Physicians Heal Thyselves

17 Nov

There’s been a lot of hoo haa about the British Medial Association’s (BMA) call to ban smoking in private cars.

I’m a smoker.
I smoke in the car.
I know that registering your car makes it the property of the DVLA.
So, The Powers That Be CAN tell you what you can and can’t do in ‘your’ car.

Regardless, the BMA is proving to be another arm of The Police State.


Emphasis in red are mine.

Blatantly callous.

Doctors have called for a blatantly callous law to direct you to do as you are told by the sham that calls itself a government. Clegg will be all for it because he is an evil controlling nasty pompous little git just like all Lib Dems and all the vicious, spiteful, mindless and useless cretins who vote for them. Cameron will agree because he has less spine than a jellyfish and less brain than a bacterium, just like all those who voted for him. Harsh? No. You voted for it, you got it. Enjoy. Just try voting Labour and see what you get. Proto-prime Monster Moribund is ready to take your calls, useless drones. Expect change if you like. You will not get it.

I did not vote for any party now in Government or even in opposition but I can accept that others did. Okay, I did not want Butch Cameron and the Smokedenial Kid running the country because one is Blair in a new skin and the other is just a skin but fair enough, many people voted me down. Based on my IQ score, the 99% voted me down. Thanks a bunch, dopey tent guys.

None of those people voted for the doctors now declaring new laws. Yet we all know the filthy Tory turncoats and the vile and putrid excresence from Satan’s prolapsed rectum that is every Liberal Democrat will accept the word of the unelected pressure-pompous even while they direct their pretend ‘people’s representatives’ to vote against everything the people ask for. Everything from a reconsideration (not a repeal, just a reconsideration, take note Malcolm Brucez you evil bastard) of the extent of the smoking ban to the even higher issue of whether we should be dragged down by the collapsing Fascist monster of the EU.

When you buy a car, remember this. You do not own it. The government owns it. They will tell you what you can and cannot do in that car. You want to spend tens of thousands on a car? Total waste of money. Your money is gone and still the car is not yours. Buy a banger with a long-enough MOT to make it worthwhile and forget about buying new. There is no point.

You can drive as fast as the government decrees and no faster. You cannot even fit winter tyres without it being considered a modification. You drive when allowed and stop when directed. Oh, but you think, the interior of your car is your domain.

Not any more. The interior of your car is decreed Government space. And soon your house and then your head. You can smugly declare it’s only about smoking if you like and pretend that the same template has not been applied to everything else already.. Go on, enjoy your smugness. I won’t be there when it’s your turn and when you come to me for help all you’ll hear is ‘no’.

Thinking of buying a new car to boost the economy? Spend away. It’s your money.

It’s not, and never will be, your car.You are just paying extraordinary rent on a bit of Government-owned mobile internal public space plus duty and VAT on top, plus maintenance and running costs with more duty and VAT on top of those too. It’s your money, or was, so throw it as far as you like. Pay away, enjoy your chance to look inside that BMW or Bentley you think you own.

If you have still a touch of brain cell function, buy a secondhand cheapo. It’s not yours anyway.

If smokers never bought another new car, even Osbourne might notice something. “


2 responses to “Physicians Heal Thyselves

  1. tinkerbell

    2011-11-17 at 22:32

    fantastic piece of writin1 so true, but nobody wants to wakeup, they enjoy their own slavery. They enjoy being told what to do, what they can say and even love paying for it! I sometimes like you despair of people attitudes, I have started give up on some of my own family and friends with the truth,cos they dont want to hear it, I just concentrate on what I am doing now is that selfish of me?

    • Escapees Blog

      2011-11-18 at 07:36

      Whether it is true or not, I’d like to think that the Sheep/Slaves/Victims reluctance to ‘wake up’ and enjoyment of their slavery is a symptom of the disease called ‘The Nanny State’.
      Firstly, politicians have bribed the electorate with (their own) money (i.e. pre-election promises).
      Secondly, the Main Stream Media have lied to, dumbed down and distracted their own readers.
      Finally, the legal profession (judges, lawyers, etc.) have perverted the Law, the meaning of justice and ‘threatened’ the dissidents with lose of liberty.
      Now, People no longer feel that they can change anything, and if they try, they will be punished.
      I too have feelings of dispair.
      As well as being a bit ‘selfish’, I continue to INFORM those around me rather than change them (slowly, slowly, catchy monkey).
      Some say that we only need 10% of the population to be informed before a ‘tide of change’ will emerge.


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