporations get together, history shows us that no one is safe. “


4 responses to “Lending our money to banks so they can lend it back to us with interest

  1. Lydia

    2011-11-29 at 15:41

    Typical. It proves that we are mere cattle for the ptb and their cronies.

  2. Eye Floaters

    2011-12-06 at 16:19

    Bank of America somehow makes cash even though they are one of the worst companies in the World. Would would you let a company like thats have your money?


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