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Bradley Manning: First hearing 2011-12-16

Messanger to be tried. Message to be forgotten.

Almost-forgotten US victim of the Police State will face a military hearing after 17 month in captivity.




Maurice Kirk: reason for remand NOT stated

Here’s a definition of ‘Political Prisoner’.


Emphasis in red are mine.

” Former Police Officer finds lack of document authorising remand to prison quite sinister

The former police officer also writes:

In my time as a prison officer: If he was in the custody of HMP staff, then when the magistrates or judge ordered him to be remanded (for whatever reason); his personal Prison File (much like a hospital patient’s file) would have have been anotated (by the prison officer who received him into the dock (prison custody in effect), gave him a rub-down-search and supervised his conduct in the dock and/or witness box) the date of remand, the reason why, the remand time (duration) and  a date for his next appearence (production) in court; or a DTBF (Date to be fixed) if he was not convicted.

Nothing adds up sensibly here. It is an incredulous situation when a prisoner does not know why he is being held in custody or for how long!

If what I’m questoning here is justified – then we certainly are living in a Police State and already governed by a pure Dictatorship! (How long has this been going on?)


“If there is no documentation to be produced, then Maurice is enduring false imprisonment – a criminal offence! It needs to be established; under what authority, he is being made a prisoner. All of this suggests to me that he is a political prisoner!

The IRA were political prisoners but they were not treated as badly as it appears that Maurice (and previously Norman Scarth) is being treated – even when they went ‘on the blanket’ (refusing to wear their prison clothes) and spreading their excrement on the walls, floors and ceilings of their cells, FACT! I know for sure, I was there, we had IRA prisoners in HMP Winchester in the 1980s.

Maximum publicity must be created to reveal to the public, if no evidence for incarceration is forthcoming, that he is being unlawfully held in custody!

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